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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

1 Apr 2013 #241
Any polish people in Miami/South Florida?

I'm thinking about applying to a law school in Miami (either UofM or FIU). would like to talk to a polish person (preferably via email or fb) about their experiences and what it's like for a non-hispanic person to live down there (I dont speak spanish). I live in central FL
2 Apr 2013 #242
Merged: moving to FL.

hi, We are moving to Palm Coast from Chicago, just wondering if there's some Polish people in that area ???
11 May 2013 #243

My name is Kasia, 23yo, Polish girl after degree, who speaks native Polish, high English and medium Spanish.

I would like to go to FL for at least 1 year since my couple is making a course there.

Since a friend of mine didn't even get the tourist visa not long time ago, I've been enrolling in Au pairs webpages to try to find a family which would want to sponsor me, with no luck so far.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows any other method to enter to the States legally, or if anyone knows someone who may need an employer.

I am a little bit lost and sad since everyday my options seem to be less.

Any help will be more than welcomed :)
27 Jun 2013 #244
where do u live? jestem polka I tez wlasnie niemam przyjacil na florydzie z polski.its been a while since u wrote this post but if u wana hang with a cool polish chick email me madzia9@yahoo
madziula - | 2
27 Jun 2013 #245
really? im in fort myers no polish people here but theres a cool polish store here with a couple older polish people running it
25 Jul 2013 #246
Yesterday I went to a Euro Food Store in Naples, I was excited to find a Polish store, I asked the lady if she spoke Polish, in Polish, she said yes, but when I started to speak Polish to her, she behaved like she didn't understand me and scurried away from behind the counter. Then she ignored me completely and when someone spoke English to her a few minutes later, she responded in English with a heavy Polish accent?

I had encountered this before in IL and CT people pretending to forget their native language.
Sorry I won't believe it, especially when your accent is as heavy as hers was.

I have been here (raised in Chicago, moved to CT -because I fell in love) since I was 9 years old, went to all American schools, college in the UK, I still speak Polish pretty great. I also write it with only a few mistakes and I welcome corrections. Linguistic skills are very important to me, so I do not get offended when someone tries to help. I have no problem speaking Polish or English depending on the company I am in.

Why would anyone be ashamed of speaking such beautiful language, Kocham Polske i kocham Polski jezyk :)
Jestem Gniazdowska, moja rodzina jest z Gniezna, i jedna z najstarszych rodzin w Polsce.
Jestem Dumna ze jestem Polka <3 Napisalabym lepiej, ale mam Amerykanska keyboard i nie mam Polskich literek :/
Przepraszam. Grazka

Fisherman49 I was born in Poland (Warsaw) but I also grew up in Chicago, close to Central Pk and Milwaukee Ave, Huge Polish community, everyone spoke Polish and many Polish churches :) The entire Milwaukee Ave was Polish, stores, grocers, flowers, pharmacies, natural (healthfood-back to nature) stores, all Polish :) Sadly it is not so any more :/ It started changing and everything is in Spanish now, the Polish people moved away to the suburbs or other states, the entire community fell apart and got scattered :/ I know exactly what you mean :) It used to be so nice, even most of the kids and teachers in grammar school spoke Polish :)

I have not found such community anywhere else in any state. I lived in CT for 6 years and I had heard there was such a community in Great Britain CT it was 80 miles each way and I always "planned" to go, but it never happened, I so regret that now. You always think you have time, grab life by the tail, never waste a minute, never miss an opportunity, never put anything off, it's a waste, really. I am looking here after I moved, but I have only been here a few days, so I am not losing hope yet :) Wish there were farmers markets here too because I only buy from local farmers. I hate grocery store foods, I am such an activist when it comes to genetically altered food and that is what they sell to people in grocery stores, from produce to meat and farm raised fish with altered genes, why would anyone eat that garbage? Polish food is completely natural, no preservatives, if it says smoked, it means smoked naturally (no "smoke flavor" added) always fresh and juicy, and if you love the old country flavor, when you bite into a fruit or a veggie, you must shop at local farm or a farmers market. Take care of what you put in to your body :) I am a very conscious shopper <3 Kocham was moi Rodacy. Grazka
newyorkrich - | 1
25 Aug 2013 #247
You say there is good Polish food in Dunnedin. Can you tell me where? Thanks

13 Sep 2013 #248
I'm Polish and my husband is American We live in Wellington now. Also looking to meet some Polish people, even better if they also speak English. How can we communicate and maybe meet?
Terria - | 1
13 Sep 2013 #249
We are middle age Polish/American couple, just moved to Wellington. Would love to meet, or at least talk first.
jaboody - | 2
20 Sep 2013 #250
I was just in Wellington! I live in NYC, but came down to visit a friend this past August. Loved the whole area and now I've been applying to jobs around there - Boca, WPB, even Miami. I hope to come down again in the next few months, maybe we can all meet for drinks!
23 Sep 2013 #251
I'm 1/4 Polish, and yet I look and act exactly like my 100% Polish Grandfather, so I definitely got all the Polish genes. I feel a strong drive to meet and date only Polish women now that I'm single again. Does anyone know a good way to meet real Polish women in their 30's to early 40's in Florida? If so contact me at "edoctor" then the "@" sign and then "".
30 Sep 2013 #252
Hello! I'm from the Detroit area in Michigan and have been living in Central Florida (downtown Orlando) for almost 11years. There are several great restaurants and delis nearby. I don't speak Polish (my grandparents were all fluent) but know some phrases and would love to find more events or people in the area to connect. I've ran into several native Poles who now live here and others in Tampa/St. Pete and St. Augustine as well - some of my favorite restaurants :)
21 Oct 2013 #253
Help! I want to learn the Polish language and everywhere I look there are no classes. I am a 30 year old male living in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm American not Polish and really want to learn. Does anyone know of somewhere that I can find classes or a tutor? I have been to Poland twice and really enjoyed it.
MagdaVolk - | 1
9 Nov 2013 #254
Hi, I just moved to Tampa. Any Polish people here (outside of Clearwater of course)? thanks
22 Nov 2013 #255
Thank you so very much for the list. I really appreciate it. Halinka
27 Jan 2014 #256
Hello, if you looking to practice your Polish-I am a native speaker and my wife is second generation. maybe you both can benefit from it. He needs to improve his english and you can improve your Polish. We are in Aventura.
Just Andrea
9 Mar 2014 #257
I am 100% Polish and had a hard time finding my Easter Polish fresh Kielbasa.. FINALLY Superior Meats here in Stuart had it, but deals mostly in Italian food. I was praying for a Polish store to sell pierogies.. pancakes,, borscht... and other Polish traditional foods.

