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Websites with Audio translation... plus phonetic spelling (pronunciation)?

polishmancan 8 | 21
23 Apr 2009 #1
Does anyone know of any Polish sites that have the audio way of saying words in addition to how to spell them and hopefully say them?

1. What I am looking for in particular is a free English to Polish translation website that not only translates any word (there are many sites for this etc) but what good does it do to show how a word is spelled if you've never heard these words before thus don't know the rules on how to pronounce them?

Any phonetic websites too would be helpful to go along with the audio translations.

Here is an example of what I am talking about: simple easy, introductory common phrases with an audio option

But in addition to this, I am looking for a similar site that allows the user (me) to type in any word or set of words and it would not only translate it for me, but also give me the option of hearing my written words spoken.

Here is another example of audio options but again it has no option to add your own words.

What I want to do is basically self-teach myself Polish and I want to start out by making lists and charts the same way we learned in school with English, Spanish, German etc. I want to teach myself only the stuff I want to learn at least from the beginning

Intro greetings and several different responses a person might encounter, basically "small talk" that an American person would speak with a friend in English.

foods, items in a classroom, house, store, yard this is a good start but it doesn't have audio so I don't know quite how to pronounce the words.

2. also what I'd really like is a common verb chart preferably with conjugation.
But again just having the list isn't going to do any good if I don't know how to pronounce the verbs thus I'd need an audio site.

26 Apr 2009 #2
go to

look for this near the bottom
"Pronunciation tool
Input Polish word or phrase:"

strip out all un-necessary parts and the java script will run without being connected to the internet

... or
use the source code


easychars = {
a: '\'a',
ą: 'o(n)',
bnorm: 'b',
cnorm: 'ts',
etc. etc.

special cases for pronunciation are easy to understand and learn

case 'b':
if( tmplast.match(/^b\b([^ąćęłńóśźż]|$)/) ) {
outstr += easychars['p'];
} else {
outstr += easychars['bnorm'];

to create your own pronunciation machine
vndunne 43 | 279
28 Apr 2009 #3
check out byki. They have a free version of words which you can download. Has pronunciations and spellings as well. Very simple words.
bridie - | 1
23 Jun 2010 #4
hi my daughter is getting maried to a polish man and i would love to learn polish so i can speak some to his mother who does not no any english woud be greatful for your help.thanking you bridie
Gail zelinski
28 Jul 2021 #5
How do I say/write

I love you more
28 Jul 2021 #6
@Gail zelinski
Kocham cie bardziej
Lyzko 42 | 9,102
28 Jul 2021 #7
Try ActiLingua. Someone I work work used it to learn Albanian, having ZERO background in any language, even from home. Never took a foreign lang in school, yet swears by the ActiLingua program.

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