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Labour Market Test/Rynek Pracy
Visa issue from poland
Confuse about how friendship works in Poland
Train stations - travel from Wroclaw Zerniki to Boleslawiec
5 - Thank you Ziemowit really helpful...

TravelWebkot - 1 day agoWebkot - 1 day ago
A Pole returning to Poland harassed by MSW
Creating a social media marketing agency in Warsaw
Looking for a room or flat to rent in Poland - discrimination against age
16 - No, it isn't. Your best bet is to look at the rental ads on Gumtree etc. Make...

Real Estateshmuel - 5 Dec 2018jon357 - 8 Dec 2018
Looking for business partner in Poland - I have clothing brand in Ukraine
Consular Visa Fees at ADCB. Can I take demand draft from any ADCB branch in India?
Small taste of my U.S. prison experience
6 - if you cant do the time, don't do the crime imagine how a young girl must feel...

USA, CanadaSzczelec - 4 Dec 2018rozumiemnic - 6 Dec 2018
Graduate school in mathematics as foreign student in Poland
Regarding Poland's Visa application of Minor child
Is anyone experiencing problems connecting to Orange (home) wi-fi with Mac?
Buy Ancient Artifact/ Actiquities In Poland
4 - Tell me more about your proposal....

ClassifiedsNetens23 - 1 Dec 2018polishnotes - 2 Dec 2018
First sentence of the novel Solaris
Theft and racism at a workplace in Poland
Music and movies from the PRL times in Poland
New car registration with old insurance after car purchase in Poland
Mary Barnawich (?) - Is my great-grandmother from Poland?
27 - You might want to find a Slovak forum then. googling a second or two I found the...

Genealogyvaleriegayle - 24 Nov 2018mafketis - 1 day ago
Move to Poland without job, how about ZUS - I need to register myself in Poland
Will Germans be able to understand Polish enough?
30 - Absolutely....

Languagemochadot18 - 20 Nov 2018Lyzko - 26 Nov 2018
Traveling abroad while waiting for Karta Pobytu, as a citizen of US
Lawyer familiar with EU law needed (to sue my employer in Poland)  2  3
Traveling from Poland to other European countries while waiting for karta pobytu
Joint property law in Poland
Why do Polish people love to say "No" to anything you ask?
12 - Spot on, maf ol' man!...

LifeSylvio - 12 Nov 2018Lyzko - 13 Nov 2018
Moving to Poland, Ireland, Belgium or Finland?
CELTA course in Poland: Kraków vs Wrocław
Occupation of Eastern Poland in 1939  2  3
UK Citizen resident in Poland dying intestate - inherited debt issue