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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

f stop 25 | 2,513
14 Apr 2010 #121
and brought in the blues rock band Dzem two years ago for a concert in Sarasota, which was outstanding, even though it was unfortunately poorly attended.

I would have loved to see them, and brought people, had I known! Oh, I can't believe they were here!
Do you have a website, or newsletter I can check out? I'm in Cocoa Beach, not that far.
Patti - | 5
20 Apr 2010 #122
I live in north area and belive me or not is real hard here to find anybody polish. As I have noticed the more you go to the south the more polish ppl u can find. Lucky those who lives in south Florida..

I have met a polish couple that speak fluent polish like I do but thats all.
All I know is that there is a catolic church and polish school in Gainsville, must be some polish ppl over there then :)
Wish I met some more Polaks in Lake City, Gainsville or Jacksonville...Been here for over a year and miss hanging out with polish people :)

Maybe there is somewhere a nice " kolezanka" that would like to be my friend :)

I am 28/married/woman/

Pozdrawiam serdecznie wszystkich Rodakow na Florydzie :)
roma - | 1
23 Apr 2010 #123
I'm Polish from Naples Fl.
Sent me a e-mail.
1 May 2010 #124
i speak polish I live in boca raton, fl.
2 May 2010 #125
Hi, cool,
henry - | 1
21 May 2010 #126
I'm Polish from NY 28 years old . Looking for polish girls/ friends. My E-mail is Hope to here from you soon.
Polka lover
22 May 2010 #127
There are a lot of Polish people in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater/Palm Harbor area and Polish delis also. We have quite a few Polish families at church, St. Luke's in Palm Harbor also. I enjoy being around people of the same heritage and listening to the language.

I live in Palm Harbor and have attended the Pulaski Polish American Club in Holiday, Fl and also the Polish Club in ST. Petersburg where they have had many polka bands perform. I will have to check out the Clearwater club now since you mentioned that one; I think the name is John Paul II and have seen many cars in the parking lot from time to time.

Every Sunday on FM radio station WMNF 88.5 there is a polka program from 2 to 4p.m. on which they announce activities at Polish clubs in the Tampa Bay area and play polkas by bands from everywhere. You can even stream the program on the computer if you can't get the radio station. Wacky Jackie and Mrs. Wacky are very entertaining and lovely people. Their program is the most popular show on that station too and has computer listeners all over the awesome is that!
12 Jun 2010 #128
there is a polish american club in northeast florida/jacksonville and their hall is on collins road. a new one is under construction on the same lot. my husband is polish and we went there for wigilia and blessing of the baskets. they also have a small shop where you can buy dry goods. if you google them i'm sure it will show up. it's big enough that they have a booth at the world of nations in jax. there is also a polish mass at st. joseph's historic church in mandarin on the 2nd and 4th sunday of the month celebrated by fr. joseph from palm coast/korona (all of them at the monastery are polish). i would say it's pretty well attended. it's a great opp to meet other polish people. for kielbasa and also dry goods, there is black knight deli in st. augustine.
alantu - | 3
12 Jun 2010 #129
Hello Everybody,
I am happy to see this forum. I am Ali from Turkey. I have been in Poland for 5 months 2 years before. I have many Polish friends and I like all of them. I will be in Florida/Gainesville August and I will start my gradate study at University of Florida... I will spend about 5 years in this city.. I am happy to see there are a lot Polish people in Florida. I like hanging with Polish people because you know how to spend good time. I would like to make company with you, if you want you can contact me with my htm: ozcanali98@hotmail

allstar91 - | 7
22 Jun 2010 #130
heyy, anyone from melbourne? as far as i kno its a pretty small city, abt 40minutes from orlando. moving there next month:) im 19, pre med student from Michigan, im workin at the polish store in a very polish area, looking forward to meet polaks in Melbourne too :)

Im fluent in both polish and english jesli ktos chce pogadac to zapraszam :) / htm pinkystar18@hotmail
f stop 25 | 2,513
23 Jun 2010 #131
I'm next to Melbourne, beachside. We have a Polish restaurant and a European deli, but not much else, as far as Polish culture goes. Maybe Orlando has more, I don't know, I only go there to the airport.

Which school do you go to? What is your major? In which part of town are you going to live?
4 Jul 2010 #132
There is a Polish American Social Club in Vero Beach about 30 minutes from Melbourne.
5 Jul 2010 #133
Are there any Polish people in Pompano Beach?
allstar91 - | 7
17 Jul 2010 #134
Hey! F stop thanks for response! Im majoring in a Molecular Biology and minoring in human nutritient. I was just about to transfer to WSU from a local community College but since Im leaving MI anywayz, Im just guna transfer my credits to UCF. It turned out Im going to live in Palm Bay, not Melbourne sorry about that im not so familliar with those areas. As far as i know there's not much going on in Palm Bay- i was going through some job ads but couldnt find much... Im a student so i need at least a part time job which sucks considering area where Im going to live..or maybe its not that bad??

