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Owning a house in true countryside of Poland - stories

Coop 1 | 27
11 Jun 2019  #91
They have bought up homes here for twice their value making it unaffordable.

You're talking about U.S?
Cargo pants - | 71
13 Jun 2019  #92
(raising property taxes)

Poland has started doing the same as well now.I shifted towards Poland and its also getting expensive now,I think another 10 years and they will really destroy investment that took a boom in 15 years.My friends tell me western Ukraine is the new game now but I am too old for a new country.
Coop 1 | 27
13 Jun 2019  #93
Sure thing, just like Venezuela :)
OP pawian 153 | 8,419
13 Jun 2019  #94
In Lesser Poland. Why?

@johnny reb
I am afraid there is a misunderstanding. We still live in a big city while the cottage is for weekends and summer stays.

As for being blessed, yes, I already said there must have been God`s finger in it.
Coop 1 | 27
14 Jun 2019  #95
In Lesser Poland. Why?

sorry, i don't get it :) What do you mean?
Miloslaw 6 | 1,796
14 Jun 2019  #96
It is the area of south eastern Poland,known in Polish as Malopolska and with its capital in Krakow.
Coop 1 | 27
15 Jun 2019  #97
Thanks! Now I got it )))

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