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Test to determine proficiency of Polish?
I want to make a bank transaction to a Canadian bank
3 - Okay thanks, cms, I will recheck with them....

USA, Canadaauezzat - 27 Jan 2023auezzat - 2 days ago
Trying to identify locations of WW2 photos from Poland and elsewhere
Jagiellonian Politics on Steroids
Is my water bill too high?
Any luck finding info on surnames changed post ww2 immigration?
Cost of real estate in Przemysl
3 - Thank you for your good suggestion. Shavkat...

Real EstateShavkat72 - 23 Jan 2023Shavkat72 - 23 Jan 2023
Polish Celebration Days.
Which areas of Poland have the most conservative young women (under 22)?
What does the phrase 'mój drogi' mean?
War propaganda - are we really THAT retarded?
Finally, wife acquitted after killing her abusive husband
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Finding my Great-g-g-Grandmother Bieszczak
LG Energy Solution factory in Wrocław?
Obtaining Poland's citizenship through decent
Polish 11 Corps/family history
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Need help translating old Gwardia Warszawa articles
Bilingual signs and notices all over Poland
20 - Oh, yes, quite right, I forgot about it....

Travelpawian - 28 Dec 2022pawian - 3 hrs ago
Is there a website where I can see the information of second-hand houses or rent houses?
College Subscription information to resume education in Poland
Can I, a Polish citizen, open a Bank Account in Poland from the UK without an address there?
Poland's feelings on glorified vaccinations  2  3
81 - Compared to who ? Not mother !...

Lifejohnny reb - 22 Dec 2022johnny reb - 29 Dec 2022
I need help translating few Polish names and places.
My Opinion About Poland After 2 Years  2
35 - They have surpassed the master....

LifeMaximus2023 - 20 Dec 2022Alien - 18 Jan 2023
Food hygiene in restaurant New Delhi in Wroclaw, Poland