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Polish citizens in Vichy France?
What is Poland going to be like in the 2050s?  2
Looking for a town in Germany-Poland (circa 1868-1882) Kronow
Poland - getting a tenant out (post-lease)
Poszłam or poszedłem
Maximum daily limit for international bank transfer to/out of Poland
Kudłate Pierogi
Landlord forces me to pay internet+TV
Are there public cultural centers in Poland?
Irish (live in London) moving to Poland
22 - Can I get insured on a UK driving license in Poland or would need to have Polish only? Anyone...

UK, IrelandRoibeard79 - 31 Mar 2020Roibeard79 - 20 mins ago
Building a modern house in Poland?
6 - Oh if I buy an already built one, I'd go for a dom szeregowy as they look nice. It's...

Real Estatejackrussel - 30 Mar 2020jackrussel - 31 Mar 2020
How hard will Poland be hit by the economic crisis?  2  3  4
Similarities & differences between Poles & Swedes?
6 - Basic. Swedes don`t wear wings:...

PoloniaJakeRyan - 26 Mar 2020pawian - 27 Mar 2020
Warsaw job with US experience (tech company)
What was the general Polish opinion of Germany/Germans between 1920-39?
Instrumental case in the Polish language. Am I understanding it right?  2  3
Exchange non EU driving license with class C in Poland
Cultural disparities shown through Polish and English languages  2
Can you recognise the famous quotes from Polish films?
8 - What is the content of sugar in sugar? Where is it from?...

Languagepawian - 18 Mar 2020pawian - 21 Mar 2020
US equipment moving to Poland - electricity questions
Import camper-van from Germany to Poland
How to send a Mother's Day card to UK when Poczta Polska won't accept International deliveries?
3 - Thanks..that's good thinking...

LifeRob10 - 17 Mar 2020Rob10 - 17 Mar 2020
Diminutive Words for Breads, Loaves, etc
UK Tax rebate cheque - any way to use it in Poland?
Gdynia, Lodz, Lublin, Rzeszow for expats?
I passed driving theory exam, but PKK status hasn't changed since then
Building an extention in south London
Sentence usage/placements of unstressed vs stressed pronouns Się/Siebie, Mi/Mię, Cię/Ci, Go/Jego, Mu/Jemu,
19 - Yep, makes sense....

LanguageForumUser - 8 Mar 2020Lyzko - 11 Mar 2020
Etymology of sztuka
Aftermarket spare parts companies in Poland