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International Schools in Poznan Reviews - which is better for my child?

AnilK 1 | 1
10 Aug 2011 #1
I am an Indian, recently came to Poznan and want my child to study in International School. I know there are two International Schools in Poznan. Would seek opinion of the people who has their children studying in International School in Poznan, which school is better?

Can I get some Indian's contact nos if they are living in Poznan.
Anil Jain
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
10 Aug 2011 #2
How old is your child? Depending on their age, I might be able to advise a better option that either of the "international schools" here - both of which are quite poor.
OP AnilK 1 | 1
10 Aug 2011 #3
my child is 12 years old and presently studying in VII grade in India. I would prefer her to study in International school, would request opinion.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
11 Aug 2011 #4
Neither of the two international schools are particularly good, unfortunately.

However, at a push - - is the better of the two. The other one is dire, and doesn't even achieve particularly good results. Both schools aren't well funded, neither of them offers particularly great education - but the one I linked you to is perhaps the better of the two.
rorynairn 1 | 12
11 Aug 2011 #5
i am a British citizen living in Poznan and i am wishing to seeking employment teaching English or if not working in another sector is this possible??
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
11 Aug 2011 #6
Bloodbath in the English teaching market at the minute in Poznan - unless you have qualifications and preferably experience, don't expect much in the way of work, and what work will be offered will be very poorly paid.

Other sector? You can check out the Easyjet call centre located near Rondo Kapionera - they're happy to employ native speakers of English.
17 Aug 2011 #7
Pbis has very "small" secondary school. Last year there was no gr. 7 because no kids of 12/13 years old! Teachers are Polish just like in international school. At Isop are at least 2 Indian families.
19 Jan 2013 #8
Hello Anil.....which school did you finally choose ? Am keen to know please as I am planning to move to Poznan for 2 years.
ksrao799 - | 4
24 Jul 2013 #9
[Moved from]: International Schools in Poznan and its reviews

I moved last month to Poznan due to my job and looking for good International schools for my Kids. I found two International schools (through internet search) International School of Poznan & Poznan British International School. Can any one provide me an little insight of these school educational standard and or a review. My kids aged 11 and 9 looking for an admission to Grade-3 & 6. Previously they studied in India and USA. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Anil,

Did you find a good International school in Poznan. I just moved to this city and looking for my kids admission. Thanks in advance... Samba


MK, have you moved to Poznan? Did you find any information? T
Anna00 - | 4
30 Jul 2013 #10
I write from the experience of your friends and ISOP looks more professional, but there is a child-friendly vibe there. Instead require teachers to teach and students underestimate the assessment - what is their motivation to learn ... Every year, some children drop out of school there. I really careful before you decide.

PBIS is housed in an old building on subberbian but has good teachers, student friendly, personalized education.
3 May 2015 #11
Is there a demand for teaching english on a one to one basis in Poznan.
jon357 74 | 21,980
3 May 2015 #12
There's a demand and there's also an oversupply.
buddhkavita - | 2
18 May 2015 #13
Merged: Hi Im Kavita from India.I have some questions regarding study in Poland.

Hi I am Kavita from India .My husband got transfer from his job in Poznan for one year. We have 4 year old daughter .please guide us regarding best school in Poznan. Can we get English school or my daughter has to learn Polish .

Thank you.
18 May 2015 #14
Honestly, i think that it is better to your kid learn Polish.

Not just because this is a language that can be useful while you are living here and your kid will not feel isolated outside home and school.

But also because Polish is a language that can be very useful to develop language skills in your child at early ages and them improve her/his performance in many other subjects like Math.
Atch 22 | 4,116
18 May 2015 #15
Hi Kavita. I'm a teacher. I have taught many Indian children in the 3-6 year age group. Now my experience is of teaching Indian children in Ireland but they didn't speak any English so it was the same situation for the child as it would be in any country where they didn't know the language. All the children I taught, some younger than your daughter, settled in within a few weeks and were very happy. Within about six months they were communicating in very basic English. At that age children can play together without needing to use much language. However, how easily your child settles, depends to some extent on the teacher and whether they are accustomed to dealing with children who don't have the local language. The teacher needs to be kind, patient and understanding.

By the way Kavita, when you talk of school, for a child of your age in Poland, that would be pre-school and your child is unlikely to be doing any academic work in the way she might in an Indian school. I taught many Indian children of your daughter's age whose parents expected their child to be learning to write, read, do basic maths etc. As far as I know they don't do this in Polish pre-schools but it may vary. For example if you put your child in a Montessori she should be facilitated with reading and writing if she shows readiness.

As you're only going to Poland for a year, I would try her out in a Polish pre-school just for the social aspect. As I say, if she has a good teacher she should be fine there. If she's already started reading and writing, just carry on with her at home and let her enjoy playing and mixing with other children at the pre-school. Any other advice I can give you, don't hesitate to ask.
buddhkavita - | 2
18 May 2015 #16
Thank you so much for your reply.
As you said you are a teacher and teaching many Indian children's ..... So, if poosible I would like to know your email ID or phone number . so I can meet you and get more clarification regarding my daughter future.

If you are not able to post your personal details in this forum , you can mail me at buddhkavita@gmail

Thanks once again.
Atch 22 | 4,116
18 May 2015 #17
Hi Kavita. I sent you an email.
1 Nov 2015 #18
I would like to move at Poznan with my family and my daughter is studying in 9th grade now. Is there any best international school in Poznan? My daughter is studying in english medium (CBSC) in India.
26 Nov 2015 #19
i'm and Indian and would like to shift Poznan with my family. My daughter is in 9th grade (14 years). I heard there 2 international schools in Poznan, can I know which one is good ? Also is it easy to settle down for young kids there?

It would be grateful to get reply soon. Thanks in advance.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
26 Nov 2015 #20
I heard there 2 international schools in Poznan, can I know which one is good ?

The question is : can you afford them?
30 Nov 2015 #21
Dear Delphiandomine,
I can afford or not that's not an issue. School quality is an important thing. If you know about the school fees then let me know as well. Thanks in advance.

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