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Ewa, Perth WA - my father Jerzy Skarzynski lives in Florida, North Palm Beach - he is about 90

Bingo, Ewalidia
4 Jun 2015 #1
My email I am looking for my father in Florida ,North Palm Beach on Seminole Rd he was born 1924,.i missed him and I can't find him to this time. His name is Jerzy Skarzynski and he was married to Janina Poltorak in 1980. How can I find him when the World is so Big ?
Looker - | 1,100
6 Jun 2015 #2
Not easy I guess since they are elderly already, no facebook, and likely they aren't using internet - so another option would be searching for other relatives they may be in contact - maybe in Poland, but without exact location on there it will be also very difficult.

Beside global facebook in Poland is in usage the also - quite a lot people from Poland have an account over there..
The spelling for Skarzynski name in Poland would be Skarżyński, and Poltorak - Półtorak.

Using one of American website I found one Jerzy Skarzynski (age Early 90's) in Nort Palm Beach:,+North+Palm+Beach,+FL&sao9=t104#:7263259961

Their service is payable (like most/all that type of pages) - so to get full address and other details you need to spend some money (couple bucks monthly for 3/6 months membership). Now you've got only the Street name.

No trace of Janina Poltorak in there.
22 Jan 2020 #3
@Bingo, Ewalidia
I changed my email :

Thank you Looker 😊, I know that Janina Poltorak has got sister in Hollywood and she sold house in Florida. I also got email that my that her had heart attack so I didn't have any chance to see him. Red Cross send me message when he was there and alive that they didn't find him , it was 25 years ago. I think I will never trust Red Cross again. 😔🤔😔

Home / USA, Canada / Ewa, Perth WA - my father Jerzy Skarzynski lives in Florida, North Palm Beach - he is about 90
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