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Polish barber shop in Chicago

21 Jul 2011 #1
I'm looking for a good Polish barbershop in Chicago
21 Jul 2011 #2
west division st humboldt park
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Jul 2011 #3
Has anyone ever seen online or anywhere else an ethnic map of Chicago, showing through different colours were Hispanics, Irish, Poles, African-Americans, Arabs and others live?
21 Jul 2011 #4
in humboldt park blacks live north east chicanos and other brown skins south west and poles are in there middle
OP New
21 Jul 2011 #5
What is the name of this barbershop ? And what does the rest have to do with this thread. Oh and btw isn't that considered Ukrainian Village where the Poles are ?

and @Polonius3 no because not all neighborhoods are that segegated. Especially up north the neighborhoods are pretty ethnically mixed.

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