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Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago

10 Oct 2006 #1
I know they are everywhere in this town but are there any web sites or ?
10 Oct 2006 #2
Go to Jedynka.. Cicero @ Diversey its packed full of polish women.
9 Nov 2006 #3
Maybe go down Milwaukee Ave; near Belmont Ave is a rather ecclectic lounge. (N side of town). On S side go to Archer Ave. Around Midway Airport check out Bobek restaurant and deli. Always beautiful Polish lasses coming and going that place. Otherwise, go to White Eagle restaurant in Niles. Good luck. If you find extra, send one my way.
10 Nov 2006 #4
I found a place last week on River Rd. in Franklin Park called Club U.N. its open
to 4 a.m. all Polish. Also theres one a couple miles up the street in Des Plaines
called The Accent Cafe gets very crowded on Saturday.
For a more quit place go to Paris cafe at 5301 W. Belmont the girls that work there
are beautiful but hardly speak English. Bim Bom 5226 W. Belmont has a big crowd too.
Anywhere on Belmont between Central and Austin is all Polish hope this helps, Good luck

Karolinka club across from Midway airport on Central by 63rdst.
Nice little neighborhood bar, friendly people, cheap beer.

Drago- You might want to try Jedynka thats a Polish dance club a lot of women
in thier 20`s go there check out thier website:)
25 Jan 2007 #5
I may have to try a couple of these places. Its hard trying to drag my friends into the city though, but Ill see what I can do. Thanks. You a single guy? You been to any of these?
13 May 2007 #6
If any of u r looking 4 normal girls dont go to jedynka ... they'll just use u and ur money for a while and thats all and that's most likely not something ur looking 4. although i go very rarely to jedynka but ust 4 karaoke or something ....

totu cafe is a nicer place its on river road and 5th
gosiaczek ;-)
13 May 2007 #7
they'll just use u and ur money for a while and thats all

But that's nothing unusual...
Deep Currents
19 May 2007 #8
"they'll just use u and ur money for a while and thats all"

Been there, done that. In fact I wrote the book and starred in the movie
19 May 2007 #9
Go to Navy Pier...... its free
19 May 2007 #10
The question is, where can I meet American women in Chicago? LMAO
20 May 2007 #11
So where is the best place to meet single Polish gals 30+?? I travel to Chicago frequently on business and looking to meet somewhere while in town. Is it Jedynka or TotuCafe, or some other place?
28 May 2007 #12
well different question where to find polish guys?
28 May 2007 #13
Hi Aniahania,

You've got a very good question there!
28 May 2007 #14
its packed full of polish women.

people are obsessed with labels... is there anything like 'just a female' do the males think that women are like strawberries and you go n pick them when you feel like it..

thats what causes lots of social issues..
28 May 2007 #15
I do like

All i did was answer a question if they want to find girls theres some places
they can go too.......
28 May 2007 #16
personally i dont like it when guys say stuff like where can i find this girl or that gurl,,, the guys wouldnt like anyone saying stuff about their girlfriend or sister.. not good to encourage this kind of chit chat
28 May 2007 #17
it when guys say stuff like where can i find this girl or that gurl

not good to encourage this kind of chit chat

I just told them where to go to find them, I didnt say what kind of girls or how they act,
other that they are Polish and that they hang out there...
28 May 2007 #18
yes sure sorry just feel strongly about this
28 May 2007 #19
Its ok I didnt mean it the wrong way, I really dont get into the club seen anymore.

I much rather go to the beach or Navy Pier myself..:)
28 May 2007 #20
nature n beaches.........
28 May 2007 #21
Chicago has real nice beaches "27 of them" with a bike/rollerblade trail that goes
along the beach and parks.. its real nice in the summer, gets real crowded...
Fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday at the Pier..good times
28 May 2007 #22
28 May 2007 #23
check this website, maybe you will find one
28 Jul 2007 #24
Merged:Where to meet Polish girls in Chicago age range 21- 25? My apologies to the Polish Culture and Women.

I was hoping to get a few answers on the subject of where to meet polish girls in Chicago Age range 21- 25.

Around freshman year in high school, I formulated an opinion on my beliefs regarding Polish people and the culture. Need less to say it wasn't positive. Reason being the Polish kids or demographic in my burbs was either attempting to be ghetto or awkwardly weird.

The sad part of it all was, my parents are Polish immigrants, I was forced to go to Polish school but treated the kids rather poorly there, and as a result never maintained any true friendships there either. I was too conceded and caught up with the idea of my popularity in high school, being on the football team, and chasing all the hot tail around which unfortunately none were Polish.

After College, I reflected on all my relationships and hook ups and realized I was never with a polish women or had a polish girlfriend. At first I just assumed I never found Polish women attractive and truth be told I never really did until a few months ago.

I went to a Polish office and the women were not only beautiful yet still had a hotness about them, BUT were sharp witty, attractive, and intelligent. But the underlining factor was my father and mother were right! Polish women have a sweet and nurturing spirit in them. You can immediately see the way they interact and genuinely care. I know other cultures and ethnicities poses such traits but I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.

So I admitted I was Polish and began speaking them but unfortunately one had a boyfriend the other was married. At 24 too! I am only 23 so I was a little confused by this.

Anyhow excuse my ramblings... the primary point to this is. I regret letting popularity, and loosing myself block my Polish culture. But more importantly I regret treating Polish people the way I did, the comments I made, and the perception I carried.

I now more then anything want to re connect with that side of me... I want to meet an attractive athletic Polish women who has strong roots but can also relate with my All American embodiment. Please accept my apologies and give advice. I dont have any Polish friends either so places where I can go solo would be great too. And i have heard of Jedynka but thats not my style, way too club headed for me.

P.S if your on here

I am 23, 5'10. 170 athletic and tone. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I maintain a very active lifestyle in part which forces me to work out twice a day. The mornings bc I have dog which needs a 2mile run at 6 days a week. I graduated college, and now work with contractual agreements for a prestigious firm, and will be attending grad school in a year or two.

So if you think you can relate let me know. Sorry to all for this long and absurd post but I am really passionate in this new self realization.
28 Jul 2007 #25
yeah i dont like any of the polaks around Chicago myself... they are way too euro for me lol

never been to jedynka or accent cafe because everyone acts so stupid
13 Oct 2007 #26
try goin to cafe lura-millwaukee/belmont..oh and bimbom-my place!!!!
marek s
13 Oct 2007 #27
personally i dont like it when guys say stuff like where can i find this girl or that gurl

whats wrong with wanting to meet a women that speaks and comes from the same culture as the guy asking??
13 Oct 2007 #28
Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago

club jedynka 5610 W. Diversey Ave. Chicago

29 Dec 2008 #30
all this places are good and should help you, good luck!!

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