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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

27 Apr 2007 #1
I just moved down from Chicago for school, I've yet to see 1 Polish person here, I'm kinda hoping to find some single Polish females down here, gotta represent.

Anyway I'm 21, fluent in Polish and English, born in Chicago but my entire family is Polish, and I've been all over Poland and Europe. I'm in school right now focusing on getting my bachelor's degree so I can get a job in Hollywood.

If there's anyone from the Central Florida / Orlando area, hit me up sometime.
hello 22 | 890
1 May 2007 #2
Not many, I'm afraid. It's too hot there, no Polish stores either..
2 May 2007 #3
You`ll be surprised.
28 Feb 2008 #4
Polish People in FLORIDA!

Anyone near the Miami Beach area? =]
No polish people down in Florida.
Its a pity.
sledz 23 | 2,248
28 Feb 2008 #5
There has to be a few but I never met any down there?

Never seen a sklep either
29 Feb 2008 #6
I've lived in Florida for 6 months now and haven't met anyone who's Polish. I wish I knew somebody, really miss speaking Polish.
14 Mar 2008 #7
There are many Poles in Florida. There is a Polish American Club in Hollywood, There is a Polish Deli in Margate, Titusville has an annual Polish Fest. There is a Polish Church in Pompano, Our Ladyof Czetochowa (?)

There is a polish restaurant in Boca Raton called Kameleon on Fed. Hwy and Palmetto. There is a polish bar named PRL ,in Hollywood on the main drag that is very cool. Hope that helps.
Qacer 38 | 125
28 Mar 2008 #8
You just have to keep your eyes open. Normally, I would check out any store that sells European goods (e.g. food, drinks, etc.). You might encounter some Polish people there. Here in Tampa there is a store called Taste of Europe. It's a Polish store.

If you are in college, see if your school has any organizations catering to international students. There is a likelihood that you might encounter some Polish people in those organizations.
7 Apr 2008 #9
Sure there are...but not many seeing as how Ive been looking for 4 years. my email is arcegrl84@gmail if anyone wants to chat.

My family moved here from CT, IM fluent in polish, read, write, everything. :)
swifttib - | 4
13 Apr 2008 #10
^Ditto! except moved down here from NJ.

There are a good amount of Polish people down here!

Im from the Bay area and there is a good amount here. I see Polish deli's and such..once in a while I see or hear Polish people talking..
Franek 8 | 271
13 Apr 2008 #11
Florida is loaded with Polish people. I live in SW Florida. We have Polish,German,Ukranian deli's all over the place including Polish dances.

We are well represented down here
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
20 Apr 2008 #12
This is only a partial listing, but may be the place to start….
Vero Beach has an unusually large (for Florida) concentration of Pol-Ams.
Polish American Social Club of Vero Beach, Florida, Inc. 7500 North US 1,
Vero Beach, FL 32967
PO Box 6508, Vero Beach, FL 32961-6508
Tel: 561-778-0039
Florida. Sounds of the South at the Polish American Society, 1343 Beach Dr. SE., St. Petersburg, Fla., dinner 2:30-4:00 p.m., $7.50; music 4:00-7:00 p.m., $5 members, $7 non-members. For details call (727) 526-6835.

Florida. Northern Sounds at the Polish American Pulaski Association, Holiday, Fla., 7:00-11:00 p.m. Check locally for details.
Polish-American people and activities may also be encountered at the Polonian parishes of OL of CzÄ™stochowa in Pompano Beach and St Joseph’s in Davies, FL.

