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Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne

Taya - | 2
28 Feb 2008 #31

I'm not sure when the classes are held- day, time etc. With hectic schedules, it could be difficult for us all to be able to attend at the same time. I might try a P.C. tutor program first and enquire into the class thing again later in the year.
Syrena 7 | 73
29 Feb 2008 #32
Moorabin?!?! Thats too far me!! I'm using a cd rom i got off the internet and found its pretty helpful. Really helping me with my spelling especially.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
3 Mar 2008 #33
yeah, i work in the city but getting to moorabin and then back to the north after work is just too much for me.
5 Mar 2008 #34
hello everybody wanting to know how to speak like a true polak. All polish material available from the Polonia shop in arcade off bourke street. Language school at princess hill evening center in Lygon.
davidpeake 14 | 451
5 Mar 2008 #35
which arcade off Bourke street, closer directions would be nice and helpful..
King Sobieski 2 | 716
5 Mar 2008 #36
it is actually on elizabeth street, between collins and lil collins.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Mar 2008 #37, sth 4 the Aussies, this is uplifting!!
malo tadeusz - | 1
9 Mar 2008 #38
Dobri Wieczor Taya,
How did you go getting others to enrol with you for Polski Szkola????
I called Language Champs and they were looking at around $50 per class,
although that would have been 1 - on - 1.
Porozmawiamy potem.....
NonComposMentis - | 1
14 Mar 2008 #39
Hi All,
My name is Ewa, I am a native Polish speaker living in Melbourne. If there is still anyone interested in Polish lessons I might be able to help. Please contact me if you want 1-1 tutoring.

PS. I have my own registered bussiness (mainly teaching computers) so I can provide invoices for all lessons.
Mtooka - | 1
2 Apr 2008 #40
I live in Melbourne and am interested in lessons.
Email: mtooka@hotmail



Hi Anna

I have been learning Polish using the Pimsleur Polish Language CD's.
These are actually very good, and you get the basics and pronounciation quite well.

I spoke with my grandmother with what I learned and she said it was quite good.


Gosiaa 2 | 89
30 Apr 2008 #41
I find this thread very very interesting. I am amazed how many people like
to learn and speak po Polsku. If only it was like that when I came to Australia
over 15 years ago and all the polish/ozzies teenagers looked at me with contempt
because I couldn't speak English. ;-P and now look , some of those teens who didn't want to even say dziękuje looking for tapes to learn how to pronounce

polish words ! Suddenly it is cool to be Polak / European ..... hmmmm
30 Apr 2008 #42
I am a native speaker, I can teach people on a practical basis - meaning that I can speak Polish with you and answer questions.

I live in Sth. Melbourne.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
30 Apr 2008 #43
my parents even sent me to polish school on saturdays, but being young and naive i thought it a waste of time and didnt pay much attention.

regret it now.
Gosiaa 2 | 89
1 May 2008 #44
Is it cool to speak po Polsku only because Poland is in EU ?

also to anyone who is trying to learn polish why not download polish
songs it is the fun way to learn !
King Sobieski 2 | 716
1 May 2008 #45
is this directed to me???

both my parents are polish, so, natural progression that i would like to learn and understand the mother tongue.
rumanu 2 | 15
15 May 2008 #46
I'd love to learn Polish, my dad never sent me to Polish school cos he thought it wasn't necessary, but then I couldn't speak with my own Babscia! What makes it worse is that I lived in Warszawa as a kid/young teen and never really learned properly plus I have dual nationality with a Polish passport lol

My Polish side of the family, we all speak English anyway, it makes me feel that I have lost some of my "Polishness" and culture.
anja05 - | 1
20 May 2008 #47
Hi All

My name is Anna, I am a native Polish speaker from Melbourne (Chadstone). If you are interested in learning Polish please contact me on 0432052331 or email : a_herba@hotmail.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
20 May 2008 #48
what would you charge an hour?

and would we have to travel to chaddy?
PolishXBarbie 3 | 50
20 May 2008 #49
The universtiy in Gainsville (spelling?) has a polish program. You can study the language and the history =)
King Sobieski 2 | 716
21 May 2008 #50
in melbourne, australia??

the only gainsville i know is the furniture store in melbourne.
PolishXBarbie 3 | 50
21 May 2008 #51
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry I didnt read aust. part. sorry. In fl we have acity called i thought it was Fl lol
King Sobieski 2 | 716
21 May 2008 #52
thought you may have meant the melbourne in florida...just wanted to clarify.
9 Jun 2008 #53
I`m Agnieszka and a native Polish speaker. I can teach you Polish but only online (Skype or another messanger), because I live in Poland. it is a very good way to learn how to speak in this language some materials can be sent on mail ( for example exercises). If someone is interessted plz email me
osiol 55 | 3,922
9 Jun 2008 #54
Polish Tutor Melbourne

I live in Poland

Agnieszka, are you nocturnal? This thread is down under.
phigit - | 1
10 Jun 2008 #55
I believe Language Champs has started Polish classes. Take a look at their website

Language Champs are definitely offering classes in Polish
magdaski - | 6
25 Aug 2008 #56
Hi there,

I am a native Polish speaker, I arrived in Oz one and half year ago. (Spent the last 10 years in London).
I am living in Toorak at the moment, 5 minutes away from Toorak train station - Malvern Road.

I did Teacher Training Course back in Poland and I am able to give Polish classes if you are still interested. ( I was actually teaching English back in Poland and now working as an orthodontic techniacian...)

Contact me on or here.

King Sobieski 2 | 716
25 Aug 2008 #57
magda, if you were not on the other side of melbourne i would take you up on your offer.
magdaski - | 6
25 Aug 2008 #58
Hi there,

Where are you based?
Perhaps I could travel to your place?

King Sobieski 2 | 716
25 Aug 2008 #59
Where are you based? Perhaps I could travel to your place?

i live in thornbury but only in a two room unit, so no real place to study.

i saw your other post about meeting poles in melbourne. there is a website:

there is a monthly dziupla each month, sometimes out in north melbourne.

and there is a polish festival in november at fed square.

there are also a few restaurants, but not many.
30 Aug 2008 #60

Anybody still interested in learning Polish???

I'm a professional Polish tutor (native) with many years of experience and MA in teaching foreign languages. I offer an effective, individualized program of instruction designed especially to each student's needs and goals. All materials included!!!!

The lessons take place online, so regardless of where you're already are we can learn. (No wasting time and money for traveling, the lesson time is efficiently used and the time of learning plus the effectiveness is better than in the traditional setting). I use great tools, e.g. a virtual classroom and Skype voice (great quality) and chat.

Anybody interested? The first lesson is completely FREE!!!!!!

Visit my website:
or contact me via email:
or via skype: languagebridge

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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