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Polish names that sound like Scandinavian or Hungarian ones?
Are the property prices in Poland too high?
Meaning of "B.P." and "b." in a death notice
5 - Thank you, @pawian and @Chemikiem !...

Languagemhurwicz - 16 hrs agomhurwicz - 10 hrs ago
I am non EU citizen living inPoland. I have TRC for 3 years. Can I work with that TRC in Netherlands?
Gift tax in Poland
Biking in Silesia, Poland
Digger driver and machine cost in Poland
3 - Thanks ! We are in Augustow north east...

LifeStevenkasia - 4 Aug 2020Stevenkasia - 4 Aug 2020
Project to set up weaving factories in Lodz in the 1880's
Elity wygrywają. Z narzędziami, które posiadamy nie ma nadziei dla ludzkości.
False advertising? Poland rental property advice.  2
Swedish expats in Poland?
Wandalizacja Chrystusa - co robić?
American camgirl considering moving to Poland for a few years. Taxes?
Paying Hospital Bills in Poland
Popular non-Poles of Polish descent
Polish Museums and Selective Forgetting
Polish Army WWII and citizenship
Looking for a good Masseur, preferably for a home visit
7 - To laughing. Guess, who at? hahaha...

ClassifiedsRob10 - 24 Jul 2020pawian - 27 Jul 2020
Poland adds Latin to core curriculum to help pupils understand foundation of Western civilisation
"Poland Syndrome" should be renamed  2
Architecture style in Poland
Help needed: Proofreading Polish Song
13 - Yes, I like it, too but in my ranking it is a runner up, coz my No 1 is...

Classifiedsyush - 22 Jul 2020pawian - 23 Jul 2020
Mystical places in Poland
Looking for a Polish (Anglo speaking) mentor in the IT industry.
Is Poland currently able to ship packages to USA?
3 - Thank you for reply! Was it a box or letter? Over or under $100?...

USA, Canadadroyal - 20 Jul 2020droyal - 20 Jul 2020
House owning in Poland - Questions - Which offices are involved? Rules.
26 - @Atch Yeah, you are right, this plan fails if they need to go to the post office......

Real EstateRandomname - 20 Jul 2020Randomname - 26 Jul 2020
India - review this country (as a Pole)
Looking for studies in Poland - Bachelor of Technology
5 - ah...... okay...

Studyokay_04x - 19 Jul 2020okay_04x - 20 Jul 2020
Medical jobs in Poland?