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Spelling / pronunciation of Polish words and phrases

ehopeross 1 | 2
1 Mar 2010 #1
Can someone please confirm that I have the following phrases in the right context and grammar. It is going to be a new tattoo tribute to my parents and I would like for it to be correct before I get it.

Mój ojciec dał mi siłę i mądrość
Moja matka dała mi miłość i piękność

Thanks for your time and help!!
f stop 24 | 2,496
1 Mar 2010 #2
Looks good to me!
OP ehopeross 1 | 2
1 Mar 2010 #4
why would it only be piękno and not piękność
jonni 16 | 2,476
1 Mar 2010 #5
Beauty, as an abstract noun.
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
1 Mar 2010 #6
How about ...miłość i urodę...?
OP ehopeross 1 | 2
1 Mar 2010 #7
I like that one, thanks!
Polish Tutor - | 80
1 Mar 2010 #8
why would it only be piękno and not piękność

"piękność" is just a very old fashion word. It sounds funny. We do not use it in the contemporary Polish

How about ...miłość i urodę...?

What do you mean?
asik 2 | 220
2 Mar 2010 #9
Moja matka dała mi miłość i piękność

Beauty, as an abstract noun.

If by beauty you mean goodlooking, handsome use word "uroda" not "piękno or piękność".

Moja matka dała mi miłość i piękność

It will be as Polonius3 suggests:

Moja matka dała mi miłość i urodę.
paulinka_87 - | 5
6 Mar 2010 #10
moja matka dała mi miłość i piękno
uroda isn't good word
uroda mean that you look good
piękno - is something more that uroda
ErikNLCT - | 2
2 Apr 2010 #11
Merged: "life and death" phrase spelling

wondering about spelling for "life and death" phrase itself (just those three words) it would mean a lot to me
frd 7 | 1,394
2 Apr 2010 #12
"życie i śmierć"

Remember that depending on the context these words might be subjected to case declension and other stuff ; )
19 Apr 2010 #13
Życie i śmierć - St. Teresa of Avila

Przed życiem czuję, nie przed śmiercią trwogę,
i tym umieram, że umrzeć nie mogę.

wildcats - | 3
4 Aug 2011 #14
Merged: My heart My life - help with correct spelling

Can someone please tell me the correct spelling in Polish for this,,,

My heart My life

I am getting a new tattoo and want to be 100% sure of the spelling. I have seen this spelled a few different ways and want to know the proper spelling.

f stop 24 | 2,496
4 Aug 2011 #15
moje serce moje życie
Marynka11 4 | 658
4 Aug 2011 #16
My heart

Moje serce

My life

Moje życie
wildcats - | 3
4 Aug 2011 #17
Great!! Thanks a bunch! I have seen this the most but have seen it as "moje serdeczne moje życie". Is there any reason why?
loska - | 8
4 Aug 2011 #18
Just random google choice, without much sense.

'Heart' is a noun and shouldn't be transformed into adjective here.
wildcats - | 3
4 Aug 2011 #19
Ok thanks for all the help!!
14 Mar 2012 #20
Piekno or pieknosc; it really depends on the context of the expression. Piekno is refering to the beauty that surrounds you and pieknosc would most likely refer more to a person, denoting attractiveness of a person.
7 Feb 2015 #21
Merged: 'Ta dziewczyna ma wiele jabłek' - Spell check needed - is this text in Polish correct or not? Changes needed?

Spell check needed - is this text in polish correct or not?

changes needed?

Ta dziewczyna Anita Nowak ma wiela jablek.

Więc uważaj na Anite.

Oni również zostali oszukani przez Anite.

Thank you
Looker - | 1,130
8 Feb 2015 #22
Almost perfect:

"Ta dziewczyna - Anita Nowak - ma wiele jabłek."

"Więc uważaj na Anitę."

"Oni również zostali oszukani przez Anitę."
16 Nov 2015 #23
Merged: Go home and go to sleep. (correct way to write it in Polish?)

Hey guys, how common is the Polish saying 'Go home and go to sleep' Idź do domu spać and is that the correct way to write it in Polish? I had friends growing up that would say that, not sure if it was just a regional thing (south-east Michigan) or what, or even why they said it, it was always just kind of funny. just curious

Polonius3 983 | 12,333
19 Nov 2015 #24
Idź do domu spać

Yes, in SE Michigan this was one of the few phrases many Egnlsih-sepaking PolAm kids knew. Others included a handful of swear words, a number of foods and things like "daj mi buzi". Whether your phrase was limited to SE Michigan or was Polonia-wide I do not know. For more on this please PM me.
steveski - | 1
18 Jul 2018 #25

Trying to find definition and proper spelling of two words

My dad was born in the US but his parents were from Poland. He would sometimes say something like "schlamanzania shamaroda" before "psia krew cholera". Do these two words sound familiar? (He liked to make up gibberish sometimes too, so who knows.) Thanks.
gumishu 14 | 6,297
20 Jul 2018 #26
the first word was probably ślamazarna - feminine form of sluggish - I can't help you with the second word nothing similar comes to my mind
Ziemowit 14 | 4,201
20 Jul 2018 #27
'Ślamazarna szantrapa' or 'ślamazarna szałaputa' ? Both are regionalisms of Białystok.
The Servant
22 Feb 2020 #28
Looking for the proper spelling of a Polish surname. English phonetic = Yanuszewski Thanks!
Ironside 51 | 12,515
22 Feb 2020 #29

Are you telling me those are English phonetic? Well.... I guess it would spell like - Januszewski. You welcome!
The Servant
22 Feb 2020 #30
@Ironside ,
I listen very closely, and I thought I was probably pretty close, but I had a very close friend when I lived in another state, who spelled his name to me when we first met and then laughed like crazy when he asked me how I would pronounce it. About all I got right was the first letter. Could not see how one got "voosh" out of "wozdz". Thanks again and God Bless!

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