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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

puercoespin - | 129
18 Jan 2009 #61

why not a huge market..?:) you can't emagine how hugde is the market is right now..:)
18 Jan 2009 #62
I live in Bradenton and don't know any Polish people here, but I know there is plenty of them in Sarasota/Venice area. There are 3 polish stores in Sarasota and I think a Polish-American club or something.

You can also try hitting a website: (it's like a Polish version of classmates) and search for people living in Florida (or Floryda in Polish). There is a lot of us
Frania32 - | 3
18 Jan 2009 #63
My Mother and Dad live in Florida.. Poles in Florida are not congregated as they are in the north.. But there are a lot of them there. I have been with the to Polish Festivals and Octoberfests..You meet Poles from all over the US.

I see a lot of people concerned about the heat in the summer. For me that's great. The Gulf of Mexico and the lovely beaches are the place to go. Cars are air conditioned, homes, and malls.No big deal there. If it not for my husbands great job, we would be there. tomorrow.

Winters in Florida are from October until 1st of April.. The average temp in Sarasota is 75 to 80% in the winter. Sometime in late April, we see our first 90% weather.. There is always a breeze from the gulf. It is very rare to see the temp. over 94% in the summer
8 Feb 2009 #64
How about the mold, if you are going North for summer, for 3-4 months or longer?
15 Feb 2009 #65
hey!! I'm polish and I have been living in miami for the past 3 years. haven't met so many polish people but it would be nice to have some polish friends again. anybody interested???:):)
17 Feb 2009 #66
I am!!
18 Feb 2009 #67
really??? where do you live???
20 Feb 2009 #68
When is the Polish festival. I have lived in Ft Laud area for over 30 years. Not too many poles. My mom is now in assisted living & I would love for her to meet some older polish people to talk to since she speks little english.

any info would be appriciated
22 Feb 2009 #69
Hi. My name is Alanna :) I am originally from Connecticut but I have lived in Tampa, Florida for a while now. I am of Polish descent and am trying to learn the Polish language through Rossetta Stone. I would like to find someone who speaks Polish to talk to me and help me learn the language better. Let me know if anyone can help, thanks :)
kissme - | 1
22 Feb 2009 #70
well, in general, there arnt many poles below the mason dixon line. i live in northern va and the only polish pple i know r related/ r diplomats (i live 5 minutes from dc). my grandmother came here once in the summer and complained about the heat... i guess poles rnt used to 85% humidity...
23 Mar 2009 #71 is Polish Portal in Florida.
23 Mar 2009 #72
Hi W,
if your mother is still able to commute, you should take her to the Polish Church in Pompano Beach.
The Sunday mass at 11.00, attracts :) many older adults. After the mass there are doughnuts (pączki) and coffee. Therefore, your mother can meet some nice people. Also they have their small library by the church and ( if she likes to read) you can get some books.
shibish - | 1
25 Mar 2009 #73
Any Polish restaurants, deli, entertainment in Citrus / Hernando County / Pasco counties on the gulf side of Florida?

I'm a pole from Chicagoland, and really miss the polish foods we could readily find up there! Looking for authentic foods in central and western Florida.
23 Apr 2009 #74
I am a polish/american citizen. My wife has been researching my families origin. Records are very sketchy after WWII. I've just learned that my father's first name is Mieczyslaw. I have tried to find out his equivelent name in English but have not had any positive reults. If anyone can answer this, I would be most greatful.

T. Bonzella
25 Apr 2009 #75
WRONG................There are MANY Poles living in Florida. However, they are not in "exclusive" communities that have Poles only. We are all scattered amongst the masses. The best thing to do is serach for Polish Organizations. I now live in New Port Richey --- Pasco County and I know of 2 Polish-Amercian Clubs that have many functions, and yes we even have a Polish Deli on US 19.

If you are in Pasco County, piuck upa FREE Copy of a publication called the SUNCOAST NEWS. It list the Polish-Amercian Clubs in them!

I am originally from GREENPOINT Brooklyn, New York aka "Little Poland" and lived in Ft. Laud for many years and the Polish-American Club on Stirling Road in Hollywood just West of US 1 aka Federal Highway was a great club to meet other Poles! They too use to have many functions such as Dinner Dances and various get togethers.

I know in the Clubs in Pasco County, there was at one time a few people who would get together about once a week to "speak" Polish and help those out who wanted to learn the language.

