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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

2 May 2016  #271

St Pete FL here. Born in Poland. Came here as baby.
Looking for polish festivals

Chef Author    
5 Jun 2016  #272

Hello, All !

I am of Polish descent , and a published author and chef of three books about healthy cooking (my third will be released in 2017, about the Med Diet.) My husband and I are planning a move to the Lantana / Del Ray area of south Florida, where my mother lives. Currently, we live in Atlanta. The lady who works for me, as my sous chef and house keeper will (of course) be staying in Atlanta after we move. She arrived in Atlanta from Poland about ten years ago, and is like my younger sister - Since I will be relocating to florida, I am looking for another woman, of Polish descent who is interested in cooking and willing to do house cleaning, organizing and shopping. I can be reached at

My husband and I are very kind people and wonderful employers. If you are interested, please respond. Thank you.
15 Jan 2017  #273

Our whole family is from Poland we know plenty of people in Orlando from Poland but definetely need to have more events.. Anyone want to get know me, find me on facebook: Edward Sokolowski. 30 male, and near Orlando Florida. Or mutual contacts for work. I own a staffing company in town.
DKokoszka888 - | 1    
26 Feb 2017  #274


Interested in Polish people in Melbourne Fl or Brevard County

Someone inquired as if any Polish people live on the Melbourne FL area. I live in Indialantic and am Polish. Interested in attending a Polish Club on the area. They had some nice ones up North where I loved prior to moving down to FL.

My email is
I use the name kosaki as my last name is at times difficult for others.
David Kokoszka
NoToForeigners 8 | 934    
26 Feb 2017  #275

I use the name kosaki as my last name is

My surname is way harder to pronounce to English speakers but I would lose all respect for myself if I changed it to fake one.
17 Mar 2017  #276

Czy sa gdzies Polskie salony pieknosci w okolicach Sarasoty, Fort Myers lub Naples?
Nie moge znalezc zadnego rodaka ktory naprawde Umie Obcinac wlosy.

Wszystkie Amerykanki siekaja mi wlosy, ja jestem rozpuszczona z naszymi dziewczynami ktore naprawde maja talent.
Prosze o pomoc. Czy jest gdzies dobra fryzjerka z Polski, tutaj w mojej okolicy? Przes 6 lat nie moge znalezc zadnej Amerykanki ktora by umiala zcieniowac ladnie wlosy.

Dziekuje, Grazka.

Ha ha ha David, sproboj sobie wyobrazic Amerykanow probojacych wymowic moje nazwisko... Gniazdowska. To naprawde jest komedia.

Please use English on this forum
17 Mar 2017  #277

You are all looking for Polish people but you all speak English on here? Any Polaki here, who actually speak "po Polsku"?
I have been here since I was 7 years old, I always lived in areas where there were no Polish speaking people, so, sadly,
I do not have Polish friends, thus I speak and think in English, yet, I still speak, write and read Fluent Polski.
Nigdy nie zapomnialam, i nigdy nie zapomnę.

Have you ever encountered any Polish people, who have been here for 2-3 years and are pretending they forgot Polish?
I did, a lady in a Polish deli in Naples. It makes me laugh, they still have a heavy accent
and they are pretending they forgot the language they have spoken their entire lives. It's ridiculous.
Well, I am just saying, I would really like to see the people who actually speak their native language, by mówili po Polsku.
17 Mar 2017  #278

You can try: or
17 Mar 2017  #279

Nathans, dziekuję :) Thank you <3
GrazkaGniazdows - | 1    
17 Mar 2017  #280

I am reading the forums and it seems like everyone lives on the east coast of FL, or at least 150 miles away. I am a Pure Bred Polak, lol, in my 40's but still feel young and would love to have some Polish friends my age. My partner Vladimir is 52 and he is of Bialoruski descent. He is 3rd generation American so he only speaks English, we have been together for 12 years now (in May) We are mild tempered, civilized, friendly, outgoing and sociable. I would love to hangout with some European people. I miss intelligent conversations and EU's are mostly always highly educated. We take pride in being of above average intelligence. Don't we? :) Anyone in Sarasota, Englewood, Naples?
NoToForeigners 8 | 934    
17 Mar 2017  #281

Stick to Muricans. Johnny The Brainwashed will tell you they're of the highest intelligence.
spiritus 67 | 652    
20 Mar 2017  #282

I think Google might be your best source

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