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Polish cakes made in Poland
5 - @Atch In which case I've finally found someone exactly like me....

FoodRussianAntiPutin - 1 day agoRussianAntiPutin - 1 day ago
Dividing a property
4 - Yes you can put that in a deed - but needs to be done formally with a notary...

Real EstateDammest1 - 19 May 2022cms neuf - 19 May 2022
Ski- Suffix of names
11 - @RussianAntiPutin, you're welcome :)...

HistoryRussianAntiPutin - 18 May 2022Paulina - 19 May 2022
Poland retrieves its lost art
Gym etiquette in Poland
Problem z otrzymaniem dokumentu z Polski
What do Polish woman think about Latinos (dating, relationship)
8 - @Alien Then that's a yes! Cheers...

LoveCarlitos003 - 14 May 2022Carlitos003 - 15 May 2022
Divorce in Poland - birth certificate issue?
Polish from Russian
Renovation for a twin family much do this cost now?
Find older PIT-11 or PIT-37
R. Trzaskowski, current mayor of Warsaw, future President of Poland  2  3
65 - Do I need to take part in your fantasies? Do it on your own and don't expect my...

Newspawian - 7 May 2022Cojestdocholery - 16 May 2022
Is it good for Poland as Sinn Fein will win today in Northen Ireland  2
Any medical Conference in Poland for medical students?
Need some feedback direction on names/locations! Makaruk, Savchuk, Lenz, Fenske / Cherdia, Drazna
Trouble pinpointing for certain the following surnames
Family debt in Poland
3 - Thanks Lenka....

LawCanada2022 - 2 May 2022Canada2022 - 2 May 2022
Should Poland pay for gas in rubles?  2  3
Szczecin Apartment
3 - Thank you, Paulina...

ClassifiedsJW77 - 24 Apr 2022JW77 - 24 Apr 2022
Did Polish last names derive from city / village names?
9 - Now that's a real kac/Katz. Don't forget the Catsup......

GenealogyBarnsMa - 14 Apr 2022jon357 - 14 Apr 2022
Sending a parcel from Sweden to Poland
2 - there are no import taxes on goods within the EU - you shouldn't worry about it - I...

Polonianierozumiem00 - 12 Apr 2022gumishu - 13 Apr 2022
Surname help: Searycz or Sayrich
The Smolensk air disaster
Banners and slogans at soccer games in Poland
Polish citizenship by descent - Great-grandfather left after the 1920 citizenship law but before 1921 census?
A Polish national getting a UK Passport
Debt in Poland. (problems at the polish customs?)
8 - So he's got something to pay towards the debts he's accrued......

LifeJosha - 5 Apr 2022jon357 - 6 Apr 2022
Advice on partners access to his child in Poland 🙏🏻
Rental contract without a termination clause
× Is it normal for men to abandon their children in Poland?