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Expected gross salary per month of a market risk/ credit risk professional ?
Why do Lviv & Vilnius look nicer than Polish cities?
Living in Warsaw as an Arab
5 - you are kind of ok in the big cities but learning Polish is a must if you are...

LifeMrCheese - 20 Oct 2020dolnoslask - 21 Oct 2020
German treatment of Poles (Russian partition) during WW1?
Is Poland good for expats with social phobia?
I really need to know the rest of this phrase - Jezu Kochanie...?
Rome - It's traditions in Poland throughout history
3 - Do you mean male-made and male-controlled culture now?...

HistoryMr Grunwald - 15 Oct 2020pawian - 15 Oct 2020
Help with confusing requirements for emigration from UK to Poland
A good day for animals, fur trade and ritual slaughter banned / limited in Poland
Business English course on Skype
American volunteers in Polish-Soviet War
My grievances with the American-Polonia  2
Non EU WP holder (national D visa) and quarantine laws?
Is there a luxury market in Poland?
Looking for someone studying/working in chicken welfare sphere - potential job
Obtaining Polish passport in the US? What do I need to do?
Business activities in Poland
× Poland rejects international criticism over LGBT rights
Halal Meat in Bydgoszcz
Tell me about Northeastern Poland
Can you use your last months rent to pay a deposit? Is it legal in Poland?
Karta Polaka to Poland's Permanent Residence
Relocation to Poland from UK & Relationship Breakdown (involving child)
Early termination of the contract for internet in Poland
Buy an apartment in Warsaw now or wait
× E.U. Denounces Poland's Authority on LBGTQ Free Zones  2  3  4  5
Sobering-up station in Poland
13 - They never reach the papers and the dibble are good at denial....

Lifevexed101 - 15 Sep 2020jon357 - 19 Sep 2020
Tipsy Warsaw Mayor gets Mocked