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Thinking about moving to Australia

TheOther 6 | 3,692
9 May 2010 #31
In what Bogan suburb do you live? Richmond, Campbelltown or Mulgrave?
25 May 2010 #33
thanks god you did not move to australia we dont need narrow minded uneducated people here
just for your information average elevation of poland is 173m and Australia 330m above the sea level go back to school and keep you mouth shut unless you are 110% sure what you are talking about!
Kumbins 1 | 7
1 Aug 2011 #34
[Moved from]: Moving from the UK to Australia or New Zealand?

Have you ever considered leaving the UK and moving for Australia or New Zealand. What are the reasons to do or not to do so?
antheads 13 | 366
1 Aug 2011 #35
great weather, more relaxed lifestyle, laid back no worries it'll be good attitude of the people
Love Bomo T
17 Feb 2012 #36
U can't be 110% sure, 100% it's sure gd enough :)
From the other hand :) there is my P will be relocated by his employer to Sydney at the end of this year. Obviously I am coming 2 :P

Anyone would recommend any central areas of Sydney ? I would love to have at least 2b and some outside space but not quite sure how realistic that is. I will be looking for job in finance ( graduate in the UK and has quite few years of experience ) My P will be on average investment banker salary

I googled "dodgy areas in Sydney" etc.. but it doesn't really help as either people state the worst of worst areas as dodgy ( which is still okay as obviously I wanna avoid no go areas ) and the posh ones as gd 2 live lol. ( which we won’t afford for sure )

Which average priced!!! post code in Sydney would you recommend? Still quite nice, central and close to pubs/clubs/shops etc :?
5 Jun 2014 #37
Boring nature

Are you sure you've ever been to Australia? :)
Crnogorac3 2 | 489
13 Jan 2022 #38
These are Australians......

The great Irish comedian Dave Allen best described the Australians - "Australians are extremely well balanced people - they have a chip on each shoulder".
Crow 152 | 9,820
13 Jan 2022 #39
I think about moving to Australia for life.

Its all what one with nick name Franz deserve. Madness attracts mad.

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