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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs.
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Young Nigerian Sets Record in Polish University   2   3
82 - That's a great summary. It's so true. And so sad as well for all of us he has...

Studydelphiandomine - 1 day ago / Bieganski - 14 mins ago
Help !! i want to study Dramatic Art (Acting ) in Poland
3 - @delphiandomine Thank you for the answer :) 💜...

Studynana_is_a_panda - 1 hour ago / nana_is_a_panda - 44 mins ago
British Council CELTA in Krakow, how would you rate it?   2
Please, give reviews of European University of Business, Poznan
Help me In Finding Graphic Design School in Poland
What is the best medical school in Poland?   2
Wroclaw Economic University, Lodz University or Katowice Economic university?
Information about Polish Public Schools (Warsaw) and Zerówka
SWPS university Warsaw - questions   2
Does anyone experienced study in University of Finance and Management Warsaw
Opinion about the Kozminski Business School?
British School of Warsaw in Wilanow   2
Study in Lublin - what is the student life here? Any racism? Accommodation and part time job possibilities.
Lodz, new international school for kids?
15 - How are things going in Lodz with the school? I read your posts Epepita, and I think you...

Studyfinmum - 20 Aug 2013 / Crazy brit mum - 8 May 2017
Learning Polish in Warsaw - good school recommendation?   2
Studying in University of Lodz as an Indian student? What's the city like - is it safe here?   2
INDIAN student applied at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland with some delicate questions
I'm a Turkish-Muslim girl who'll go for study at Poland next year, and I'm scared of racism news at Poland.
Dorms in Wroclaw, Poland
Permanent card for International Students in Poland?
Poznan University of Economics or University of Warsaw ?
How to get into a Polish university?
Any international student going to or have studied at Uniwersytet Warszawski (Uni. of Warsaw)?
Physical therapy BA degree in Poland - how schooling here transfers over to the United States?
Is there any Actuarial science degree or master in Poland ?
Gdansk / Tricity; university - information
Learning English in Warsaw, can anyone recommend a tutor/academy?
16 - Amen, Comrade!...

StudyMinkyuman - 1 Aug 2014 / Lyzko - 19 Apr 2017
Easy to find a part time job in Poznan? - applying for the University of Poznan of Economics
Studying In Wroclaw University of Technology As An International Student
Warsaw School of Economics vs Kozminski University vs Warsaw University
MS Finance vs MBA vs MFE in Poland?
9 - @DominicB. thank you very much for your help. @Ziemowit it is clear, thank you :)...

StudyTeymurzade - 27 Mar 2017 / Teymurzade - 27 Mar 2017
Looking for good bilingual (Polish/English) primary school in Warsaw
Wroclaw or Krakow or Bialystok to study in Poland?   2
Review of the Poznan University of Economics?
I'm going to study in Poland for 6 months and I want to know the costs of living
Looking for suitable English secondary school in Warsaw
Studying in Poland for international student (at Warsaw University of Technology)
3 - Merged: Warsaw University of Technology review Hi , I am planning to do my masters ...

Studypoli_warszawska - 16 Jan 2017 / dheerajkishor - 14 Mar 2017
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies. Any job?   2   3
Ethics of teachers dating students in Poland
Need advice with admission to the University of Warsaw!! Please help!!
Free Polish Course in Poland?
7 - @Eyahks Thank you for the information (Y) I will check it....

Studypentikost1986 - 29 Apr 2014 / Udaya - 3 Mar 2017
Overview of the WSGE university in Poland
Wroclaw - High School Student Exchange Program
3 - DominicB, thank you very much for your help. We will contact Lydia....

StudyJohnnyJRocket - 10 Feb 2017 / JohnnyJRocket - 11 Feb 2017
Animation courses to study at Polish universities
5 - Hello am from India and am looking for a 3D course in Poland. Please help me out...

Studysandeepkumar - 13 Aug 2009 / Anantha Raju - 10 Feb 2017
Nostrification / legalization of foreign diplomas in Poland
Graduate School in Poland (not Business or Teaching)
Academic year start and end months in Poland English medium schools
Do they have schools where they have subjects in English for expat children in Poland?
Wroclaw University of Technology - job prospect, living expenses, city info
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
Is Poland a good Place for quality education?
19 - @przyjacielPL @NoToForeigners Hi i am a Muslim and i am proud to be a one , but what...

StudyTheFenix - 3 Nov 2016 / Ahmed TUN - 23 Jan 2017
English Studies / European Studies (EU Law) in Poland
Undergraduate study (Aerospace Engineering) @ Warsaw University of Technology.
7 - @dominicB Thanks again! well then I will look more and I guess will have to dig more deep...

StudyWUTprospect - 5 Jan 2017 / WUTprospect - 16 Jan 2017
Going to Medical School in Poland (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn / and others)   2
Student looking for an internship in Poland
5 - @ClaraAniela Good luck! I hope you find something nice and interesting....

StudyClaraAniela - 7 Jan 2017 / DominicB - 7 Jan 2017
Concerning studies in Poland! Cheap options?
Apostille for a diploma from a Polish University needed
Study English in WARSAW - good academies, places, teachers or the best option
What requirements for moving through ECTS to any other European Country, if coming to Poland on student visa?
Poland-Germany university transfer?

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