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Buying an Apartment in Poznan, Im Irish
Emigrating with child out of Poland
Is the Polish-Polish war ending? Is the PiS-PiS war beginning?
Companies in Wroclaw providing rental management, fit-out etc.
Resigning during the job probation period in Poland
Excel Template For Faktury (invoices) in Poland
Change of Polish street names in Volkowysk
2 - @BobM Isn't it in Belarus now? Have you tried google maps?...

HistoryBobM - 12 Feb 2020kaprys - 12 Feb 2020
Hypothetical cousin from America - genealogy and Poles
Saint Virgin Mary Queen of Poland crushes the Red Army  2  3
Presidential elections 2020 - your opinions about campaign, candidates  2  3  4  5  6  7
Why is Poland so hostile against Germany? Do they realize how their reparations rubbish damages relations?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  ...  12  13  14
Why oh Why do Poles drive so incredibly poorly  2  3  4
Starting a car business in Poland - exporting from the UK
Translation of the word "małpka" into English
10 - Well, some guys can swallow such a 100 ml bottle in one nip. :):) Not bad,...

LanguageZiemowit - 6 Feb 2020pawian - 7 Feb 2020
Official documents procedure in Poland? Family Status, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate
Divorce and a house bought in marriage with shared goods in Poland
× How Poland bought German Airline Condor and might lose massive from it
Modern F-35 bought by Poland. Good decision?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Self employment for NON-EU citizen WHO has finished university, no need work permit. I have D type VISA.
Companies in Poland that support Work Permit
Second gen Polish-American with little exposure  2
Wanted, a live in Assistant
6 - With full board, too?...

Classifiedsfergusdodd - 4 Feb 2020pawian - 6 Feb 2020
Paprika Korps, Polish Dub/Reggae/Ska
Investor Wind or Solar farm
Is starting a language school doable in Poland
Where is good Hotel near Morasko for meteorite collecting?
Slow Talk in Polish TV
Which foods are generally disliked/unpopular in Poland? Which non-Polish foods are slowly gaining popularity?  2  3
School Uniforms in Poland - not required?
× First Coronavirus case in Poland?