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What do Polish people do for fun?

superkill 7 | 9
17 Feb 2011 #1
Hey my name is Brandon and Im going to Poland for nine months as an foreign exchange student. When I get to Poland I will be seventeen, and I was just wondering what are some typical things that seventeen year old kids do in Poland for fun? Any help anybody can give me will be greatly appreciated.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
17 Feb 2011 #2
Brandon the answer to your question is pretty much the same things teens do the world over.

I hope you enjoy it, try to make the most out of your stay, do not feel to inhibited and introverted-which seems to be a teen tendency.

Don't worry about the language, even if you try a bit, it will be greatly appreciated

In which part of the country are you going to stay, and from which part of the world do you come from?

And finally what prompted you to go on this exchange?
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
17 Feb 2011 #3
he's a 17 year old that can spell and use punctuation,I doubt he comes from here in the UK ;)
Lols,I was going to answer with a flipant answer;
Hang around shopping malls,mumbling around adults,shouting at each other when they are 2 feet apart,playing the same crappy dance music thats been around for 15 years on their mobile phones thinking everyone else on the bus must think they are just soooo cool....:)
OP superkill 7 | 9
17 Feb 2011 #4
Hey Hague I'm from the USA and I wanted to go to Poland, because it has always been my dream to go to school in europe and now I have that chance. At the moment I don't know where I am going, I won't find that out in till june or july. I will depart for Poland around the middle of august to get adjusted to the whole culture change before I go to school. I have tried learning some polish, but so far I have'nt found anything that was cheap and effective, so I suppose I will have to get the expensive rosetta stone, because I want to know at least the basic polish before I go.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
18 Feb 2011 #5
Rememebr when learning a diffrerent language, there is always a lot of frustration involved, don't let that hold you back it is not a race. As I am sure you might have guessed, the best way of learning is to immerse yourself in the culture and the envornment, becuse there is just no substitue for contact with others.

Is there a particular part of Poland you would like to stay in, I am sure like most people you would find Krakow the most attractive, it has got a realley strong student atmosphere since there are quite a few uni students in Krakow. I am going to be in Poland at the beginning of June as well.
tygrys 3 | 290
18 Feb 2011 #6
what are some typical things that seventeen year old kids do in Poland for fun?

They put ketchup on pizza
OP superkill 7 | 9
18 Feb 2011 #7
Well Krakow would be awesome, but really it does'nt matter to me just as long as I get a fair sized city with a good student atmosphere, so Krakow would be the place I would want to go. But I dont really get to choose where I go, the rotary club finds a family and sticks me there, but I think I will have a good chance to get a bigger city, because there is only two kids including myself going to poland through the rotary club. Oh and to tygrys I like ketchup on my pizza too lol.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
18 Feb 2011 #8
But I dont really get to choose where I go

If they don't send you to a large city, don't go.

Small town Poland isn't a great place for most foreigners, let alone a teenager from another country.

On the other hand : Polish girls in small towns may be rather.... hmm :)
jonni 16 | 2,482
18 Feb 2011 #9
If they don't send you to a large city, don't go.

Rotary in PL is mostly in the cities.
PennBoy 76 | 2,432
18 Feb 2011 #10
What do Polish teens do for fun?

snort Amfetamina in school bathrooms :-)
OP superkill 7 | 9
18 Feb 2011 #11
Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll get a big city. oh and snorting some stuff in the bathroom sounds fun lol Just kidding.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
18 Feb 2011 #12
Keep us updated on how things progress and in which city you will be placed.
29 Mar 2011 #13
Hehe. I'm going to Poland through Rotary too. Totally have my fingers crossed for Karkow - good luck learning the language, bud. :) I've got a helper, but, honestly...? The grammar changes with prepositional phrases are insane. I was talking to our Polish inbound, and he told me /he/ gets that stuff wrong sometimes.

Rotary in PL is mostly in the cities.

Actually, I heard that our inbound for next year (at least in my district) is from a city that's so small it's only got four roads. Rotary places wherever they can find a good spot. It's still entirely a possibility that we'll get small towns - which I don't mind at all. :'D I've never lived in a small town. I think it'd be kind of neat.

Anyway, wherever you or I end up we'll just be making the most of it. Good luck!

Nathan5828 1 | 3
12 Jun 2012 #14
Merged: What is a fun Polish activity?

What do Polish people like to do which western companies do not usually do?
12 Jun 2012 #15
Go look at those stupid storks. They scare the everlovin' crap outta me, but they're native to Poland and they're pretty impressive. Or go buy some amber from a street vendor like a sucker. Polish people don't buy it, but they love selling it to foreign rubes. Polish people also adore Italian food. Maybe more than Italians. They're weird like that.
wildrover 98 | 4,441
13 Jun 2012 #16
Putting Polish womens handbags on the ground is a fun activity...

as long as you can run fast.....
Jimmu 2 | 156
17 Jun 2012 #17
Picking mushrooms or berries in the woods, depending on the season.

western companies???
beckski 12 | 1,617
17 Jun 2012 #18
What is a fun Polish activity?

I found people watching in different Polish cities, to be both fun and interesting.

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