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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs.

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Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw  2
CELTA course in Poland: Kraków vs Wrocław
The entrance test for master of Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science in WUT
Any (inexpensive) English Schools in Krakow?  2
Considering MD program at Polish University (2019/2020 School Year)
Looking to study at Warsaw university of technology - should i apply as a Polish or American citizen?
Study in Lublin - what is the student life here? Any racism? Accommodation and part time job possibilities.
17 - Don't let the door hit you on the way out back to your dictatorship....

StudyMASQUR - 4 Jun 2015 TheWizard - 26 Sep 2018
Coming to study at UITM Rzeszow, Poland
6 - Rzeszów is the center of Polish aviation, so it's certainly worthwhile....

StudySSA1301 - 21 Sep 2018 delphiandomine - 22 Sep 2018
Tuition fees at American School of Wroclaw?
Information about MBA Study in Poland - Polish Academy of Sciences?
What requirements for moving through ECTS to any other European Country, if coming to Poland on student visa?
Universities Information in Lublin, Poland
3 - thanks a lot for information and your time...

StudyUmar5314 - 24 Aug 2018 Umar5314 - 27 Aug 2018
Medical Study in Poland
What is the best medical school in Poland?  2
Looking for universities with online Polish language studies
7 - As I think of it, Poznan and Krakow probably have what you're looking for, abd!...

Studymalinowska2006 - 28 Nov 2015 Lyzko - 24 Aug 2018
Need advice on MA programs in Poland
How much money do I need to have in my bank account at the time of applying for the students visa?
Looking for Language School Suggestion in Krakow
Nostrification / legalization of foreign diplomas in Poland
I got 2nd time rejection from the Mumbai embassy of Poland
3 - They give me only point no.9 and 11? My last interview going to be good.but I don't know why...

Studybhargav patel - 8 Aug 2018 bhargav patel - 8 Aug 2018
Medicine study - good Polish University for international students; study in English?  2
Which Universities in Poland offer courses in Sound Engineering?
Studying In Wroclaw University of Technology As An International Student
Study a master degree in Poznan University of Life Science as international student
British Council CELTA in Krakow, how would you rate it?  2
How is the University of Lodz?
Polish language schools in Krakow  2
Poland student visa interview
27 - Bugs Bunny?...

Studycherish - 28 Nov 2011 Ironside - 19 Jun 2018
Looking for suitable English secondary school in Warsaw
Polish Language Classes in Rzeszow
Procedure to get admission for study in Poland
9 - Merged: Admissions into UWM i would like to know how the admission procedure is as in is...

Studyadrenaline85 - 20 Nov 2012 DavidJohn45 - 14 Jun 2018
Public dorms in Warsaw for students
Where to study International Relations / Business, Finance in English: Warsaw University or Jagiellonian
Do Polish students 'look down' on foreign students from Asia studying medicine here? Racist behaviours noted.
Anyone with first hand experience of WIS & BISC schools (Wroclaw)?
Any fraternity hazing in Poland?
PhD open position decision wait time in Poland
MS Finance vs MBA vs MFE in Poland?
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin - Good or Bad?!
How to extend a student visa in Poland?
Studying in Poland without speaking Polish?
11 - 'Course, Alex, it's a no-brainer:-)...

Studykittyface - 21 Oct 2012 Lyzko - 8 May 2018
Tell me about Collegium Civitas (Warsaw)!  2
Bank Balance requirement for Bachelors Degree from India in Poland
Boarding schools for elementary aged children in Poland?
Poland-Germany university transfer?
11 - I am a nepali citizen currently studing in poland. Its been only about 6 months that i am in...

Studyjock3r37 - 27 Jul 2013 Shrestha Nepali - 13 Mar 2018
Looking for good bilingual (Polish/English) primary school in Warsaw
Can I do British A-levels anywhere near Warsaw?
Polish graduate to stay in country & find a job?
British School of Warsaw in Wilanow  2  3
Poland Student Visa Query - Canada and study in Poland
3 - That's not a very good GRE score - you want to be above 310 if you plan on getting...

StudyCurryguy - 30 Jun 2017 Dirk diggler - 16 Feb 2018
Martial Arts clubs in Poland?
4 - Thanks Sparks11....

StudyJohnMc - 10 Feb 2018 JohnMc - 10 Feb 2018
Coming to Study in Poland after being raised In USA
Masters in Architecture and Urban planning at Warsaw University Of Technology
Study in Poland - is admission of the preparatory course of polish language enough for the visa?
Overview of the WSGE university in Poland  2
Cheap International School for children in Poland
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies. Any job?  2  3
87 - 1. Get a visa 2. Make sure it's working 3. Hop on! 4. Steer it to Poland! 5. Done!...

Studyasheem_joshi - 10 Sep 2010 mafketis - 25 Dec 2017
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
Any Polish language schools in Warsaw that are open on weekends?
Magister Prawa after 4 year Bachelor from USA

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