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Avoiding planning permission. Or law on glamping pods in Poland.
Ordering from
Silesian, old Polish heritage?
Declension of diminutives in the Polish language
8 - If we had borrowed it from English, the dimunitive of ham would be hamka....

LanguageLeo 037james - 13 Apr 2021pawian - 13 Apr 2021
Work permission for dependent of Non EU citizen in Poland
Problems adjusting in Poland
Looking for Records of Cygrymus Family History - Chelmza
2 - Hello, You need to write a letter to the Archive in Toruń asking them for a scan of a...

Genealogycygrymushello - 5 Apr 2021pattern481 - 20 hrs ago
Is Wroclaw really the Polish silicon valley?
Is there a Polish equivalent to the board game Articulate?
Where to buy kettlebells in Poland and swinging pendulum bag?
Poland or Germany: Which country rebuilt more of its architecture?
5 - Thanks, pawian....

HistoryIaki - 4 Apr 2021Lyzko - 4 Apr 2021
× Where is the immigration industry
Discrimination of clients and refusal of service allowed in Poland
Polish Train Restaurant/Bars
Different culture towards having sex
Do you know this Polish male model ?
Do Polish parents support their boy to marry a Kurdish girl
7 - @pawian Thank you very much...

LoveShikakurdish - 1 Apr 2021Shikakurdish - 1 Apr 2021
How long can an object stand on my property before it is considered «Mine» ?
Are all Polish guys like this  2
Furniture to Give in Montreal
2 - Can donate to Goodwill stores or red cross too....

ClassifiedsNadra - 31 Mar 2021Cargo pants - 31 Mar 2021
Polish Salted Butter  2
Another reason Polish people and Poland pisses me off  2
52 - My point exactly!...

LifeStrzelec35 - 29 Mar 2021Lyzko - 31 Mar 2021
Huthsteiner/Hutstein in Warsaw ~1763
Digital Marketing Professional from India
Famous Polish writer prosecuted for free speech  2  3
Polish for foreigners (preparatory programs)
Is Poland a Slavic country?! (politics included)  2  3
Jobs in Poland for screenwriters?
14 - Zlatko??? Welcome back....

WorkIaki - 17 Mar 2021pawian - 4 Apr 2021
Difficulty in getting an appointment for a Polish passport (New York area)
rzeczownik (noun) // Right, Recht?
8 - In German, "Laib" is the cognate/calque of "loaf":-)...

LanguageThomasK - 15 Mar 2021Lyzko - 15 Mar 2021