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Anybody send parcel with POCZTA-POLSKA to Australia?

3 Sep 2019 #1
Hi everybody,

Does anybody in here has an experience sending parcel to Australia with poczta-polska?

I'm currently waiting for my parcel from Poland, and it taking over 5 weeks now.

Anybody know How long does it normally take to arrive in Australia?

I'm in Perth and it was sent by Economical postal parcel.

Thank you guys.
Atch 17 | 4,043
4 Sep 2019 #2
A member of the counter staff in Poczta Polska told me once that it can take up to three months within the EU for an economy parcel to arrive, so for Australia, God only knows! I would say five weeks is not that unusual but if it doesn't have a tracking number, it might easily not show up at all :( The golden rule when using Poczta Polska is always send via their registered 'polecone' service.
OP Emily88
4 Sep 2019 #3
Thanks Atch.

My friend who sent the parcel to me didn't know it, Until today he went to ask about it and was told it would take up to 3month, because its by sea shipping :((((

If i knew it was by sea i will never went for it. I thought it was by Air and probably take 15 days max. oh by the way this service i got the tracking number, But it hasn't update status once its left Poland.
Atch 17 | 4,043
4 Sep 2019 #4
If you have the tracking number, once it leaves Poland the item will be trackable again once it reaches Australia and enters their postal system. Just go to track and trace on the Australian post office website, enter the tracking number and if it's been scanned somewhere in Australia it will appear. So don't give up hope :)
TheOther 6 | 3,692
4 Sep 2019 #5
The Australian postal service is abysmal. Mail from Oz to Europe often takes between 6 to 10 weeks. Same the other way round.
25 Sep 2021 #6
Hmmmm I'm having the same issue. Had tracking but has not updated since ,28th August and when I went to Australia post site says it is untrackable unless it was sent registered post which I doubt considering how cheap it was.
amiga500 3 | 1,420
25 Sep 2021 #7
You have to tell them to send it by air and pay more, as the default parcel from poczta polska gets send by sea.
14 Dec 2021 #8
I have a parcel I am waiting for, sent via Poczta-Polska, it got shipped 12th Oct, I'm in Brisbane and still am yet to receive it. No shipping updates since it left Poland. I thought I gave enough time for Xmas- obviously not
28 Jul 2022 #9
Hi Carla,
Did you finally receive your parcel? I hope that you do.

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