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From which region can this Polish guy come from
Recommendations for accounting firm for US/PL atx forms?
I need someone to help with ADDRESS (to keep my Polish permanent residence)
To move or not to move from India to Poland
7 - How much time down blue card take? I am being told it can take 3 months and upto 1...

WorkIndian_Poland - 2 days agoIndian_Poland - 2 hours ago
Transport household items to north east England
2 - Try on gumtree. Someone might be going that way....

ClassifiedsCLB - 14 Feb 2019terri - 2 days ago
Getting a Poland permanent residence permit on the basis of forever waiting for a temporary residence permit?
Poland and USA vs Iran and the EU  2
Stay in Poland without work
Polish language school, Sopot. Opinions?
Import non running project car to Poland
Looking for a Polish to English translator (Speaking) only from Warsaw
What do you, as a Pole, think of Albania (as a land, history etc...) and Albanians (girls and guys)?
What do Poles think of how they are treated in Germany, in comparison to the Muslim migrants
Catfished by Polish guy, now flying from London to Poland tomorrow and need to know where I can get support
6 - wow WTF?...

LoveAlicjaRzeszow - 11 Feb 2019Ironside - 12 Feb 2019
Donating to Polish political parties
Poland's young voters turning to the right - DW news  2  3  4
Game - guess Polish idioms/sayings in direct English translation  2
Impressions from Szczecin
Traditional Polish daggers & swords
Question relating to currency equivalent in Poland
Dipolma of engineering is equivalent to undergraduate studies in Poland?
Do Polish guys like girls who are shy, modest and sensitive
Moving to Poznan from Barcelona - school for my 2 kids
Why do so many Poles accept to do such hard works abroad?
Why does this Polish guy act like this at work? I don't understand his behaviour
What do Poles think of a foreign person who tries to learn Polish  2
47 - I do too. They sound so, well, foreign:-)...

Studyzhi yu - 3 Feb 2019Lyzko - 12 Feb 2019
Congrats to Poland - your people realize industry is important.
Why are Poles/Poland disliked by Germans?  2  3  4
Fishing laws in Poland
My Polish neighbour is really attractive