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Looking for Polish lessons in Perth, Australia

22 Feb 2012 #1

Dose anyone know if there are any polish language schools in Perth, Australia. My girlfriend is polish and really want to learn, i've been teaching myself from books but i think the process might be easier if i got a few lessons.

Thanks in advance for any help.


24 Feb 2012 #2
Merged: Tutor of Polish needed (Perth / SOR area)

as the daughter of a Polish father, and an eagerness to visit Poland, are there any prospective tutors out there in Perth or SOR? I'd like to learn Polish and am willing to pay, though, as a pensioner, the max. is $40.00 per hour. Are there any takers?

Como - | 3
4 Mar 2012 #3
Dear Stella,
If you are still interested in finding a tutor of Polish, you can email me - krakowianka5@hotmail . I have tutored in Polish in the past and live SOR.

11 Mar 2012 #4

If you are still looking for someone to teach you Polish, let me know on my e-mail:


21 Mar 2012 #5
Dose anyone know if there are any polish language schools in Perth, Australia.

hi Nathan,

I am not too sure, whether there is a language school which teaches polish. I need to do this research myself. I've just arrived to Perth 3 weeks ago, I am Polish and more than happy to help you. It would be easier if we could get a group of few peeps togehter who are interested in learning a conversational polish. I used to teach British people Polish at Macclesfield college + I am a qualified teacher.

let me know if you interested in tutorial sessions.
MIPK - | 69
21 Mar 2012 #6
The only place that offered Polish in Perth about 2 years ago was TAFE and it was a basic beginners course. Though after i did the course i managed to organise private lessons with the teacher. If you want more information PM me and i can send you the teachers email address. Otherwise contact Sylwia :) And Sylwia if you're interested in teaching Polish, the two places i would contact would be TAFE and also the University of Western Australia as they run short extension courses for non-university students, i studied Italian there for a short while and i know they had Spanish, Russian and some Asian language courses but no Polish.

Best of luck.
27 Mar 2012 #7
Dear Stella,

I will be going to Perth in next couple of weeks. I am Polish and would like to meet people in Perth. Let me know if you want to practise your Polish. My email is: iwona20.5 AT

31 Mar 2012 #8
nkj85 your girlfriend is not polish if she does not speak polish language
DanMalarowski - | 3
9 Jul 2012 #9


I'm looking for a tutor/class to learn the polish language in Perth near the city,

Any information would be appreciated. ^_^
15 Jul 2012 #10
At Kent Street High School south of Perth. My husband did a Polish speaking course there.
DanMalarowski - | 3
16 Jul 2012 #11

How long ago did he do the course?

Polish doesn't appear to be in their curriculum at this point in time.
18 Jul 2012 #12
There is a Polish Language course at Polytechnic West - however I called and they need at least seven, and they currently have zero :/

I am looking for a tutor class too
DanMalarowski - | 3
23 Jul 2012 #13
Thanks for that,
I've made 5+ others interested aware of the course.
Ill post details on how many people are keen, im sure getting 7 people will be easy ^^,
27 Jul 2012 #14
Hi. I'm really interested in Polish lessons, too. Would love to join in if you manage to find details.
1 Aug 2012 #15
Hi all,

They have cancelled the course at Polytechnic because of lack of numbers, but they will do it again in late October.

My wifes family is coming to Australia for Christmas (from Poland) and I would love to learn more polish - perhaps there is a tutor in this fine city ?
salioor - | 2
15 Aug 2012 #16
Hi :)

Do you still wanna learn polish?
I`m from Poland, right now I live in Perth.
I`ve been giving polish lessons before - so I`ve got experience.

If u intrested, the best opstion write mail:

15 Sep 2012 #17
Hello everyone,
I have found your conversation by accident and I would like to help you out with learning Polish:)
I am a qualified Polish teacher, I have been teaching Polish for more than 2 years now. I have extensive experience as an online tutor.
So what I do is actually teach via Skype (as I live in Spain currently). It has numerous advantages. For example, you don't need to leave your house in order to have a class, so you don't waste time and money for the fuel. Secondly, you can be pretty flexible with the time/frequency/duration of the class, as it's just like a private class. Moreover, you can have your favourite coffee/tea during the class and you can make yourself as comfortable as you want.:)

If you want to find out more or ask me any questions, do not hesitate to ask! My e-mail: ewakrawiel at gmail

or you can find me on facebook, just look for Ewa Krawiel:)
3 Jan 2013 #18
Hi Sylvia,

My husband is also looking for a teacher. Would you be able to teach, or at least meet him to see if this is possible?



pokojska at gmail dot com
4 Jan 2013 #19
Would you be interested in online lessons? I am a native speaker of Polish, a qualified English teacher, living in Poland, with many years' experience of giving one on one lessons. Please let me know if you are interested. Regards,

16 Jan 2013 #20
Hi Anna,

Is this offer still available - I have downloaded audio books and I have a childrens book but I am really keen to learn Polish in a more structured way.

Thank you :)
salioor - | 2
15 Feb 2013 #21
Hey Gavin,

Yes, offert is still available,
Can u send me an email - salioor at

Polish Tutor - | 80
9 Apr 2013 #22
Hi, if you are interested in learning Polish email me at polish.language.tutor@gmail
I am a porfessional Polish teacher. However I am not Anna, even not girl.
I hope it does not matter. I hope to talk to you soon.
1 Sep 2013 #23
Hi I would like to learn polish and would like to know if you could teach me plz? my email if you are interested in teaching me
19 Mar 2014 #24
Hi everyone!

I arrived in Perth one year ago. I live in Fremantle. I am Yoga Kids Teacher (originally form Poland). Also I was teaching kids in Portugal (2-6 years old) , before I arrived in Australia.

My idea is to teach [b]polish and yoga to polish kids:-) If you are family with one polish parents (or two) and you would like to keep your kids speak polish plus learn yoga - that is what I love to do!

I Europe I was running program "Yoga and English" It was amazing!

Please contact me if you interested in my program!


e-mail: natalia74.ferreira@gmail
9 Jun 2014 #25
Are you still doing this?
Sounds amazing. My father is polish and I want to learn to keep it going in my family. I have travelled to Poland and will be going again soon. Would love to hear from you.

11 Jun 2014 #26
Hi, I am Polish female, live in Maylands and if you want I can teach you. However I warn you - it is difficult language ;)

My e-mail is: maggie.magda.biernat@gmail
1 May 2017 #27
I'm looking for an experienced polish tutor in perth.
If you are available , please send me a quote on
4 Aug 2017 #28

Polish lessons for children

I'm looking for a polish teacher experienced in teaching polish to children. Location - Perth WA. They already speak the language but require additional classes to maintain their current level.

Please contact me on kasia.kosia@gmail

8 Mar 2018 #29
Hello! I am Norbert - a professional Polish teacher and online content creator. I teach through interactive, guided conversations using innovative technology. Check out my website: ecolinguist.

I also have a YouTube channel where you can learn Polish from deconstruction of Polish movies :)
5 Feb 2019 #30
Hi my Name is Boon. I have a Polish partner and would like to learn Polish. Due to my work hours I am free most nights after 7.30pm.

Can someone who is willing to teach me contact me? My email address is I am happy to pay cash. No preference to gender or age. Just need someone who is willing to teach me.

Thank you.

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