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Between Poznan University and University of Lodz. Which is the best choice? Business study

20 May 2015 #1
I am going to Poland in September to study Business. I have been admitted to Poznan University of Economics and University of Lodz. I am not sure which one should I choose and which of these universities is better for international students.
DominicB - | 2,709
20 May 2015 #2
A degree in business from any school in Poland is just about worthless. Actually, a business degree from just about anywhere is just about worthless. Save your money and time, and study something that actually means something on the job market. Business degrees are dime a dozen, and enable you to get a job sweeping floors at night or putting cans on shelves at the supermarket.

If you want to do business, then study engineering, especially petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering. Or if you are more interested in the financial side of things, then study a financial field that is heavy on mathematics like financial mathematics, financial engineering, econometrics or actuarial sciences.

The world needs more business graduates like it needs cockroaches. And the same goes for other useless "humanities" majors like As for other fields, degrees in the following fields are just about as worthless as one in journalism: psychology, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, communications, media, art, music, film, photography, performing arts, architecture, languages (including English), literature, philosophy, theology, economics, finance (non-math based), business, management, administration, international relations, tourism and recreation, law, criminal justice, history, agriculture, marketing, gender studies, ethnic studies and just about anything that contains the word "studies".
cms 9 | 1,255
22 May 2015 #3
Poznan has the better reputation of those universities. both towns are ok but Poznan probably better to live in.
22 Jun 2017 #4

Please, give reviews of European University of Business, Poznan

I got advise from visa consultant to get admission in European University of Business, Poznan. I want to know about this university from their students and locals. Please tell me is this uni. is good or not and how many placements they provide to students?
JaiV - | 1
14 Jul 2017 #5

Bachelors in Finance - University of Lodz or Poznan Uni of Economics

Hello, My cousin got accepted to uni of Lodz and Poznan University of economics to study bachelors in Finance. Can you please suggest which option is better one. Student life is not just about passing degree, so i am interested to know

1) Reputation of university
2) city life in Lodz vs Poznan. With airport in Poznan and 2.5 hours to Berlin, makes it attractive to travel to other EU countries.. any comment?

3) Student groups/communities for various activities
4) cost of living
5) it looks like, both cities attract lot of international students, which uni is best place for networking - to interact with other discipline students.
6) Student accommodation availability and quality of the accommodation.
7) i read from this forum that Poznan uni bachelor finance degree is quite new, any comments from current/alumni of Poznan Uni.

I would be grateful if you can provide some light on above.
mcielo7 - | 1
4 Dec 2021 #6

Study in University of Lodz

Hi, I want to study at UL next year (Computer Science). What do you think about that ? Is its location near the center of city? How is transport? Are dorms and living expensive? Can I work part-time and pay my expenses?

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