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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs.

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Can Szkoły policealne certificate be a substitute for B1 language certificate
Learning TV directing in Poland?
Studying and working in Bydgoszcz
Poland-Germany university transfer?
Various education and school issues in Poland. Opinions, stories, controversies.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14
399 - Can you give me an example because it does sound a bit surreal?...

Studypawian - 18 Mar 2019 Lenka - 5 Jul 2021
Studying in University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (3d animation and visual effects)
Studying Medicine in Poland with weak Polish? I speak native Slavic language - Macedonian
Humanities no longer in the top 10 of the most popular fields of study in Poland  2
How do Polish students support themselves? Government suport for students in Poland?
Question about studing Polish history and culture
STUDY ABROAD in Krakow. What's the area like (and a few more questions).
Polish for foreigners (preparatory programs)
School meals in Poland  2  3  4  5
134 - Don't worry, I think some references to government policies and so on will do the trick nicely ;)...

Studydelphiandomine - 5 Jun 2020 delphiandomine - 11 Feb 2021
Nutrition/Dietetics related studies in Warsaw, Poland
English/Bilingual Speaking School options in Krakow and fees
Tuition fees at American School of Wroclaw?
American school of Wroclaw for expats
There is no exam for Polish C1 level - why?
6 - Yes, in general, it's one big failing of the Polish exam system that they don't have the full...

StudyKienTran1207 - 20 Jul 2014 delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
English elementary schools and education in Tricity, Poland
Which Universities in Poland offer courses in Sound Engineering?
British School of Warsaw in Wilanow  2  3
Physical therapy BA degree in Poland - how schooling here transfers over to the United States?
Study nursing in Poland, move to Uk?
Going to Medical School in Poland (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn / and others)  2
Polish Language Classes in Rzeszow
12 - Thank you. This'll be really helpful. I'll check up on these as soon as i can....

Studyaebrosamle - 23 Sep 2012 Myle_2 - 30 Aug 2020
Looking for studies in Poland - Bachelor of Technology
5 - ah...... okay...

Studyokay_04x - 19 Jul 2020 okay_04x - 20 Jul 2020
Permanent card for International Students in Poland?
Private Universities vs Public Universities in Poland  2
Easy to find a part time job in Poznan? - applying for the University of Poznan of Economics
Medicine study - good Polish University for international students; study in English?  2
Student dormitories vs private rooms in Poland. What's the best option?
Poznan Medical School
6 - hi everybody i will be applying to med school in english (6 years program) can somebody tell me if...

Studyscaredtodeath12 3 - 13 Jul 2017 rajkara2000 - 28 Apr 2020
Coming to study at UITM Rzeszow, Poland
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
How to extend a student visa in Poland?
Top Language Schools to Work for in Warsaw?  2
School Uniforms in Poland - not required?
University degrees and schools in Poland. Not interested in the proof of my degree?
10 - Op I wouldn't want someone with your criminal record to teach my children....

Studywearezoro - 5 Apr 2011 Fabian88 - 14 Jan 2020
90% of Poles have university degree?  2
57 - Call centers often hire just with languages people without former higher education....

Studydominikus28 - 2 Jun 2010 Boleslav1 - 14 Jan 2020
New idea for foreign students - help with getting familiar with Poland
Poznan University_Masters in Civil Engineering_Review & Job Prospects
Polish language school in Tarnow or Rzeszow or Sanok?
Vistula University in Poland. Any experience? Any student?  2
Primary/Secondary International Schools in Poznan
Delayed Arrival in Warsaw university of Technology
When is 'Matura Exam' in Poland this year?
How to know the actual date and time of enrolling in universities in Poland?
2 - Info about dates and times is provided on uni sites....

Studybirhannega - 2 Oct 2019 pawian - 2 Oct 2019
Scholarships for non-EU students for English-taught programs in Poland
14 - I feel like a monster... (a happy monster, content with a job well done)...

Studyjeanjean - 2 Sep 2013 mafketis - 30 Sep 2019
Polish citizens non EU citizen step daughter - study in Poland
Where to study International Relations / Business, Finance in English: Warsaw University or Jagiellonian
Study in Poland or in Czech Republic?
Which university (erazmusem)? Poznań, Lublin, Krosno and Białsko-Biała.
17 - What about it?...

StudyLeonis - 3 Mar 2011 pawian - 10 Sep 2019
Any (inexpensive) English Schools in Krakow?  2
Moving from India to Poland for masters' studies and job. Possibility of taking a loan from university
Universities in Wroclaw - Msc Degree for international students
Where to study, SGH Poland or Smurfit UCD?
Opinion about West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin? Is it a good school?
Studies in Opole University; lack of money, cheap renting, any job available?
Summer camp for English speaking kids in Poland?
30 - Safe, yes. Good? Subjective....

StudySulivan - 19 Apr 2011 delphiandomine - 8 May 2019
Need info on Stay permit in Poland - student after graduation

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