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Polish texts/stories with audio and English translation?

oron 2 | 5
20 Feb 2011 #1
Witam wszystkich,

I've searched through some previous forum threads with similar queries, but haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Does anybody know of any websites where you can read Polish texts (preferably short stories, but could be anything) with English translations and also audio in Polish?

I found this type of material of great help when I was learning Spanish, but I've just started with Polish, and so far haven't had much luck finding anything similar.

About the only suitable thing I've found is this page:, which has about a dozen stories with English/Polish parallel texts. Something like this but with audio would be more or less what I'm looking for.

Does anyone know of any page with material like this?

Dziękuję bardzo za wszelką pomoc.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,290
21 Feb 2011 #2
Here is the link to the Polish pages:

Librivox has Ferdinand Ossendowski's epic account of his odyssey throught Siberia, Mongolia, and China in English called Beasts, Men and Gods too:
ryanc09 - | 3
21 Feb 2011 #3
I know a website called polishnews has some Polish learning articles
28 Aug 2015 #4

You may wish to check out Polish Easy Readers which are available here:

These are simplified text of well known crime stories, novels, plays, short stories etc. They have simple sentences and on each page vocabulary boxes with English translations, so that you won't need to use a dictionary to understand the plot. Polish learners find these e-books very helpful when learning the language. They can improve your reading comprehension, expand your Polish vocabulary and teach you Polish grammar in a natural way.

Polish Easy Readers will come with audio files soon so that you can enjoy reading and listening to Polish at the same time.

Hope you will find them helpful.
Daria Gabryanczyk
8 Feb 2017 #5
Hello! You should remeber one simple rule. Grammar is a vital and extraordinary aspect. and all grammar books are considered to be your Bible of English. Don't you believe? Check it out by following this link: grammar books can be your bible of english
shoshana13 - | 2
27 Nov 2021 #6

translation of AUDIO from Polish to English

I would like to have a translation of this AUDIO interview. There is an abstract which I have read in English, but it does not include some details, like the city that the speaker admires. I would like to know at least that.,Szymon-Nehring-mysle-o-orkiestrze-jak-o-atlasowej-chustce
pawian 224 | 24,456
27 Nov 2021 #7
I would like to have a translation of this AUDIO interview.

A very noble desire, indeed. However, you forgot to say one magical word which is the key to a lot of doors. Thirty-Door-Key. :):)
mafketis 37 | 10,912
28 Nov 2021 #8
you forgot to say one magical word

.... "NOW!" ????
Looker - | 1,134
28 Nov 2021 #9
city that the speaker admires

In this audio interview he mentioned the New York City, which he describes as "a city with the highest possible quality of art" and "after returning from NY, I am a slightly different person"

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