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Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago

26 May 2011 #61
Hey Im a polish female 21 years old and looking for a handsome polish guy. Can't find any.... the ones I meet are short and skinny and look like *******..

Any guys handsome tall guys want to talk email me aniamala90@yahoo
Edward1 - | 2
10 Sep 2012 #62
Merged: Looking for a Polish Women for Marriage(Chicago)

Looking for Polish Women for Marriage. Are there classified ads here on PF for men seeking women?
Thank you,

Wasn't there a classified section on PF a while back?
Meathead 5 | 470
14 Sep 2012 #63
what's wrong with the women in Indiana?
Edward1 - | 2
14 Nov 2012 #64
I am a Chicago guy white 50yrs old looking for a Polish Women to have a meaningful, lasting relationship that may lead to marriage.
Have a good job working on the railroad, a part-time working on a golf course and have a home care service.
beckski 12 | 1,617
14 Nov 2012 #65
With a variety of jobs, how could you possibly have time for dating?
PolishTVCompany - | 14
1 Feb 2013 #66
I would think Polish women are easy to spot over there :)
APF 4 | 106
2 Feb 2013 #67
In Englewood!!
10 Mar 2018 #68

Where to find Polish girls

Where to find polish girls to date. I am polish but going to a polish bar or club is not for me. is there a polish dating app or something.
10 Mar 2018 #69
Also I do live in Chicago so any help would be nice.
11 Sep 2021 #70
I am looking foe an attractive polish woman between the ages of 40 and 50 slim. for marriage.
Novichok 2 | 5,401
11 Sep 2021 #71
40 and 50 slim.

If she is 50 and slim she doesn't know how to cook or has cancer.
Paulina 13 | 2,226
11 Sep 2021 #72
@Novichok, my grandma is over 80 and she's slim despite being a good cook and not having cancer.
Novichok 2 | 5,401
11 Sep 2021 #73
Except that he is not looking for your grandma but for a 40 to 50-year-old.
BTW, say hi to your grandma - if she really exists.
Paulina 13 | 2,226
11 Sep 2021 #74
@Novichok, my grandma has been always slim, including at the age of 40 and 50. And why wouldn't she exist?? Humans tend to have grandmas, you know... ;D
Miloslaw 12 | 3,413
11 Sep 2021 #75
my grandma has been always slim

The only grandma I knew was overweight, the other one died in a soviet prison camp in Siberia.
My mum and all my aunts remained slim, despite cooking all those huge and filling Polish meals. :-)

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