Anywayz..F stop are u a student yourself? It would be so nice to chat with u and exchange experiences... Im sure that life in MI differs from the one in FL!!
katherinebk - | 6
18 Jul 2010 #135
I live in Fort Lauderdale for the last 10 years. Email me
f stop 25 | 2,513
19 Jul 2010 #136
Im sure that life in MI differs from the one in FL!!

we have tons of people from MI here.
Palm Bay and Melbourne are almost the same.
I'm much older than you - I have a son older than you!
Are you down here already?
allstar91 - | 7
20 Jul 2010 #137
Idk for some reason i just assumed u were a student lol. maybe because of your interest in my major or sthg. anywayz im leavin MI aug25. im still strugglin wit the summer classes :(

Hmmm wat u said was very interesting i had no idea tht there are so many people from MI down there. Im really curious how does a Palm Bay look like. Ive never had a chance to see neither this area nor our new house - ive ben too busy studyin :) how old is your son? does he have any polish friends? Ive plenty of them here because of the big polish population in MI but from this forum i got a feeling that its guna be diff to find any of them in fl as they are very scattered
cheehaw 2 | 263
20 Jul 2010 #138
tons of MI people on the west coast too, south of Tampa.

used to be nice to get a pension from Detroit or Buffalo, Pittsburg.. my dad had one, from Buffalo. Lots of retired MI, OH, NY, WI of all sorts. ALL those retired folks you see down there, primarily from those states. TONS.

well, but that's over twice or 3 times already. I will miss the fishing.
katherinebk - | 6
20 Jul 2010 #139
Thread attached on merging:
Any Polish people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

I have lived here for 10 years now and do not have any friends that are polish? I miss talking in my language:(
pgtx 30 | 3,157
20 Jul 2010 #140
try to find online a Polish meet up group in your area (Hollywood has got some Eastern European population)... - The Polish American Club

maybe that will help you out...
POLSKI - | 5
24 Jul 2010 #141
If You ever go to St. Augustine there is a Polish Resteraunt there. Also if you ever go to Jacksonville, they have a Polish-American club and EVERYONE that goes there speaks Polish. BTW, I am Polish and live in Florida. Also in Jax, there is a European Deli called The European Deli. The owners are from Belo-Russia and they speak Polish and Russian.
27 Jul 2010 #142
I live in Naples and there seems to be plenty of Polish community a lot more than I expected.
9 Aug 2010 #143
I am polish and i used to live in Florida. i have been there for 5 months and did not meet any polish.All what I met was russians and they are not my favourite kind of people.
Pinching Pete - | 558
9 Aug 2010 #144
I met was russians and they are not my favourite kind of people.

..why not? you are brothers :-D
Polishguy07 - | 2
16 Aug 2010 #145
I'm trying to find some Polish people to talk with if anybody is interested here's my e-mail address Wojtek05@yahoo. Oh and one more thing if your gonna give an e-mail address that I cant reply to then don't waste my time.
azz - | 1
3 Sep 2010 #146
Hey guys there is a great opportunity to meet your fellows polaks at the polish impreza on september 18th:

Polish Music - Integration Party! Saturday 18th September

Integration Party!
Saturday 18th September
6pm till late
......Azan Shriners Center
1591 W. Eau Gallie Blvd
Melbourne, FL
The Best Polish Songs
Just Polish Music (by Irek Roskowski) &Polish Food All Night!
Set in the heart of Melbourne.
Cash bar opened all night
We promise a fantastic night.
See you soon on the dance floor!
Doors open from 6pm till late
Dress code – smart casual, no sportswear, smart trainers are OK.
Entry – at the door $20

FOR MORE INFO CALL: 321-259-5302

RVSP NOW !! w w w facebook .c o m /event.php?eid=131396860239660
17 Sep 2010 #147
Our whole family is from Poland we know plenty of people in Orlando from Poland but definetely need to have more events.. Anyone want to get know me, find me on facebook: Edward Sokolowski
f stop 25 | 2,513
17 Sep 2010 #148
Integration Party!
Entry - at the door $20

wow. I almost missed it!
I've got to check it out.
K.. smart trainers are them fancy sneakers, right? ;)
21 Sep 2010 #149
I m polish , broward county
allstar91 - | 7
4 Oct 2010 #150
hey Edward! I live only an hr away from Orlando. We just had this polish polka event in West Melboune...maybe u heard about it? There were plenty of polish pple there. I cant find u on fb but if anyone lives close to orl area hit me up on fb: Rima

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