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Various education and school issues in Poland. Opinions, stories, controversies.

Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
24 Jul 2022 #451
PIS` botched "reform"

They have no guts to kick out a lot of people with connections. Those judges should go long ago to prison.
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
24 Jul 2022 #452
Those judges

This thread is about education, not judiciary. hihihihi
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
4 Aug 2022 #453
Some students are immune to education. It is not their fault - they strive and work hard but to no avail. I pity them a lot.

OP pawian 190 | 19,211
6 Aug 2022 #454
It is amasing how approaches change during our lifetime. A dozen years ago, mobiles and smartphones were banned in school and students could get punished for using them in class.

Today, the Ministry of Education recommends smartphones as a useful educational tool.

OP pawian 190 | 19,211
1 day ago #455
Last week I attended the funeral of our class form teacher from high school times. She was a bit crazy and uncommunicative and we were a bit scared of her but now when I recall the time I realise she actually helped us a lot - e.g., she defended us against other teachers or went to them and asked for better grades for us. That is why I got 4 in Latin instead of 3 on my final certificate. :):):)

Besides, there was a period when I stayed alone at home for a year coz my parents decided to start a new family (dad) or travel in the world (mum). I stayed with the dog and was a bit lost and started fekking up with school, skipping classes, partying etc you know what I mean. Then she helped me a lot, like some good auntie.

That is why it was my fekking duty to come to that funeral. Now I added her soul to the list of souls I regularly pray for. Rest in peace, Mrs Barbara - let your soul be taken to Heaven for all your good deeds.

Lyzko 34 | 8,342
1 day ago #456
Which subjects did she teach?
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
1 day ago #457
I knew you would ask that question. She taught chemistry - I was in biology chemistry profile class coz I initially wanted to become a vet.
Lyzko 34 | 8,342
1 day ago #458
How about foreign languages?
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
1 day ago #459
We had English and Russian for 4 years in high school. Plus Latin for two years. In elementary school - German for 3 years and Russian for 4 years.

I initially wanted to become a vet.

It was my dream coz we had always had a lot of pets at home. But I changed my mind seeing the unsurmountable scope of work in major subjects - chemistry and biology. We also had advanced Maths and Physics. I slowly started hating sciences coz they were so boring and turned to humanities - history, Polish, languages - much more exciting, my fave till today.
Lyzko 34 | 8,342
1 day ago #460
Interesting. Thanks:-)
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
15 hrs ago #461
Atch, at the funeral, I kissed the hand of my Maths teacher who, while in school, on the surface seemed very demanding and strict but in fact was a very decent person. She tortured me with difficult advanced stuff because it was her job. But I could see she appreciated my efforts and she let me pass to the next class. It wasn`t always so with other teachers who sometimes got a bad attitude to a student for personal reasons.
Atch 17 | 4,046
14 hrs ago #462
Looks like a beautiful funeral. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam dílis (may her faithful soul be at God's right hand).
Alien 11 | 1,652
13 hrs ago #463
I also changed my planned field of studies one year bevor final exams. My teatcher told me that her will cactus grow on the hand if I finish the studies. After graduation I met her by accident and there was no cactus in sight.🌵
OP pawian 190 | 19,211
13 hrs ago #464
My teatcher told me that her will cactus grow on the hand

:):):) Which subject??
Similarly, my English teacher told me I had no chance to pass an entrance exam at English philology department at a major university. She didn`t like me coz I was very good in the first year and then stopped studying completely. I got a grip in the fourth year when I knew I wanted to study English. But she was very sceptical till the end.

Looks like a beautiful funeral.

Yes, a lot of people came, teachers (now retired, of course) and a lot of former students. Amasing but the priest who gave the farewell speech and ran the funeral was her former student, too.

When the coffin was laid down, a trumpeter played a known tune.
Lyzko 34 | 8,342
13 hrs ago #465
Thanks again for sharing, pawian.

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