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Australia can be exciting not only for permanent residents. Why are Poles in love with Australia?

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Anybody send parcel with POCZTA-POLSKA to Australia?
My boyfriend [M28] all of sudden misses Poland that much and/or is feeling homesick?
Żoladkowa Gorzka, where can i get it in Sydney?
Looking for Polish lessons in Perth, Australia  2
Any Polish people living in Australia  2
I am moving back to Poland - to live from Australia. Is it a good idea?
Software professional moving from Poland to Australia - good idea?
What were the circumstances that led your Polish ancestors to Australia?
4 - I feel the same way for my parents, so many hard stories so much suffering, but yet we...

AustraliaSzybkowski - 29 Mar 2015 dolnoslask - 11 Jul 2018
Mail problem- Poland to Australia, delivery time frame  2
Polish pierogi in Australia
10 - I always use egg - it helps. It depends how you like the dough - I prefer it...

AustraliaMikeSki - 16 Jan 2013 jon357 - 21 Feb 2018
Leave Poland to utilize Australian Permanent Resident visa?
6 - Sure, thank you gumishu and DominicB....

AustraliaExplorer2016 - 18 Nov 2017 Explorer2016 - 19 Nov 2017
Polish community in Sydney, Australia  2  3  4
Newborn girl -ska or -ski ? AUSTRALIA
12 - Yes, I've heard that ending used ironically....

AustraliaKarol78 - 12 Sep 2017 jon357 - 13 Sep 2017
Export a dog from Poland to Australia
2 - Is he flying tourist or first-class?...

AustraliaVitaly - 28 Jul 2017 Lyzko - 28 Jul 2017
Drug smuggling by Poles into Australia
Looking for Polish immigration lawyer in Sydney
Grape wine from Poland for sale in Australia?
17 - Now now. I drank a bottle once, and it was quite acceptable after a few mouthfuls killed the...

AustraliaCluster2k - 2 Jun 2014 delphiandomine - 30 Apr 2017
Looking for new friends in Melbourne
Looking for Poles around Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast
14 - Hi! I'm from Poland. I come holiday every year for my doughter. I would like to meet ...

Australiadjlech - 5 Feb 2012 Teresa from Pol - 29 Jan 2017
Meeting Poles in Adelaide
Best Polish Food in Sydney?  2
Student from Poland wants to get to Australia
10 - Hello there! If you are in need of a visa processing service at the convenience of your home then....

Australianew_dreamer - 24 Nov 2011 ivisaservices - 15 Dec 2016
Australian - Polish Passport / Citizenship
Polish mum and folks in Sydney
Polish Folk Dress in Sydney?
Polish restaurants, clubs, in Melbourne
15 - That's mutually exclusive. LOL!...

Australiawilko - 5 Aug 2010 TheOther - 20 Jun 2016
Looking for a Polish wedding band and stuff in Melbourne
Lost Polish passport, how to get a new one (Australia)?
Poles in Australia - money for start, chances for a job, costs of living (Brisbane, Bunbury)  2
Australian Spouse Visa For The Polish
Mail/courier options for sending packages back to Australia
Poland residency for an Australian citizen without marriage?
Polish restaurants in Sydney
Have you moved from Australia to Poland? please share your opinion...  2
Shops in Australia selling music CDs from Poland?
Can My Polish girlfriend get a working visa in Australia??
28 - Merged: How to get a job in Australia - engineer from PL Hi, how can I to find...

AustraliaSBell - 26 Oct 2008 n4din - 23 Feb 2015
HELP! Australian wanted to apply for Polish Passport via ancestory  2
Polish butchers/delis that mail/home deliver to Queensland, Australia
Polish wedding in NZ
3 - Polish weddings are great!...

Australiascottandemilia - 16 Feb 2010 eric33 - 3 Feb 2015
How do I apply for an attachment as a spouse?
Nice places to live in Perth - need advise!
Unregistered Polish Agent helps voluntarily for free with study in Australia or its government will pay him?
Polish speaking doctors in Inner West / Parramatta Sydney or Melbourne
Finding work on Prospective marriage visa, Melbourne ( subclass 300 )
Dual citizenship (Polish person Australian born)
Polish skincare in Sydney / Perth?
2 - Please message me on ingamirski@hotmail. Pozdrawiam...

Australiajust a Pole - 2 Aug 2013 Ingasns - 17 Oct 2014
Getting in Australia? I am English married to an Australian. (working /holiday visa)
Polish & German Tutoring Options in Melbourne
Polish travel agent in Sydney
Prawdziwki (Porcini) mushrooms in Australia?
14 - I have found Boletus Edulis (Porcini) on a property in the Adelaide hills 3 or 4 years ago when...

Australiaredkar123 - 25 Feb 2010 AdelaideVisitor - 10 Jul 2014
Thinking about moving to Australia  2
37 - Are you sure you've ever been to Australia? :)...

AustraliaFranz_1 - 11 Mar 2009 Krzak - 5 Jun 2014
I am looking for Polish restuarants in South Australia
30 - Do you know Cafe Borscht in King William Street? It's not far from the Central Market and they have...

Australiapudzianowski - 13 Aug 2008 glenys rowe - 11 May 2014
Buying Polish Cottage Cheese in Melbourne?
Poles influence on Australian society and culture - school assignment
9 - Vodka & Kielbasa...

Australiasacstudent - 1 Aug 2011 Dont gag me yo - 2 May 2014
Polish Culture in Melbourne, Australia  2  3
Are there any playgroups for Polish mums and kids in Melbourne?
Australian citizen wanting to go to Poland for as long as possible - needs Polish Visa  2
49 - You're joking. Poland has over 5 mln more jobs than Australia....

AustraliaAuspole - 24 Feb 2012 Monitor - 14 Apr 2014
Polish speaking dentist in Perth/Mandurah
Are there any Polish mums in Eastern Suburbs Sydney on maternity leave?

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