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Australia can be exciting not only for permanent residents. Why are Poles in love with Australia?

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Books/gifts in Polish about Australia that I can purchase in Sydney?
Tax between Poland and Aus
Buying Polish Groceries in Melbourne?
Power of Attorney to sell land in Poland from Australia
Polish Tatra sheepdog now in Australia
8 - It must be a German dog....

Australiatatra - 6 Feb 2013 Alien - 25 Aug 2023
9 - Jestem pod 'Alina Paulina' na fb English language only on these forums...

AustraliaSebahat - 1 Jan 2012 AlinaPaulina - 7 May 2023
Anybody send parcel with POCZTA-POLSKA to Australia?
Are there any playgroups for Polish mums and kids in Melbourne?
Mail problem- Poland to Australia, delivery time frame  2
Looking for Polish lessons in Perth, Australia  2
Thinking about moving to Australia  2
39 - Its all what one with nick name Franz deserve. Madness attracts mad....

AustraliaFranz_1 - 11 Mar 2009 Crow - 13 Jan 2022
Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne  2  3
My boyfriend [M28] in Australia all of sudden misses Poland that much and/or is feeling homesick?
Polish restaurants, clubs, in Melbourne
HELP! Australian wanted to apply for Polish Passport via ancestory  2
Polish pierogi in Australia
Mail/courier options for sending packages back to Australia
┼╗oladkowa Gorzka, where can i get it in Sydney?
Any Polish people living in Australia  2
I am moving back to Poland - to live from Australia. Is it a good idea?
Software professional moving from Poland to Australia - good idea?
What were the circumstances that led your Polish ancestors to Australia?
4 - I feel the same way for my parents, so many hard stories so much suffering, but yet we...

AustraliaSzybkowski - 29 Mar 2015 dolnoslask - 11 Jul 2018
Leave Poland to utilize Australian Permanent Resident visa?
6 - Sure, thank you gumishu and DominicB....

AustraliaExplorer2016 - 18 Nov 2017 Explorer2016 - 19 Nov 2017
Polish community in Sydney, Australia  2  3  4
Newborn girl -ska or -ski ? AUSTRALIA
12 - Yes, I've heard that ending used ironically....

AustraliaKarol78 - 12 Sep 2017 jon357 - 13 Sep 2017
Export a dog from Poland to Australia
2 - Is he flying tourist or first-class?...

AustraliaVitaly - 28 Jul 2017 Lyzko - 28 Jul 2017
Drug smuggling by Poles into Australia
Looking for Polish immigration lawyer in Sydney
Grape wine from Poland for sale in Australia?
17 - Now now. I drank a bottle once, and it was quite acceptable after a few mouthfuls killed the...

AustraliaCluster2k - 2 Jun 2014 delphiandomine - 30 Apr 2017
Looking for new friends in Melbourne
Looking for Poles around Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast
14 - Hi! I'm from Poland. I come holiday every year for my doughter. I would like to meet ...

Australiadjlech - 5 Feb 2012 Teresa from Pol - 29 Jan 2017
Meeting Poles in Adelaide
Best Polish Food in Sydney?  2
Student from Poland wants to get to Australia
10 - Hello there! If you are in need of a visa processing service at the convenience of your home then....

Australianew_dreamer - 24 Nov 2011 ivisaservices - 15 Dec 2016
Australian - Polish Passport / Citizenship
Polish mum and folks in Sydney
Polish Folk Dress in Sydney?
Looking for a Polish wedding band and stuff in Melbourne
Lost Polish passport, how to get a new one (Australia)?
Poles in Australia - money for start, chances for a job, costs of living (Brisbane, Bunbury)  2
Australian Spouse Visa For The Polish
Poland residency for an Australian citizen without marriage?
Polish restaurants in Sydney
Have you moved from Australia to Poland? please share your opinion...  2
Shops in Australia selling music CDs from Poland?
Can My Polish girlfriend get a working visa in Australia??
28 - Merged: How to get a job in Australia - engineer from PL Hi, how can I to find...

AustraliaSBell - 26 Oct 2008 n4din - 23 Feb 2015
Polish butchers/delis that mail/home deliver to Queensland, Australia
Polish wedding in NZ
3 - Polish weddings are great!...

Australiascottandemilia - 16 Feb 2010 eric33 - 3 Feb 2015
How do I apply for an attachment as a spouse?
Nice places to live in Perth - need advise!
Unregistered Polish Agent helps voluntarily for free with study in Australia or its government will pay him?
Polish speaking doctors in Inner West / Parramatta Sydney or Melbourne
Finding work on Prospective marriage visa, Melbourne ( subclass 300 )
Dual citizenship (Polish person Australian born)
Polish skincare in Sydney / Perth?
2 - Please message me on ingamirski@hotmail. Pozdrawiam...

Australiajust a Pole - 2 Aug 2013 Ingasns - 17 Oct 2014
Getting in Australia? I am English married to an Australian. (working /holiday visa)
Polish & German Tutoring Options in Melbourne
Polish travel agent in Sydney
Prawdziwki (Porcini) mushrooms in Australia?
14 - I have found Boletus Edulis (Porcini) on a property in the Adelaide hills 3 or 4 years ago when...

Australiaredkar123 - 25 Feb 2010 AdelaideVisitor - 10 Jul 2014
I am looking for Polish restuarants in South Australia
30 - Do you know Cafe Borscht in King William Street? It's not far from the Central Market and they have...

Australiapudzianowski - 13 Aug 2008 glenys rowe - 11 May 2014

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