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Admissions to Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland - interview experience

5 Feb 2015 #1

I am keen on pursuing a masters in European studies at the Jagiellonian University, however, I am quiet nervous as it says on the website that for foreign studies the interview is key in determining the suitability of the student for the program. I don~t perform well on interviews, or let~S say have not done so in the past and want to use the time available (if i get called in for an interview) to really prepare myself and polish my knowledge.

Has anyone attended the university? Been interviewed or knows someone who has?
Please share your experience or insights on the interview, perhaps questions or structures. Do you know what could help to make a great interview?

Thanks in advance.
Looker - | 1,134
8 Feb 2015 #2
Just be prepared for a standard questions like: why Poland? why European studies? what are your interests (preferably connected to your field of study). Expect questions regarding your personal statement, eg. if you have a research experience, they may want to ask you about it. Maybe family background, some personalities. What are your plans for future. What you did during your previous school. Such things.

But don't be afraid, the commission is mostly pretty chill and relaxed. Be enthusiastic in your answers, stay calm and confident.
OP benduca
10 Feb 2015 #3
Thanks a lot for that. I guess I just need to take it a bit more easy but have strong answers or a good intentions pitch.
asadsw 1 | 5
18 Apr 2023 #4
I interviewed after preparing all day and it was 5 minutes and 2 questions just asking me about the future.

Someone from Reddit a few years ago had the same experience.

I was disappointed.

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