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Upper age limit masters in Poland?
Is it common for multiple people to share a burial site?
New York Times story on Zupa ogórkowa
Custom plates in Poland
4 - @pawian Koks ? means cocaine in English....

Lifepawian - 2 days agoAlien - 1 day ago
Need help forming English group for children, $50/client
3 - No, it's an investment; I'm willing to pay $100 per client ($50 to the referrer, $50 to the new...

Classifiedsenglishheights - 27 Sep 2022englishheights - 27 Sep 2022
How do the Polish and People with Polish Ancestry feel about British Royality  2
Helping Non Polish Student studying in Public School  2
32 - Actually, you know more than I do. Like where I live....

Languagephils_79 - 25 Sep 2022Novichok - 28 Sep 2022
The British Royal Family and Poland: Any connection?  2  3
Office furniture for sale in Warsaw (monitors, desks, chairs, book cases)
Should I rent a room without actually visiting it in Warsaw?
Anniversary of Soviet Invasion
19 - Thank you for your answer, BB. Finally! ;) As for me, I would NOT be grateful to...

HistoryGefreiterKania - 17 Sep 2022GefreiterKania - 18 Sep 2022
Strengthening and modernisation of Poland's armed forces - is it done sensibly?
Aluminium Scrap
Tax accounting (do I need to file tax, as no work has been proceed due to corona?)
5 - @cms neuf Thanks a lot....

Workjayvansjalia28 - 16 Sep 2022jayvansjalia28 - 18 Sep 2022
Life and work of Stepan Bandera - controversial figure of Europe
How to pay automatic camera speeding ticket if I was on not a Polish car
The Baltics states rely on Poland as their main defender against Russian aggression??  2
Can I buy land in Poland remotely?
14 - ??? I was serious. For Cojest`s sake....

Real Estateatlantic - 6 Sep 2022pawian - 10 Sep 2022
What is a contract with a want notary?
Is it possible to earn honestly some greater fortune in the present day Poland?
Searching for living family around Piasutno Ludwy, Podlaskie, Poland
3 - I mean find a website of such an agency I just made a quick look up and...

GenealogySaraJane - 1 Sep 2022gumishu - 2 Sep 2022
Poland to officially demand $1.32 trillion WW2 reparations from Germany  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
290 - Do you have proof for that?...

NewsGefreiterKania - 1 Sep 2022Bratwurst Boy - 17 Sep 2022
Moving to Poland to either buy or build a house
Options for Poland and Europe if Russian border reaches delta where Danube river meets the Black Sea?
Gorbachev and Poland  2  3
There's a Polish guy I like, will he be worth it?
17 - @Curly1 That's true. That is also what I told him. 😅 I am an admin assistant. But I...

LoveLittleMissSushi - 31 Aug 2022LittleMissSushi - 31 Aug 2022
ZUS taking tax and insurance from my UK pension
About the toll stops on the highways
Polscy patrioci zwracają się w stronę serbskiego Kosowa