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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

juhas90 - | 2
24 May 2012 #211
Biggest polish community i know of is in the tampa bay area, specifically clearwater/st. Pete/ port richey. In clearwater weve got a large Polski Centrum- Jan PaweĊ‚ II. It has zabawy, wesele, urodziny...u name it, we also have polish school on saturdays. A few polish delis, polish churches in st pete and port richey. There are also small communities on east coast near ft. Lauuderdale and orlando has a small community near kissimmee. Lived in tampabay for 20 yrs now, meet more and more polaks every year....find me on facebook--justyn cyrwus
Kasia14 - | 2
28 May 2012 #212
Hello, I just moved to Orlando with my husband we are in our late 20s. Originally from Canada where there are lots of polish people. Anyone in the area email me:) kasia1414 at
juhas90 - | 2
6 Jun 2012 #213
Merged:Gorale! ... Looking for Polish highlanders in the St Pete/Clearwater area

any gorale in the pinellas county area? learn to dance and sing in our group!

witajcie, szukamy gorale kolo St.pete/clearwater coby fcieli zapisac do naszego kola! dejcie znac :) ....
---Looking for Polish highlands in the St Pete/Clearwater area who would like to join our club :)
8 Jun 2012 #214
Hello, I just moved to Orlando with my husband we are in our late 20s. Originally from Canada where there are lots of polish people. Anyone in the area email me:) kasia1414 at

Not that many things in Orlando
f stop 25 | 2,513
9 Jun 2012 #215
Orlando is amazingly full of new, interesting live music. Why? I don't have a clue, but it's true. Just go to any decent size bar in your neighbourhood, and in your "theme", and you might be pleasantly surprised. If I wasn't an hour away, and short a designated driver, I'd be going there every weekend.
18 Jun 2012 #216
I'm going to move from Connecticut to West Palm Beach - Jupiter area .
Looking for new Polish friends and also place I can stay for 6-12 months till sell house in CT.
and buying new house in Florida

My Email and Cell

22 Jun 2012 #217
Hi, my name is Magda and I'm 36. I plan to move with my husband to Orlando in August and we would love to meet some polish friends there and be able so speak some polish. If you would like to chat please email me at: usmlemmm at yahoo

16 Jul 2012 #218
Hi my name is Henry,i was born in Poland,now i in Boca Raton Florida,like to meet polish women 55 -62, please call me#561-301-1422

jestem samotny i chcialbym poznac rodaczke,prosze dzwonic,dziekuje.
16 Sep 2012 #219
I'm polish and i have ran into many polish people in Sarasota where i live... there are two polish stores in sarasota. im 13 though.... lol
21 Sep 2012 #220
sarasota has quite a few, two stores, church service, saturday school for kids and a dance group
picnics, parties, bonfires, quite often
2 Oct 2012 #221
Wrong, Clearater, Dunedin, New Port Reachy and more
auril - | 3
9 Oct 2012 #222
There is quite a big Polish community in Tampa Bay area; St. Pete and New Port Richey. There are Polish clubs, parishes, delis, etc. I myself live now in Gainesville, Fl. There's a Polish Student Association at the university here, no Polish stores though. Unfortunate.
21 Oct 2012 #223
Me and my wife are Polish and we moved to the Orlando area not too long ago. Feel free to get get in touch with us.

The email is pukeca at gmail
Ed Lewandowski
25 Oct 2012 #224
I'm looking for a Polish Deli around Citrus County, getting tired of driving down to Clearwater area every time i need Kielbasa.
katkha - | 1
29 Nov 2012 #225
Hi Guys,

I was wondering how difficult would it be to move to Florida and live there, legally? I'm Polish but live in the UK (it's been like that for the last 2.5 years), got my USA touristic visa (for 10 years). My boyfriend is an American and we just had this idea that instead of traveling back and forth we would want me to move and to stay with him in FL. Any ideas? I will be grateful for any help.

