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Is it difficult finding a job for Japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen Japanese people working here?

Erykazh 1 | -
10 Sep 2014 #1
Hey, guys!

I live in Japan but I soon plan to return to Poland. And I'm now seeking a job. I've already sent my CV to some japanese companies in Warsaw but still no response.

Is it difficult finding a job for japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen japanese people working in Warsaw? Except waiter at japanese restaurant or japanese teacher at language school.

I have worked in Japan as a vendor in bullet train and a front dest clerk at a hotel. Do you think there is any possibilities that some hotel (for example Hilton, Novotel, Mercure etc...) can hire me as a clerk at front desk?

I used to live in Lodz for 2 years and learnt polish language but it's been already an year since I came back in Japan. I forgot how to speak polish now but I'm pretty sure my language abilities will quickly return to me once I return.

My friends living in Poland are all students or got married to polish so they don't have much information. So I needed some help :(
Looker - | 1,130
16 Sep 2014 #2
I don't think it has something to do with your nationality. Everything depends on qualifications and Polish language knowledge. Lot of expats working here, native English speakers, specialists..

Do you think there is any possibilities that some hotel (for example Hilton, Novotel, Mercure etc...) can hire me as a clerk at front desk?

If your Polish is fluent enough and appearance is right then everything is possible, although for the aforementioned places can be yet much higher requirements and a big competition.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to look over some Japanese companies in your area, and contact them..

Good luck!
Leniwiec - | 1
27 Oct 2015 #3
Merged: Japanese is looking for job in Poland

I'm a Japanese who is looking for job in Poland. I came here in July, but I still can't find any job. Is there some useful website in English for searching job? I'm also looking for job as a Japanese teacher, so I want to know website for seaching teacher's job too. Thank you for your cooperation.
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
27 Oct 2015 #4
you should try and contact language schools and universities, also you can search for jobs on , if you type in english keywords you'll get english results , though i am not sure if you need to know polish in order to teach japanese, since english is a second language for most poles, poles usually learn foreign languages from teachers who can speak both polish and the foteign language
InPolska 9 | 1,805
27 Oct 2015 #5
@Dani: OP might get a few random classes through language schools but not enough to eat and also to be issued work permit. Authorities require "real" and steady employment, not a few classes on occasions ;). As to teaching at the university, don't you expect that suitable diplomas are needed?

PS: "as to your "most" Poles speaking "English", I'm sure you have never met Poles outside of students' circles ;).
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
27 Oct 2015 #6
I was betting that most poles who want to learn japenese already have an acceptable level of english, it would be quite rare for a pole to start learning japanese as a second language don't you think ?
InPolska 9 | 1,805
27 Oct 2015 #7
@Dany: sure but in case of OP, he/she needs a work permit and in order to be issued one, he/she needs full time job/income (common sense) and the very few Japanese classes he/she might get (provided that he/she is qualified, being a native speaker does not mean person is able to teach ;)) once in a while won't be enough 1. to eat and 2. to be issued a work permit. I for instance have a friend from America (of Polish origin) who has to put up with a lousy job at a gymnazjum in order to be able to receive residence + work permits. She has a regular (= 12 months) "livable" (by Polish standards) income + NFZ coverage and therefore can qualify for residence/work permits. As a NON-EU citizen, OP needs a real job, not occasional classes now and then. As to work at the university, without proper diplomas and qualifications, forget it and it's normal. Do you think they hire anybody? ;) Please get back on earth ;).
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
27 Oct 2015 #8
Please get back on earth ;).

I am on earth . I am in poznan :v , I had a japanese friend who was studying Psycholinguistics at adam mickiewicz university, and he got offered a job to teach japanese there although he didn't finish his studies and has no diplomas, as for the work permit, I have no idea how it works since i'm an EU citizen, so thanks for clearing that out
InPolska 9 | 1,805
28 Oct 2015 #9
@Dany: you are talking about ONE case and regarding your friend, they must have been desperate as could not find anybody and I'm sure they pay him peanuts... Does your friend has a work permit or is he working illegally? ;)

Yes, NON EU citizens need work permits in Poland (makes sense) and in order to get one, the foreigner needs to have a steady FULL TIME job/INCOME + NFZ coverage (makes sense again) and if teaching a few classes once in a while (how many Polish clients for Japanese???? Besides, like I said, being a native of any language does not make the person a teacher ;). I studied 4 years at the university in order to become a teacher but of course I'm paid much more than unqualified "teachers" who are often barely literate ;))) through language schools; it does not qualifiy for work permit and as a result, it's illegal work and if caught... ;).

So you don't know how it works for NON EU people .... !!!!!!

PS @Dany: I seriously doubt that your friend qualifies for a work permit ;). The authorities demand a livable job/income and not some occasional work ;). I assume your friend is a student so has a student visa and "teaches" a few classes under the table now and then so not the OP's situation ;).
marcio - | 1
16 Dec 2015 #10

My company is currently thinking on provide IT support in japanese language. Those who are interested please send me an e-mail or answer me here. The company is located in Lodz and once again isn't 100% yet but if someone has interest, let me know.
13 Dec 2016 #11
Merged: Is it possible to find work as a Japanese language teacher in Poland?

The title... Thanks
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,088
17 Dec 2016 #12
find work as a Japanese language teacher

Majority dream about a trip to Japan but vey few are keen to learn the language ;)

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