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Polish pierogi in Australia

MikeSki 1 | -
16 Jan 2013 #1
I'd love to be able to buy frozen pierogi by the bag load in Melbourne?

I eat a lot (No, Im not fat, I lift and when I bulk I find pieorgi a great carb source).
King Sobieski 2 | 716
16 Jan 2013 #2
Polish Deli's at either Vic or South Melb markets if you're in central Melb.

Or if you're not fussed then one of the many dumpling houses in Melb all do takeaway frozen dumplings.
31 Jan 2013 #3
Hi Mikeski,

I run a small catering company that operates at night markets and music festivals.
I only sell the Ruski variety - Potato, cheese and Onion.

I can sell them to you frozen in bags of 80 if you want them.
They are machine made.

Drop me a email if you're interested.

Eastern Bloc Catering
6 May 2013 #4
Hey MikeSki,
I make pierogi myself and sell them at pop up venues in Melbourne.
I do three traditional fillings:
- Mushroom and Sauerkraut
- Ruskie (potato and cottage cheese)
- Meat (chicken and slow cooked beef)
check out my facebook page to see where I am next.
I'm more than happy to get you frozen pierogi too.
27 May 2013 #5
Merged: Handmade pierogi in Sydney

Frozen or cooked pierogi will be available from next week in newly opened cafe in miranda.
Enklava Cafe, where food and coffee is passion. Experiance our rich and enyoable atmosphere with french cafe style music and art work.

522-524 Kingsway
maroubra deli - | 1
26 Aug 2013 #6
Merged: EWA Maroubra Plaza Deli - best pierogi and bigos ever :)

I've been living in Australia for about a year. I recently discovered Maroubra Plaza Deli. Comparing the goods to the products in Poland; there is no difference in traditional flavours or in quality. The products are amazing, there is a big variety to choose from and the prices are very good! I would recommend Maroubra Plaza Deli to everyone!!

Best pierogi and bigos ever))


832 Anzac Parade, Maroubra
21 Feb 2018 #7
Does anyone here make the dough using flour water and salt only? Or do you always use egg?
Thank you
gumishu 12 | 6,103
21 Feb 2018 #8

my mom makes pierogi dough without eggs - just flour, water and i guess salt
TheOther 6 | 3,692
21 Feb 2018 #9
just flour, water and i guess salt

That sounds like the old Australian bread "Damper".
jon357 71 | 21,105
21 Feb 2018 #10
Or do you always use egg?

I always use egg - it helps. It depends how you like the dough - I prefer it fairly thin and glossy. The type of flour you use makes a difference too.
I love pierogi
1 Aug 2020 #11

Pierogi available in Melbourne

Got Pierogi from Pierogi Pierogi delivered to door, they also do spedcials every week! Very good

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