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Salary 18000 pln per month in gdansk
Satirical cartoons about Poland and Poles
Why do schools teach "The battle of Warsaw" but not "the history of communist Poland?"
× Why are young Poles turning away from Church and religion?
I have an OLD Polish passport (live in the US now)
13 - Mine has 5 digits either....

USA, CanadaTooLongOut - 11 Aug 2019Ziemowit - 13 Aug 2019
× Poland's LBGT Seen as Dangerous Foreign Idea.
29 - are you having a stroke?...

Newsjohnny reb - 11 Aug 2019mafketis - 11 Aug 2019
Threatened with Firearms in Poland - any law regarding this?
4 - many thanks for valuable tips!...

LawSylvio - 11 Aug 2019Sylvio - 1 day ago
Looking for a part time job in Wallington NJ where I can practice Polish
2 - Look at or place a free ad

USA, CanadaBioPattern - 10 Aug 2019Cargo pants - 10 Aug 2019
Need a list of residential assets in Poland
6 - thank you!...

Classifiedsmartynka10 - 9 Aug 2019martynka10 - 9 Aug 2019
Do any Polish women who live in Scotland ever date Scottish men?
3 - Yeah Miloslaw, thanks, I think that you're right....

UK, Irelandbozidar - 9 Aug 2019bozidar - 9 Aug 2019
Are there "Spelling Bee" competitions in Poland? (ie. Polish version of USA's "Scripps National Spelling Bee")
I am selling my Polish money
6 - Yes, commemorative....

ClassifiedsMslady - 7 Aug 2019pawian - 7 Aug 2019
Please help with the translation in Polish of a set of English sentences
3 - gumishu, Thank you very much for all this! I'll keep close as a reference, and we will see...

LanguageCharlie Wengain - 5 Aug 2019Charlie Wengain - 5 Aug 2019
Work in Poland after finishing university in the UK (business management)
Need advice preparing invoice for my employer - B2B contract
Searching for relations Dostal from Motkowice
2 - Try contacting the parish there

Genealogydostalmotkovice - 4 Aug 2019kaprys - 4 Aug 2019
Caught speeding - Do points go against PESEL in Poland?
Job search in Swarzędz and surrounding areas.
Property rights in Poland after divorce
Pogroszewski / Pogoreski - Finding missing Polish Man from my tree
There are more billionaires in Poland than in America
8 - Erased? You mean somebody removed this info from the Internet?...

USA, CanadaCargo pants - 30 Jul 2019Lyzko - 30 Jul 2019
Attraction from a Polish man?
Polish treasures in Sweden?
Synthesizers Manufactured in Poland?
Plans and documents for a house (buy/sell) in Poland
HELP NEEDED with Polish handwriting (political letters etc.)
Historic(al) Americans and their ties with Poland/Poles  2
Ruchla (or Rochla) Andrelewitz / Morgowicz Morgovich
Do you know these characters from Polish movies?  2  3  4  5  6
Gdynia for a day while on a cruise ship