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Gdansk at night - where do I go for nightlife?
What on earth is happening with the Second World War museum in Gdansk ?
5 - Thanks guys. I will keep my fingers crossed......

Travelspiritusspiritus - 19 Apr 2017
What does it mean for surname to be included in Herb PRUS III? Napierkowski.
Poland is not the best country to get part time job with study?
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   ...   17   18
522 - babble, nonsense, too short to understand, don't spy...

LanguageWiktoria17peter_olsztyn - 18 Apr 2017
What is the cost of living per month for a single expat in Warsaw?
16 - Food minimum 600zł, room 800zł, flat 2500zł, bus 5zł...

Lifeishtanpeter_olsztyn - 18 Apr 2017
Vancouver Polish People
About Work permit for Student Visa in Poland
The Polish people have a strange attitude to cats and dogs?   2   3
Inheritance law in Poland - child's right to real estate
My Polish Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Very Suddenly, Did She Use Me?
22 - Dude, stoners are on the rise in Poland....

LoveLifeGoesOnnothanks - 18 Apr 2017
Polish language would look better written in Cyrillic Script?   2   3   4
Chance for citizenship of Poland; my great grandmother born in 1898 - confirmation, granting by the President?
8 - Delphiandomine, thank you very much for your answer!!...

Lawkwr66unuser_lol - 17 Apr 2017
What do I need to buy a house/flat or property in Warsaw?
Closed: Polish woman and black/mixed-race guy......   2
What do Polish girls think about Gypsies?   2   3   4
Buying train tickets - easiest / cheapest way to buy them in Poland?
Insure your British car in Poland for a full year.
Any Polish get together in Wolverhampton/Wednesbury area in UK
After information about accessing mental health services in Leicester.
How do I find out if someone is a bigamist?
Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Poland refuses to give jobs to British
Polish Bread: Boulka (Bułka)
Fell in love with Polish girl at work : /
Why the Polish girls are not laughing?
Behavior of Polish travellers on Planes.   2   3
What are those scars and cuts on many Polish guys' arms?
What can I say/do about my Polish neighbours in the UK?   2
Playgroups for toddlers and preschoolers in Wroclaw (and Warsaw)