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St Patrick's day in Poland  2  3  4  5
English teachers in Poland - why are they so unhappy?  2
How to correctly pronounce "złoty" in Polish? "ł" letter
4 - Also, when talking to students in an English class....

Languagespiritus - 2 Jun 2016pawian - 19 Mar 2020
Future conditional (converting some sentences into conditional form with "gdyby")
Nice and easy sentences for Polish future in laws?
Polish girls and traditions (esp. between mother in laws and daughter in laws)  2
EU triggers Article 7, could strip Poland of voting rights  2  3  4
Need advice on trip to Poland
How can I found job for Hebrew speakers in Poland?
Anglo-mangling of Polish surnames in the US/Canada
22 - When in the USA, my nick was spelled pavian, not pawian....

USA, CanadaPolonius3 - 24 May 2013pawian - 18 Mar 2020
Polish nobility (szlachta) in Kamieniec Podolski?
Why do so many Polish strive to be accepted by the West?  2
Superstitions in Poland  2
46 - That`s differences between continental and insular Europe. :)...

LifeKamila B - 8 May 2007pawian - 18 Mar 2020
Which is the best city in Poland to open a kebab shop?  2
News In Easy Polish (sample websites)?
11 - Yes, but the OP mentioned the government so I also provided state sites....

Languageavemg - 18 Dec 2010pawian - 18 Mar 2020
What were the first Polish words and phrases you have learned?  2  3
Polish guy offered me money for sex
18 - No. Males like you. hahaha I don`t think it is so bad. :):)...

LoveAllura - 9 Dec 2017pawian - 18 Mar 2020
Poland's geopolitical problems
Traditional Polish Soups.  2  3
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
Kwasnica recipe? - kwas foss or fuse soup make from pork stock sour cream and vinegar
'Wigilia', the traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland  2  3
Turkish girl & Polish guy marriage. Will his parents ever accept me as a non Christian female?  2
Water purifying system services and airconditioning system services engineer - in Poland?
Poles and Americans, what do you think, are we friends or enemies?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Polish equivalent of "Jessie"?  2
Getting two beers instead of one - have this happen to you in Poland?
75th anniversay of Dr Janusz Korczak's death - a true Polish hero
Should Poland traitors face the death penalty?  2  3  4