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What is the best way to meet a Polish girl in London for a serious relationship?

Wyn 1 | 1
3 Jul 2012 #1
I am a British, white male who has spent most of my life in Canada but now living in London. I am divorced but never had children and would like to meet a nice Polish girl. I am 47,5'11", 175 pounds, fit, professional, polite, educated and successful.

I do like that Polish culture has a strong focus on family. I am also a practicing Catholic and know that most Polish people are Catholics.

Any suggestions on the best place to meet Polish women in London?
3 Jul 2012 #2
1)Polish dating website
2)Polish mass in London
3)Find a list of polish stores in London and hang out at one of them, the cashiers are mostly females u might get some tips from them

There are lots of polish canadians in Canada where is this sudden interest coming from?
OP Wyn 1 | 1
4 Jul 2012 #3
Great advise! Thank you!
4 Jul 2012 #4
Try going to POSK in Kings Street Hammersmith.
It is a Polish cultural centre in West London, there are many institutions there and plenty of young Polish girls.
good luck
worriedbarry - | 2
29 Dec 2014 #5
Merged: Where are the POLISH women in LONDON

I have come to realise that Polish women are nice ( based on info). I have tried to meet them but to no avail. But they seem to be hiding. I want a Polish woman.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
29 Dec 2014 #6
" Do you want a woman"?

Do you think that woman are objects?

Are you still living in an age were man exchange woman for camels?

From what kind of primitive tribe you came from?
worriedbarry - | 2
29 Dec 2014 #7
@Levi_BR- You dont have to insult people. If you have problem, you have to sort it out than insulting people. Is it a crime to meet nice people on earth?
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Dec 2014 #8
But they seem to be hiding.

They tend to hide from men who smell
19 Feb 2015 #9
@levi BR. What a pathetic reply to a polite gentleman. You've insulted the man for no reason. There's no problem what so ever with him saying "I want a Polish woman". You're just picking on the way he put it while it's very clear what he actually means. Also do you know that we still have people who actually come from tribes in Africa and the Middle East. So you've insulted people from that culture as they are behind in time where you'll see them in places like Dubai where a lot of people can't dream of going there for a holiday. You're a nasty person and should think before speaking
Levi_BR 6 | 219
20 Feb 2015 #10
It is not a insult when you say the truth.

Those tribes in middle east treat woman as objects (PS: I Live in Middle East).

So why they would get insulted when i say the truth, that they treat woman in the same way as they treat camels? Truth hurts so much? So why they dont STOP doing that instead of hide the truth?
11 Nov 2015 #11
Hi guys, I am a 26 year old Londoner of the middles eastern heritage seeking a polish wife! Although, i am successful and own my business, i have still not found my better half. If you know of a polish girl age: 20-26, blue eyes, blond hair, small nose and a bit plump, pls contact me. Many thanks.
Wulkan - | 3,243
11 Nov 2015 #12
a bit plump

More cushion for the pushin huh? I think you'll be more succesful with the local English women on that matter.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
11 Nov 2015 #13
My goodness! Terrible this boy's (I don't say "man") mentality to choose a girl like they choose a piece of furniture in Ikea's catalogue.... Completely stupid to rule out any other nationality, color of hair/eyes etc.... Why ruling out a nice and decent local girl? Pure immaturity!
5 May 2016 #14
polish girl = the best girl in the world
InPolska 11 | 1,821
5 May 2016 #15
@Sam: how old are you and how many women have you really known? Well, another teenage from Chicago! Well, boys will be boys and then they'll grow and discover real life .......
Szalawa 3 | 248
5 May 2016 #16
how old are you and how many women have you really known?

He does not need to answer, think of it like this, if you were to be asked "how old are you and how many men have you really known?" not very suitable conversation on this forum, would you think? All you can do is make assumptions, and no doubt you will think you are somewhat more enlightened.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
5 May 2016 #17
@Szalawa: just to base one's "opinion" upon max 1 or at the very most 2 cases is purely childish and stupid. If message written by a teenager, we "may" understand but if from an adult, it is very sad. How many women from Poland and from elsewhere has he personally known? ;).....
Szalawa 3 | 248
6 May 2016 #18
It's ones own opinion, childish? perhaps...but yet again you act just as childish. So what's your excuse? you are no teenager.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
6 May 2016 #19
@Szalawa: you just argue for the sake of arguing! Don't tell me that basing one's opinion upon 1 (max 2 or 3 cases) makes it "serious" and even "scientific"! And yes, it shows immaturity or plain stupidity.
Szalawa 3 | 248
6 May 2016 #20
It's not serious or scientific, but it's something I would not get worked up on or bother with.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #21
@Szalawa: here, I'm 100% with you! ;). We cannot talk about the whole forest by looking at only one tree ;). Basing one's "opinion" on 1 or 2 cases is needless to say not very ... "scientific" ;). I know I should not pay attention to such crap but as it is public, they need to be told that such "thinking" is completely stupid and useless.
johnny reb 31 | 5,733
7 May 2016 #22
they need to be told that such "thinking" is completely stupid and useless.

How rude of you as you think you should be telling people what and what not to think now ?
That sounds a little like fascism one would say or even communistic.

I know I should not pay attention to such crap

Then why are you ?

you just argue for the sake of arguing!

Heed thy own advice.
Now go take your meds and get back on thread girl.
What is the best way to meet a Polish girl in London for a serious relationship?
If you wanted a serious lasting relationship the best way would be to start visiting the Catholic churches in London.
No doubt you would meet many Polish girls there.
of_navare - | 1
12 Feb 2018 #23

Where to meet Poles in London

I'm a 20 year old American guy studying in London, and I'm looking to meet some Poles while I'm here. Although I was born and raised in America, I speak near fluent Polish and hold Polish citizenship through my parents. However, I have never really spent too much time in Poland (week or two every few years max), and I would like to get to know that part of my heritage better (an also, since I left home a year ago my Polish has took a turn for the worse since I no longer speak it on a daily basis with my parents, and I really do not want to lose the ability to speak it).

So, I'm wondering where in London I can find and chat to Poles. I've so far tried my uni's Polish society, but they rarely meet and I've found their members to be rather cliquey (they all know each other from Warsaw and are very tight knit, I was more a curiosity for them as an American who could speak Polish). Where do you guys recommend I look?

I've also thought about renting a flat in Warsaw this summer for maybe a week or two (AirBnB) to try and immerse myself in the culture. Do Poles in Poland have a favorable opinion of Americans?

TLDR: Looking to meet Polish people in London to connect with that part of my heritage.
Ben Vad
3 Dec 2018 #24
@Levi_BR you're insulting Europeans and disparaging the situation by comparing it to a Middle Eastern society (camel trading) and feel no shame whatsoever. It's pretty obvious that you're an Israeli with the example of demeanour. Now this British gentleman seeking out a Polish lady for a potential future spouse is part of the European people. What we do amongst our own people in our own homelands should not be of any concern to a Levantine. We Europeans are one people with many branches and our own diversity which for us.

So to put it more succinctly, our culture is ours and it isn't yours.
3 Mar 2019 #25
Polish women.?...some don't have patience .... cierpliwość......from my experience.....mind you....not making generalisation.

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