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Owning a house in true countryside of Poland - stories

Gezza 2 | 15    
31 Mar 2019  #31
In town one tends to have more neighbours, so at least some sense of shared responsibility exists. This stops unsociables from showing their true colors. In the country you may only have one neighbour. So, think up your strategy if he turns out to be a pain. Cause you will have no one to help you.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,369    
31 Mar 2019  #32
Quite the opposite in my experience, every community has a soltys (Head of the village) he knows everyone, if you need help he/she is the place to go, I don't own tractors,diggers, spreaders, plenty of locals with equipment with drivers to hire. you soon get to know everyone in the village, later on you may wish to hire out/share your own equipment even if its just a cesspool pump, its all appreciated.

Then there is church, harvest Festival, hunting society , drinking barn, for further entertainment and integration with the community.
OP pawian 144 | 7,546    
  4 Apr 2019  #33
No hunters or drinking barn in our village but a playing field with a local football team and a voluntary fire fighting brigade, instead. They are the worst drinkers of all - I saw them in action a few times. ):)

Yesterday, I collected the first crop this year - spring onion, called the 7-year-old, I sowed it last year and we had abundant produce.

Now, a little riddle, I can`t resist. :):) What is going to be the first fruit in the orchard in spring time? As early as in May. It is not strawberry or anything from a tree, because it grows on a bush. Hint - not a native Polish plant but survives Polish winters excellently.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,369    
5 Apr 2019  #34
What is going to be the first fruit in the orchard in spring time?

Moles ticks and horse fly's.
OP pawian 144 | 7,546    
5 Apr 2019  #35
:):) No ticks or horse flies, but moles are a nuisance, indeed.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,409    
6 Apr 2019  #36
What is going to be the first fruit in the orchard in spring time?

OP pawian 144 | 7,546    
  6 Apr 2019  #37
Sorry, blueberries come in mid summer. I was talking about honey berry, my kids don`t appreciate it because it is a bit bitter, but I like it. Vitamins virtually spring out when you squeeze it. :):)

I am still learning how to farm. In previous years I tried to sow leek and cabbage seeds but to no avail. Today I bought and planted little seedlings of leek, together with cauliflowers, tomatoes, kohlrabi, parsley, celery. The same with onion - I tried to sow seeds twice and nothing. This year I put those bulblets in the ground and they are already shooting. What satisfaction! :)

but moles are a nuisance, indeed.

And hares. Those madafakers come and treat my veg field as a free diner. When I kurwa catch you, I will pull your legs out of your fekking ass!
Dougpol1 28 | 2,470    
6 Apr 2019  #38
And hares.

Beautiful animals. Please don't hurt them Pawian, for they soothe the soul. I have taught my dog that all natural animals are his friends and he loves trotting alongside the boars in our forest.
OP pawian 144 | 7,546    
6 Apr 2019  #39
Don`t worry, I was joking. When we caught one (it broke through the fence around the house), we only played with it a little and let it go. :)
OP pawian 144 | 7,546    
  13 Apr 2019  #40
garlic and onion, carrot sweet parsley, little seedlings of leek,cauliflowers, tomatoes, kohlrabi, parsley, celery. onion

Recent days have been really busy. I already sowed root chicory, red and white radish, lettuce, spinache, yellow turnip, dill. Today I sowed fava beans. In May, with the risk of frost gone, I am going to sow corn, cucumber, pumpkin, assorted coloured radish, basil, marjoram, black radish (called black turnip) and to plant pepper, zucchini and more tomatoes. I am also growing seedlings of artichoke on the window sill. I am still not sure about melons and watermelons - last year`s were quite big and healthy but unsweet - I treated it as an experiment in the Polish climate - at least we could boast of growing melons to our family and friends. :)

This produce of ours is small, ugly and deformed. Better looking one is rejected by shops and sales people. But at least it is free of all toxic stuff- I don`t use any chemicals in the field. What satisfaction! :)

Shitonya Brits    
13 Apr 2019  #41
But at least it is free of all toxic stuff- I don`t use any chemicals in the field. What satisfaction! :)


Radiation Danger Was Worse Than Poland Admitted

Because of its proximity to Chernobyl, Poland appears to have received a heavier dusting of fallout than any country outside the Soviet Union itself.

Environmental pollution in south Poland. Sources and effects.

- Seven out of twenty-seven areas of ecological hazard are located in South Poland, close to the Silesia-Cracow region.

- The ecological awareness of most people is rather poor, and extremely weak within some social groups

Smacznego!!! :)

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