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Polish Husband Left me for another Woman / Abandoning his Wife

1 Oct 2017 #1
Hi, I am Korean and my husband is Polish.
We have been together 3 years and married for one year. I was living in london with spouse visa.
Last month, I went back home for a month. and when I came back to London, I found out that he was cheating on me with a japanese girl in my house.

He already moved out from the house before I arrived without even paying rent. and now they moved into new house for themselves..,
All this things happened in a month. There was no sign at all before i left to korea. We do not have any contact each other now..

Basically he ignore me. I don't even know where he is living with girl or where he works. (He even changed his work place)

he seems very happy with this new girl with new life. Does not care or think about me at all..

The real Problem is that my UK visa has expired and I do not have any right to stay or work in UK or any other country in Europe..

I have marriage paper from Korea but not from Poland. we haven't registered in Poland...
I do not know if there is any way for me to register our marriage in poland without him being there..
and also if i can get any type of visa/documents to stay in Poland or Europe without him... because he just disappeared from my life? (which is true..)

ALSO Because we are still married and I am his WIFE legally.

Also can I actually sue him for cheating or abbandoning his wife in Poland? I know some countries has that kind of law.
I know i need lawyer and its very complicated. but it is just so hurt and disgusting how a human can do this kind of things...

I feel like my life has ended and Just don't know what to do or where to go..
He ruined my life, my emotion and my actually physical health.

Can any one Please give me some advices!!!!

thank you
Niklas - | 10
1 Oct 2017 #2
I'm afraid you cannot apply for residency card in Poland because you are not living together with your spouse.If you have a valid schengen visa you may travel to EU countries up to 3 months.I do not know about registration of your marriage how it works. Things are seems like bad. Why do not you proof in UK that he cheats you? If you have a valid UK visa it might have been easier for you.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
1 Oct 2017 #3
It sounds like you're pretty much screwed... Imo I'd go back to Korea if I were you and get the divorce taken care of there. You won't be able to do that in PL, UK, etc. if you're marriage certificate is from Korea and you never did the proper paperwork there. Your English is excellent and you can easily get a job teaching English there or if you have another skill/education in something else focus on that. Most important thing imo is to just move on and forget about him. Take it as a tough learning experience...Be thankful you guys don't have kids - then it'd be a big problem. I'm sure you'll find a guy that will respect and cherish you in the future.
11 Oct 2017 #4
You will be able to register your marriage in Poland and a get a Polish residence card. LEGALLY.
Ready4 1 | 6
11 Oct 2017 #5

You have the wrong information about it. Please be careful before comment on something.It's IMPOSSIBLE to apply residence card alone.... First of all she has to proof her marriage in Poland.It does not matter if she register marriage or not..... They have been kicked off you from Poland LEGALLY. Perhaps you lie here.
traveler1 1 | 18
22 Jan 2023 #6
Time to go back to Korea and marry a Korean

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