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International Schools in Krakow - ISK and BISC?

18 Apr 2012 #1

I understand that for preschool and primary aged children, there are two generally recommended international schools in Krakow - ISK and BISC. Would anyone be able to tell me which is the more widely respected? I have looked at their respective websites, and can see the pros and cons to each as against the other, but I have not been able to get any sense of which is more recognized. This is possibly because one is based on the English education system and the other on the American education system, but I thought I would ask. I have two young children who will be schooled in Krakow for the next five years approximately; I want to make sure that any subsequent transition to an educational organization outside Poland will be as smooth as possible should we be required to move again in five years' time.

My thanks in advance for any help or feedback,
28 Jan 2014 #2
Hi Gail - i just stumbled upon your question with no answers!

I wanted to find out what did you finally decide and how do you feel about your choice.I am today in similar situation as yours! I have a seven year old studying in India and now I will have to move to Krakow for 2-3 years. And I would like to get my son along.

Can you share learning from your experience please.



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