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Primary/Secondary International Schools in Poznan

rbcalvin 1 | 3
7 Jun 2013 #1
Good day, I work for a financial services firm in the U.S. and am considering taking a two year assignment in Poznan within my company. I've already found this forum to an be extremely valuable source of information.

I would be coming over with my family, and would need to find English-language instruction for my son, who would be around 14 when we arrive.

I've been reading this forum with interest the last couple of weeks and see there is a thread for 2009 or so that doesn't speak too highly about the international schools in Poznan.

Anyone have any current feedback? Anyone have a student enrolled at an English language high school? There look to be only two options from what I've been able to find online.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information!
OP rbcalvin 1 | 3
8 Jun 2013 #3
Thanks for the reply, that is what I found as well.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
8 Jun 2013 #4
Anyone have any current feedback?

Don't waste your time with the international schools - one of them has high appearance standards but low standards of education, and the other has poor facilities and no money to spend on the children.

My advice would be to get him into one of the bilingual Polish-English schools - they do have a good reputation for teaching.
OP rbcalvin 1 | 3
9 Jun 2013 #5
Many thanks, delphiandomine. Do you know the names or have contact info for any of the bilingual programs? I would be very interested in something like that. Looking on the web I couldn't find any Information in English.

I think I found a program at a public high school, II LO Poznań, but I would assume we wouldn't qualify to attend. The other name I saw was I Prywatne LO Poznań, but the information was only in Polish so I wasn't confident I was reading it correctly.

One additional point, my son is currently enrolled in a Catholic school so I certainly don't mind if the program was in a religious school.

Once again many thanks for the helpful info!
ksrao799 - | 4
18 Jul 2013 #6
Did you find any school yet? I just moved to Poznan and searching for the same information for my kids education.
Did you find any reviews with respect to PBIS Vs ISOP

Thanks.. Samba
OP rbcalvin 1 | 3
18 Jul 2013 #7
Hi Samba,

I do not have any additional information for you.

Our plan is to relocate to Poznan next year, so we would not be starting school until September 2014. Based on what I know now, I think we would look at ISOP and supplement with tutoring.

I haven't really found any alternatives, possibly because I'm not a Polish speaker and so I am limited in the source material I can find. But without being on the ground I'm really not in a position to give any feedback.

Good Luck! If possible, maybe you can post some advice based on your experiences.

ksrao799 - | 4
24 Jul 2013 #8
Rbcalvin -- I visited Poznan British International school (PBIS) and yet to get an appointment at International School of Poznan (ISOP). Obviously from the other personnel views, ISOP have high show-off than their educational standards. Did you hear any review about PBIS? -- Samba
Anna00 - | 4
30 Jul 2013 #9
I write from the experience of your friends and ISOP looks more professional, but there is a child-friendly vibe there. Instead require teachers to teach and students underestimate the assessment - what is their motivation to learn ... Every year, some children drop out of school there. I really careful before you decide.

PBIS is housed in an old building on subberbian but has good teachers, student friendly, personalized education.
ftl78 - | 2
21 Oct 2019 #10

I would like to find Primary/Secondary School for foreigners in Poznan

I would be coming over with my family to Poland Poznan and would need to find Primary/Secondary School with some Polish language course for foreigners because my son does not speak yet polish.

Could you please let me know where I can search online for all schools that foreigner can registered.
pawian 176 | 15,392
21 Oct 2019 #11
Primary/Secondary School with some Polish language course for foreigners

Oops, there are no such schools. You have to enroll your kid in an English school and pay fees for it. Or in a free Polish school and hope for teachers` understanding and help.
ftl78 - | 2
22 Oct 2019 #12
As i know there is free government schools were are courses to learn polish.
pawian 176 | 15,392
22 Oct 2019 #13
Tell us their names and addresses, we want to learn sth we didn`t know to use it for future topics like that.

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