[i][/i]I hope this helps anyone who might be in the vicinity of PASCO COUNTY:

4616 Darlington Road
New Port Richey, FL

727 848 7826

7616 New Jersey Avenue
Hudson, FL

727 868 9763


You can e-mail me at: wildhoneyvan@yahoo

Thank You
1 May 2009 #76
Hey! I'm going to Miami for the first time next weekend. I'm staying with my friend's Cuban family and I'd love to take them out for dinner to a Polish restaurant (apparently they're excited about the fact that I'm Polish). Are there any Polish restaurants in Miami? Thanks!! Renata
20 May 2009 #77
There are many Polish people in Tampa Bay, especially in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area. There are four clubs: Polonia, Pulaski, Polish Center and one more I can't remember. I am an active member of the executive committee managing the Polish Center. We have over 400 members, weekly disco, dinner and movie events. We have invited and hosted many artists from Poland, such as: Doda, Ich Troje, Ani Mru Mru, Pazura, £zy, etc. who performed in our own big hall with a capacity of 600 people seated comfortably. There are also our own events with the local Polish bands playing contemporary Polish music. I am puzzled a bit by some of the comments claiming that there are no Polish people here. I know there are two organizations in Orlando, significant Polish presence in Miami, also in Sarasota, Gainesville and other cities. Where I live there are 8 Polish deli's within 10 minute driving distance. They would not thrive with a miniscule Polish population. Before any weekend and especially before the holidays you need to wait in line 30-60 minutes to get to the counter. And people do.

I know some of the people are cheap, some of them think they are so americanized they cannot participate in Polish community, but it is their problem. Majority of the people I know are proud, active and contribute to the common good.

You can email to receive a weekly update about the events at the Polish Center in Clearwater.

Franek G.

If you live in broader Tampa/St. Pete area you can call the Polish Center 727-298-8609 or you can email me franekg@hotmail to obtain more information about the Polish community here.

Regarding life in Florida, I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for 20 years and I agree that one must like it hot to survive the summers. However, beginning in late October the paradise begins and it lasts till about mid-May. Great beaches, islands, tennis, golf and a vibrant Polish community. What are you wating for? Join us here and enjoy.

Franek G.
Jolly71 - | 1
22 May 2009 #78
Any Polish single guys over 35 in Fort Lauderdale area ?
puercoespin - | 129
22 May 2009 #79

it's good to know that you are there..

We have invited and hosted many artists from Poland, such as: Doda, Ich Troje, Ani Mru Mru, Pazura, £zy, etc.

i wouldn't consider Doda and Ich Troje as the
22 May 2009 #80
we cater to the audience's interests. It is not my kind of music, either.
11 Jun 2009 #81
I just moved to Coral SPrings from NYC and looking for some Polish friends. Im 25.

Kamil 646 239 6071
21 Jun 2009 #82
my husband is polish. we live in palm coast.
15 Jul 2009 #83
I just moved here about 3 weeks ago from Chicago IL. Now i live in Jacksonville FL, and I havent met one person that speaks polish its sad because in Chicago thats all you would hear but now I only speak polish when im on the phone woth my mom. its hard to adjust and im really missing polish soup im trying to find a polish deli in jacksonville but no luck.
scrappleton - | 830
15 Jul 2009 #84
I just moved here about 3 weeks ago from Chicago IL. Now i live in Jacksonville FL, and I havent met one person that speaks polish its sad because in Chicago

What's sad is that you're Polish and you think the US has to tailor to your needs. No, hardly anyone in Jacksonville Florida is going to speak Polish. Very sorry about that. Maybe they should decree a new law for visiting Poles to accomodate you? This is exactly the arrogance that the Brits / Irish get mad about and I can't blame them actually.
15 Jul 2009 #85
there are many Polish people in Naples area!!!!!

there is a polish store in Naples
239 254 7855

try to go for a polish Mass on Sunday, they always have coffee after church, you can meet peple there
16 Jul 2009 #86
yes i am polish person here in miami beach, south beach !
Patti - | 5
23 Jul 2009 #87
hey!!!! I am polish Girl :)))
My names Patti. I have moved to USA 4 months ago and I live with my husband in Lake City Florida. I have left a lot of polish friends in Poland but have made a lof of new one here in USA. Just wonedering if there is anybody polish in Lake City or close to Lake City. So hard to find...I miss soo much talking polish language-maybe ther is someone...would be cool to hang out tigether :) patdzia@hotmail
5 Aug 2009 #88
wow i can't believe what i am reading!!! haha... come down to sarasota there is a polish store called Pierogi inn and around 20,000 polish people in sarasota county. And if you are looking for a nice polish girl I am one of them and I also work at that store ;)) We also have a Polish American club here and polish picnics from time to time...

6611 Superior Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34231

Don't listen to that person haha there is lots and lots of people in Florida. Try to find the closest polish store in your location go there and you may learn lots of things about polish community in your area!
ona 2 | 17
6 Aug 2009 #89
What? No polish stores in South Fla? Of course there are. And there's a pretty good polish population there too.
I've lived there for over a decade...there's one in North Lauderdale.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
6 Aug 2009 #90
Just so you know,Florida State has a population of 455,000 Polish people.I was surprised too that there are so many of us in one state.They have their own site called "Nasza Floryda".Lot's of interesting videos and movies from poland .I tak samo polskie serialy zprawadzone z Polski.Duzo cziekawe wiadomosci.

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