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English/Bilingual Speaking School options in Krakow and fees

devil_storage 4 | 26
10 Jan 2021 #1

My kid is 3 years and I will be moving to Krakow in about an year, can someone tell me about what kind of curriculum the Schools (English or Bilingual) have and the complete fees they charge.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
10 Jan 2021 #2
My kid is 3 years

Hey I can't help you with this post but I have read some of your past posts and your concerns because your child does not speak Polish.

I was born in the UK but only spoke Polish and was sent to a English school, It was VERY tough at first some days I had to be dragged in screaming and shouting and I hated it. after a while I adapted and joined in with the other kids, it was ok in the end.

Its tough starting a new life in a foreign country, I wish you and your family the best of luck.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
10 Jan 2021 #3
It depends very much on the school. It would be better if you give us a budget, and we can advise you accordingly.

However, be warned that the majority of international schools are rather weak compared to Polish schools.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,631
10 Jan 2021 #4
international schools are rather weak compared to Polish schools

Esp with Brit economic migrants teachers employed by them.
OP devil_storage 4 | 26
11 Jan 2021 #5
when you say weak do you mean school standards,
I dont have a budget in mind , all I want to know is the fees, ok let me throw a ball park figure my budget is 1500 PLN, in katowice we have just on school who charges 3000 PLN and 4000 PLN as one time joining fees and the standard is not good.
mafketis 35 | 10,714
11 Jan 2021 #6
when you say weak do you mean school standards,

things I've heard about 'international schools' in Poland (from those teaching and attending)

-the quality of education is not great (since most are learning in a foreign language) the same is true at university where programs in english are mostly... not. very. good. compared to the regular curriculum for Polish students

-parents pay and expect that their little snowflakes won't be disciplined or given failing grades.... you can imagine the rest....

-educational philosophies in Poland and English speaking countries are very different (fex whether they are teacher vs learner centered and other things as well) and international schools try to split the difference... with results that are, at best, mixed.
OP devil_storage 4 | 26
11 Jan 2021 #7
Yes I have to agree Polish public hospitals and Schools are just amazing and even we pay extra in Public we are actually paying more for something which is not good.....
11 Jan 2021 #8
Too bad the teachers get paid less than a cleaning lady.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
12 Jan 2021 #9
ok let me throw a ball park figure my budget is 1500 PLN

You'll need to spend at least 2500zł to get an English language school. Once you've added in all the costs, more like 3000zł and upwards. Unless you need it for future relocation purposes, the best bet is to find a Polish private school that offers a significant amount of extra English classes.
Strzelec35 36 | 928
12 Jan 2021 #10
thats how much many Polish people make for an entire month. who the hell can afford that?
OP devil_storage 4 | 26
18 Jan 2021 #11
I think my question of kindergarten got drifted to School, but anyhow I got some answers but no answer on Kindergarten...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
18 Jan 2021 #12
educational philosophies in Poland and English speaking countries are very different

Very much so. I probably shouldn't say the place, but I know of one school where there's tremendous conflict between Polish and international parents over education. It's not just the obvious things (non-stop testing, grading and giving homework), but also over the curriculum - the Polish parents want more and more theoretical knowledge and less time spent on practical activities, while international parents want more practical and useful activities and less emphasis on dry knowledge.

The school is a mess as a result.

Another problem is when one or two nationalities dominate - so you end up with a school that might be theoretically English speaking, but in reality, the school reflects the home culture of the dominant nationality. There's one Turkish school like that - I'll see if I can dig up the rulebook for teachers for you, as it contained quite a few nutjob things that you'd never see in a Polish school.

The only genuinely good international schools in Poland are the ones run according to the philosophy of the country that they claim to represent. I can think of three, maybe four in the whole of Poland that work that way and are successful.
alazofiajanosh - | 4
7 Dec 2021 #13
Hi! I hope your move to Krakow went smoothly. :) Have you found a school yet? My kid is going to - their curriculum is great. It's based on American Common Core, British National Curriculum (EYFS-Early Years Foundation Stage), Finnish National Curriculum, Programme d'Enseignement de l'Ecole Maternelle, PYP - Primary Years Programme and Polish MEN of course. You can contact them if you'll have any further questions. :) And the School is trilingual (Polish, English and French, all languages are taught by Native-Speakers).

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