So you are not alone,, I'm originally from Ohio.. but live here in Fla. now.. and so happy to have found a Polish Deli... now I am looking for their menu!!!!.. thank you,,
PolishMBA - | 3
14 Mar 2014 #258
Just Andrea...

Look up Polka European Market & Deli in Jensen Beach/Port Saint Lucie. It's a Polish store with a Polish restaurant next door!
AnetaK - | 1
9 Apr 2014 #259
Hello, we are planning to move to Boynton Beach area from Chicago. We are in mid 30 born and raised in Poland. We would like to meet polish families with kids:) mine are 5 & 2, so they can play together and hopefully practice polish:) Any polish stores, restaurants around? Is there a polish church. Or Polish Saturday school? Also, we are planning to buy a house in the nice, family friendly neighborhood, any suggestions? Dziekuje I bede wdzieczna za wszelkie wskazowki.
Kingab - | 1
14 Sep 2014 #260
Czesc Anetka, kiedy sie przeprowadzasz? Ja mieszkam w Boca Raton I z checia sie spotkam. Tez mam dwoje dzieci 6&4. Pozdrawiam!

Please note, the language on this thread is English
21 Nov 2014 #261

You are correct Sir! I am a recent Polish/American transplant from Massachusetts and am 100% Polish. I have been involved in Polish School, Polish Church, Polish Picnics, dances etc:) .........I live in Sarasota and the nearest Polish Club and Polish Masses are in Venice, FL.

The Polish Club there feature a Polish Dance and Banquet on every second Saturday of the month. I am planning to be there next Saturday eve 11/29/14 at 6:PM. (Dinner & Dance = $30.00 per person).

Hopefully, I will meet plenty of Polish people, and available Ladies there of all ages, and strike up a relationship with positive, respectable and sociable people.

I speak, read and understand the Polish language which should make my initial visit there somewhat a success.


Czesć Malgosia! > Your perception of Sarasota is on target. Depending on your age, you may find inexpensive and nice homes in Sarasota. If you are 55 or better, you may find low priced homes in Senior Complexes all over Sarasota. For example, "PARK EAST CLUB", on Rte.#41 you can find homes there from mid $20's to high $30's I bought one there for $22,500. I invested 10K to re-model my home and am very happy and content here. These homes were built in 1971 & 72 and all in very good shape. This is the right time to be optimistic and buy, before the Snow-birds come South.

I hope this information is helpful to you..........Good Luck!
Mam nadzieję, że rozumie po angielsku Wystarczy przeczytać i zrozumieć, co ja napisałem.
Z najlepszymi życzeniami , JESTEM
stanrock1@comcast .net
18 Jan 2015 #262
Hi I am Martin from England divorvced I live in West Pal Beach and looking to meet polish lady I am 55.
I love Polish people and I have Polish friends in UK
5 Jul 2015 #263
Am thinking to move from Chicago to Florida for my business and I would like to meet polish people and friends call me
Monika 7733146835
3 Dec 2015 #264
Witam wszystkich rodakow, wlasnie przeprowadzilam sie na Floryde, szukam polskiego club/stowarzyszenia etc. Mieszkam w Port Charlotte. Moj E-mail is Bijouniu1@yahoo

only English here please
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Dec 2015 #265
Port Charlotte

There is a Polish-language section but the main thread must be in English. Here are some Polish clubs in Florida:

Others are found here:
29 Dec 2015 #266
mam 62 lata, zamierzamy przeprowadazic sie z Chicago do Hudson Florida.Na dzien dzisiejszy szukamy domu.
Chetnie poznam rodzine ,ktora udzielilaby dobrych wskazowek , chetnych do przyjazni.

English language only please
Wojteknology - | 3
23 Jan 2016 #267
I live in Pensacola, FL and have been trying to find someone to help me learn Polish. We are Polish on my mother's side and have been planning on surprising her with a vacation to Poland sometime after I finish getting my degree.
5 Feb 2016 #268
29 Feb 2016 #269
Hello, my name is Sabrina and I live in Fort Lauderdale I moved here from Katowice only 2 years ago for college. I'm attending NSU. Please email me on sabrina.oliv17@gmail
21 Mar 2016 #270

I am a 47 years old Polish woman and I am looking to meet a long-term companionship in Florida or neighboring states. I have been living in U.S for 8 years and I'm a U.S. citizen. I am blonde, have green eyes, I like to have a good conversation, long walks on the beach and exploring new cuisines. I am looking to meet a Polish man with similar interests and to hopefully settle down with. aga 3516 at yahoo dot com

Hi, I am 47 years old and I live in Melbourne. I'd love to meet a Polish man in his late 40ties or 50ties who lives in Florida as well. aga 3516 at yahoo dot com

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