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Various education and school issues in Poland. Opinions, stories, controversies.

OP pawian 173 | 13,530
13 Oct 2020 #241
Dear members, tomorrow is the Teacher`s Day in Poland.

Best wishes to all representatives of the noble profession of a teacher in this forum and elsewhere. Coz you are the salt of this earth, the cornerstones rejected by builders, the stones thrown by God onto a bulwark etc

Happy Teacher`s Day to you! Your wisdom, dedication, and kindness will always lead students to the right path and inspire them to be better human beings. Dear teachers, you are the guiding light which inspires students to dream big and then offers them resources to achieve it. Your words, attitude, and actions have made such a positive difference in them ! You are the bearer of light in this pit of darkness. You know exactly how to illuminate a soul with its own light. All the efforts and hard works you invested to bring out the best in students can never be repaid in mere words. Thank you for planting the seeds that are going to last a lifetime! You guided students when they were lost, you supported them when they were weak, you enthusiastically enjoyed each minute success of theirs. .

You are not just a teacher, but a true inspiration to students. You did not just do your job, but a lot more than this. Thank you and have a wonderful Teacher's Day!

Who are you?

Dirk was one of the naughtiest and most rebellious students in my class. He was a pain but we worked on him and achieved wonderful results. Coz we are Unbreakable Inkpots.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,191
13 Oct 2020 #242
tomorrow is the Teacher`s Day in Poland.

You are paid a pittance , you should strike and get a decent wage for the important work you do.
OP pawian 173 | 13,530
13 Oct 2020 #243
Hmm, I will be honest with you - I think I get decent money enough as a certified teacher - it`s the last step in the career ladder. That is why I don`t feel the need to go on strike. The job is easy - I treat it more as hobby than work.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,191
13 Oct 2020 #244
I think I get decent money enough as a certified teacher

5000zl !!!!!!!
Mr Grunwald 25 | 1,735
13 Oct 2020 #245
Well, happy teachers day to you tomorrow pawian
Hoping that you enjoy it
OP pawian 173 | 13,530
13 Oct 2020 #246
Thank you. Tomorrow is a a free day for most students and teachers due to the virus threat. However, I am not going to chill out as I should. Firstly, I will be hanging around the forum and teaching members about Poland and the USA. Also, I am going to teach my kids, even the adult ones - they still need English practice.
OP pawian 173 | 13,530
14 Oct 2020 #247
In another thread I said that PiS government did nothing to prepare the educational system for online learning in the second wave of covid.
What exactly hasn`t been done since March through summer holidays till today?:

- there is no nationwide online education platform operated by Ministry of Education specialists
- there are no deals with internet providers to offer better connections to households with kids covered by online learning, especially in the countryside
- there are no trainings for teachers or parents how to use all available options of online learning.

Things they have done? Useless site with lesson scenarios - far too few to be of real importance for teachers - e..g, foreign languages are not included. Funny. . And TV programmes which turned out a stand up cabaret mocked in mems and jokes.

Why are PiS rightards such morons??????

Remember, dear students, diameter should be measured with a thermometer.

OP pawian 173 | 13,530
15 Oct 2020 #248
Online learning for high schools and unis in major cities since next Monday.
OP pawian 173 | 13,530
21 Oct 2020 #249
The kind of students I like to deal with is the ones who have a hobby in which they have a constant contact with English - they know a lot of words and phrases and are usually very good at face-to-face communication

What hobbies do some of my talented students practise? :
playing online games internationally .
reading and watching mangha comic stories and cartoons
watching youtube films about one`s fav subject - particularly - history of WW2

last but not least - listening to songs of one`s fav singers or groups. That was myhobby when young - probably in my archives I still keep those yellowish sheets of A4 paper with typewritten lyrics of rock songs - I put down the translations and then tried to memorise them.

I remember a funny conversation with certain father - he complained his son spent whole days playing silly games and didn`t want to study. I told him that his son was very good at English and I could only wish all my students were like him. The father was very surprised and left in thoughful silence.

However, there is a problem when such students need to revise for a test - then they usually skip the revision, believing they are so good they will get excellent results anyway. That is mostly not so easy, though.
2 days ago #250
So they never play outside? Bloody introverts.
OP pawian 173 | 13,530
1 day ago #251
Who said they never play outside???

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