Thank you x
TheLox - | 50
2 Dec 2012 #226
Man there's polish people EVERYWHERE in America. You just have to look. One thing I can tell you, there's a lot here in New Jersey.
BozenaStroka - | 1
20 Dec 2012 #227

I am looking for a Polish community in Naples, Florida. My cousin is here from Poland and will be staying with us for a while and she would like to meet some Polish speaking people in the area. She speaks mainly Polish, and she is a really fun spirit.

Please email me if you know of any place/people that could help make her more comfortable in the Naples area. THANK YOU!
3 Feb 2013 #228
All you need is getteing married and you will bocome legal alien and then citizen
TheLox - | 50
12 Feb 2013 #229
Exactly. It is a process called "Obtaining Citizenship". The catch is, you can get married, yet NOT devote your life unto that citizen. THEY get cash, YOU get Citizenship. However.......I devote my life....simply because I do not believe in such virtues. I believe in Sacrifice unto the ones I love. I don't USE people. F****** Infidels, when will you ever learn? Peasants. You will not be missed, only die with gray hair, lonely and cold, for you have not experienced true Love. Material Goods come with a price. Love is Priceless.
Jak tam
26 Feb 2013 #230
Yes, Many of us here in South Florida are Polish.
nunczka 8 | 458
26 Feb 2013 #231
Katkha; Your profile claims that you are a male. And you want to come to Florida to be with your boy friernd. I don't think that it will help your cause,since Florida is not too on gay couples. If that is what you are.
f stop 25 | 2,513
27 Feb 2013 #232
,since Florida is not too on gay couples.

I can think of two places in Florida that are virtual haven for gays: Miami Beach and Key West.
Also, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm and Miami are gay friendly.
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
27 Feb 2013 #233
Found a little Polish Deli in Melbourne (hour south of Daytona). The owner ( a very nice lady) was so happy to revert to speaking Polish with the better half! They had a decent amount of Polish products, mainly transported from the north, and with input from a local Polish Baker. Prices were high though, but that's the cost of getting decent stuff in the middle of nowhere.
f stop 25 | 2,513
27 Feb 2013 #234
Euro Cafe: that's where I get my Ptasie Mleczko etc ;)

Hey, hey! In the middle of nowhere? Only for uninitated..
nunczka 8 | 458
28 Feb 2013 #235
The original question was, (Are there many Poles in Florida?) I read somewhere that there about 500,000.00 Poles living here. BUT! can we call the 3rd and 4th generation of immigrant parents true Pole? After the 1st generation of Polish decendants,the Polish culture just about lost.. They just carried on Damn few of them can speak the language other than a couple of nasty words. Even myself who was brought up in a Polish speaking household would have trouble talking to a Native Pole..
f stop 25 | 2,513
28 Feb 2013 #236
and then there are those that are hiding, not wanting to be caught between those thrice removed still daring to claim they are Polish, and the fearless defenders of the pure Polish culture, whatever that is. ;)
nunczka 8 | 458
28 Feb 2013 #237
OK Fstop. So what do you call the dirty south? You seem to know a lot about Florida.. Surely you would not call Florida ,(Dirty).I have lived herefor 41 years,and never looked back. It is true.. There are a few Shidt holes down here, but they are in the larger cities. I live on the west coast,but I find that we are getting more and more Island people down here.. But still it cant be compared to the large cities in the north. I have attended Polish get together on the east coast as well as the west coast. Somehow they are well attended and bring a lot of Polka bands down here..So where are you located?
f stop 25 | 2,513
28 Feb 2013 #238
I've been in Florida for a while. Started in Miami and slowly been moving up. I'm in Central Florida now.
Here is where "Dirty South" came from. My "boys":
30 Mar 2013 #239

i live in lake worth and am looking for a Polish tutor. are you a native polish speaker?
gdynianin - | 2
1 Apr 2013 #240
Hi ,We're retired polish couple,moved from Denver,Co.reside in adults community in Summerfield
Like to meet other couples speaking polish in this area,I'm from Gdynia my wife from Lodz,thanks.

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