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International medium schools in Lodz?

Zuby 3 | 4
21 Jan 2011 #1
Hi, I will be shifting to Lodz in a couple of months. I am from India and have a family of four (wife and 2 sons). I couldnt find International Schools or ENglish medium Schools in Lodz. British Int School got shut down a year back I believe. Would be great if information about International Schools in Lodz is shared. What all schools are there? What would be the approx fees? Thanks
thesearles - | 2
22 Jan 2011 #2
To our knowledge, if the British School is gone, there is no English-speaking
alternative in Lodz. Happy to talk with you about homeschooling options, though.
Get in touch when you arrive . . . . Happy to connect.
Doug & Liz in Lodz
OP Zuby 3 | 4
22 Jan 2011 #3
Thanks Doug & Liz......someone told me about the "European School". I visited their website but thats in Polish. Given the fact that many expats are there in Lodz with several MNCs functioning there, its pretty unlikely that there wont be an International School.
31 May 2011 #4
There is one International British School Vocandus, Lodz, you can visit our website We are member of ECIS and deliver Cambridge Examinations.
17 Sep 2011 #5
The only real International School in £ódź has opened. Started 1 September 2011.
BISC £odź is a branch of well established and experienced eterprise - British International School of Cracow. It has been in operation for about 16 years and educates almost 200 students every year. The Wroclaw branch was opened 6 years ago and is highly successful with numbers approaching 180 students.

School located at 12 Tylna street.
So far, 2o students enrolled.
To find out more, look at our websites. To register, please contact the Head of School Mr Andy Harris at: or Administration:
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
17 Sep 2011 #6
I am afraid you do not have much choice the only International school i found was BISC LODZ
It must be private and expensive so maybe you could consider sending your children( especially if they are toddlers) to a public or private Polish School in Lodz.
Andy composer
11 Dec 2011 #7
Hi everyone,

A new international school opened on September 1st this year. It is owned and run by BISC schools based in Krakow. BISC school operate:
British Internation School of Cracow;
British International School Wroclaw
British International School Lodz.
For details contact Andy Harris
10 Jul 2013 #8
we have only one international school in Lodz - Vocandus

BISC deceived parents and kids
Two parents from BISC plans to open a new school with a language school in Lodz but it will not matter it can be even illega I would not recommend

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