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Brits in and around Tarnow
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Looking for ANNA MARIA. MISIUREWICZ - P J PROBY the American/British singer
Business English and Legal English tutor.
Expats & Rentals in Poland: Sharing Experiences!
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danger of animals during hiking in poland
21 - So do rats and cockroaches..I wouldn't live where they congregate......

Lifegad123 - 13 Apr 2024Novichok - 16 Apr 2024
How do you fight such a hypocryte society?
Place to Rent/Buy for Gastronomy Business in Warsaw
tram driver foreigner  2
Move from Canada and buy an apartment in Krakow?
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Standard Polish-Standard Belarusian "trasianka"
Solar energy in Polan - solar panel / battery / inverter prices
Name Polonization!
5 - @Torq, you devil... lol :D I love this one ;D "Wołga" maybe? 🤔...

Languagenovumchase - 3 Apr 2024Paulina - 3 Apr 2024
How to obtain a 2nd Polish passport booklet
Jewish culture in today`s Poland  2  3  4  5  6
Adopting a cat in Poland?
Polish guy canceled 3rd date on me, is he uninterested or am I reading too much into it  2
32 - I already did. He is married....

LoveAmericangirldoll - 31 Mar 2024Novichok - 1 Apr 2024
Neoliberalism and family formation in Poland  2  3  4
Fresh water fishing in Poland  2
31 - No, I am too mean for that. :):):) Yes, I must be so as a teacher....

Lifedannytoro1 - 28 Mar 2024pawian - 30 Mar 2024
Military draft coming in Poland?  2
48 - @pawian Time to shut your filthy mouth and go back to the music thread..........

NewsBarszcz Czerwony - 27 Mar 2024Miloslaw - 29 Mar 2024