There is also a Polish club in Titusville.
peterex - | 2
25 Apr 2008 #13
I live in vero beach, but haven't really run into any Polis people..there is the club, but most people there can't even speak Polish.
lipa - | 1
25 Apr 2008 #14
polish-american club in lake worth
once a month polish party
knptak - | 1
17 May 2008 #15
There are more then you think. I live by the airport in Orlando. There is a Polish Deli on Aloma. There great. It like the Deli's when I was growing up. I was born in Hamtramck ( Michigan ) Kowalski or Dutack were the one that were open to me. My kids love polish food and a try to make them as much as I can. The Polish people are all around. Which I am happy for. I do wish there were some Polish Bakery's in Orlando.
26 May 2008 #16
ahhh im going to school in florida!!! cant waitttttt i really wanna meet polish ppl. dont forget your kultura people. pamietajcie:)
peterex - | 2
26 May 2008 #17
I'm Polish and in FLorida!
packerjerry - | 1
4 Jul 2008 #18
Hi there knptak,

Do you know if there is a Polish organization in the Orlando area? I'm involved in putting on a Polka Fest and am looking for some advice. I'm originally from Central Wisconsin where such activities are commonplace.


Jerry Steffen
WMMO radio (on-air afternoons)
WKMG-TV (on-air weather)
4 Jul 2008 #19
My wife is from Poland and we found there to be a fairly large Polish population in the Sarasota area.

We always stop by w w several times when we are there on vacation.
4 Jul 2008 #20
we reside in nj but have a condo in pompano. i saw a cute polish restaurant on federal highway in pompano. since my dad is from poland, he has a friend who's both children live in florida. one is in the orlando area with her own family and the other is in miami. trust me, you can find them.

i am actually looking for a 24/7 live in to assist with my parkinson's inflected dad. if you know of anyone looking in new jersey, forward them on
Franek 8 | 271
4 Jul 2008 #21
You would be surprised at the number of Polish people in Florida.. But they are not consetrated in any one area as up north..We are all scattered.. Florida is a big state.

Every year there is a Octoberfest in Cape Coral..It is very well represented by Poles. It goes on for two week ends. People come in buses from all over south west Florida.. There are Polish bands as well as German..We all dance to the same music
28 Jul 2008 #22
Check out

I just moved to SW Florida from Michigan and have not met Polish speaking people yet but I know that they live here as well. There is a small Polish store in Naples that I haven't had a chance to visit yet. Looks like majority of Poles are on the South East Coast. Next month I will visit the club and the store in Pompano Beach and then I want to check out that Octoberfest in Cape Coral.
15 Aug 2008 #23
My fiance is Polish and we run into Polish people all the time...also, check out Markys shop and a Taste of Europe...we also met a lot of Polish people our at pubs when watching the Euro Cup games...
18 Sep 2008 #24
In South Florida
Polish American Club of Miami
1250 NW 22nd Ave
Miami, Fl 33125
Open most Sundays with live entertainment. 500 + persons hall with dance floor.
Parties for all major holidays – Polish and American.

There is a Polish Food Festival 09/21/08
1200 – 1900
Free Admission
Free Parking
Live Music

E-mail =
Sabina - | 2
21 Sep 2008 #26
We are a fun loving Polish-American couple, and we've just moved to the Boca Raton, FL area. Looking for other polish-english speaking couples we could hang out with.
lady golfer - | 1
22 Sep 2008 #27
I just found this site and would like to invite you to a Polish Night I am running at our Local Elks Club. Cocoa Florida Saturday November 15th.It is $20.00 per person and I am making all the food. Pierogi, kapusta, mushroom soup and we will have kielbasa, although I hope I don't get stuck with Hillshire Farm. I am working on hiring a Polish band if anyone knows of one let me know.

I just moved here 19 months ago and we have met some really nice people. I would love to meet some more Polish. There is a Polish Deli on Rt. 50 near Orlando pricey but really authentic.
26 Sep 2008 #28
I live in Boynton Beach. Someone hit me up

joepilsudski 26 | 1,388
27 Sep 2008 #29
Blacks, Latinos (Cuban, Dominicans, Colombians), Jews and American Rednecks.
Franek 8 | 271
27 Sep 2008 #30
BOY! Are you misinformed. Cubans yes, in Miami. Dominicans yes , but no where as near as up north.
The rest of Florida is inhabited by retired northern workers. They worked hard. Saved their money, and now lead the good life. There are a lot of young people moving in..( RED NECKS) Bull schidt! I have been here for 35yrs and have not seen but a few. At least we can walk the streets after dark in safety.

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