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Anyone with first hand experience of WIS & BISC schools (Wroclaw)?

Pani A 2 | 28
25 Feb 2014 #1
Would love to hear if you were happy with the school? First hand info please?
8 Jul 2014 #2
Hi, i would like to know to? Did you find any information on this?
OP Pani A 2 | 28
8 Sep 2014 #3
I visited both schools and both look great! I think any kid would be lucky to go to either one! There are a couple of new schools coming to Wroclaw also, but Im not to sure about them... they look a bit .... less good? Cheaper though.
Viren - | 1
3 Mar 2015 #4
Merged: International (English) schools for children in Wroclaw? BIS/ WIS are too expensive.

Hi All,

I just shifted to Wroclaw and i am looking for a English school, my daughter is 9 years and will be going to class 4 after march end. I had talked to BIS (British International School) and WIS (Wroclaw International School) but they are too expensive. Can any one let me know any inexpensive English school. Also if their are any English speaking Polish schools too.

6 Mar 2015 #5
In the Wroclaw area, here is a list (it includes the two you mention above):

What do you mean they are expensive - is it because they have native English speakers or because they are for snobs..
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,828
6 Mar 2015 #6
No Nathan, he means they charge fees because they are private schools.
6 Mar 2015 #7
I see. So I understand that there are no publicly-funded schools in Poland to give free education to children in English language (it makes sense - if there were in English, then why not in Chinese or Hungarian etc.).
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,828
6 Mar 2015 #8
Possibly because "Chinese" and Hungarian are not the most widely used world languages?
Anyway I do not know why you are getting chippy about it, several European countries have publicly funded schools where English is the language of instruction, the OP was just asking. A simple "no" would suffice.
6 Mar 2015 #9
So I understand that there are no publicly-funded schools in Poland to give free education to children in English language

In Warsaw there are two state-funded schools which offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme but as far as I'm aware all the students at those schools speak fluent Polish (and the first year of each school is entirely in Polish).
docsan83 1 | 6
12 May 2015 #10
Merged: which is the school for Indian kid of 6 years age

We r thinking of shifting to Wroclaw coz of my husbands job. I have 6 years son who goes to 1 st grade in India. Which is the school in Wroclaw where he can join and how much it may cost?
18 May 2015 #11
I am planning to move to Poland, I have an option to choose between Krakow and Wraclow.
My decision will be based on the International School and Quality of Life.
By quality of life I would mean more cosmopolitan.
I would be getting 18,250 Gross monthly hence I know I cannot afford BIS or WIS.
So could you suggest which is the better city out of the 2 for Expats and which will have International School around 2000 PLN monthly.

eamdavadi 1 | 14
6 Jun 2018 #12

English School Admission - Poland, Wroclaw

I would like to inquire about school admission in 7th Grade.

I am from India and would be shifting to Wroclaw, Poland in September or October month this year.

I did inquired in WIS and BIS however their free structure is too expensive

Can someone suggest me good school with quite reasonable fees?

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