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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

15 Oct 2010 #151
Little Polish Deli

13325 Tamiami Trl
North Port, FL 34287
(941) 423-2800

We'd always hit a place on the north end of Tamiami Trail in North Port. They we on the west side of the road. It looks like they may have moved, but the food was excellent. Bigos with real wedding kielbasa, pierogies as good as grandmas and homemade Polskie ogorki. Nothing fancy, but a wonderful couple that made the place a required stop.

Paul Olinski
Bogdan3815 1 | 2
23 Oct 2010 #152
looking to meet a Polish woman in Florida. I am planning on relocating there and wanted to know what is the best city for the opportunity to meet a good hearted sexy Polish woman.

I can be contacted at Lawyer4475@hotmail. looking ofr someone real and down to earth.
8 Nov 2010 #153
Somebody live in st Augustine?
Jurekogorek - | 1
27 Nov 2010 #154
I was in St.Augustine last week,maybe I will go tomorrow again.I live it Tampa.
29 Nov 2010 #155
Do you still need help with Polish language. Where are you located?
Peter Croft
29 Nov 2010 #156
I live in West Palm Beach, you can contact my on Facebook under Peter Croft (my pseudonym)
26 Dec 2010 #157

I see there is a lot of interest in meeting Polish people in Florida. Both of my parents were from Poland originally. My father passed away recently, but he loved to meet his fellow countrymen/women wherever he went. Therefore in his memory, I compiled this list of Polish Clubs and Churches throughout Florida.

I'm an old bachelor that's been living throughout Florida for 14 years, and know my way around. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy the list and good luck!



Jacksonville Polish Club
5850 Collins Road
Jacksonville, FL 32244
(904) 772-7836

Oveido Polish Club
1155 Kerwood Circle
Oveido, FL 32765
(407) 365-2586

Vero Beach Polish Club
7500 North US # 1
Vero Beach, FL 32967
(772) 778-569-9235 or (772) 778-0039

Daytona Beach Polish Club
3621 West International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32124
(386) 258-7059


Port St. Lucie Polish Club
343 Northwest Prima Vista Boulevard
Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
(772) 879-9616 ‎

Lake Worth Polish Club
4725 Lake Worth Road
Greenacres, FL 33463
(561) 967-1116 ‎

Ft Lauderdale Polish Club
935 SW 71st Ave
North Lauderdale, FL 33068
(954) 726-2473 ‎

Hollywood Polish Club
3861 Stirling Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6216
(954) 962-4623

Miami Polish Club
1250 NW 22nd Ave
Miami, FL 33101
(305) 635 - 2240


Hudson Polish Club
7615 New Jersey Ave
Hudson FL 34667
( 727) 868-9763

Sarasota Polish Club
5051 Kestral Drive
Sarasota, FL 34277
(941) 924-0899


Bunnell, FL 32110
141 Carmelite Dr.
Polish Mass: Thursday: 9:00 a.m.

Fort Myers, FL 33901
2157 Cleveland Ave.
Polish Mass: 1st Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m.

Korona, FL 32110
89 St. Mary's Place
Polish Mass: Sunday 11:30 a.m.

Lantana, FL 33462
1000 Lantana Rd.
Polish Mass: Saturday 7:00 p.m.

Miami Beach FL 33141
8670 Byron Ave.
Polish Mass: Sunday 3:30 p.m.

Orlando, FL 32828
1501 Alafaya Trail
Polish Mass: Sunday 9:15 a.m.

Pompano Beach, FL 33062
2400 NE 12th St.
Polish Mass: Sunday 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m.

St. Petersburg, FL 33704
1358 20th Ave N./12th St.
Polish Mass: Sunday 1:00 p.m.

Venice, FL 34285
310 Sarasota St.
Polish Mass: Sundays in the Parish Hall at 12:30 p.m.
29 Dec 2010 #158
Fred, the information you provided above to others is a wonderful tribute to your dad!!

I too live in Florida now from Wallington, NJ (Probably the heaviest concentration of Poles in

NorthEast USA).

After living in Wallington and now in Sarasota, Fl there is kind of a night and day difference

between the Poles here and there.

In Wallington it appears most Poles are young newcomers from Poland settling down in Wallington

for better job prospects.

The Poles in Sarasota are mainly retired as are a lot of Sarasotans. There are a couple of Polish Delis

here but unmatched in price, quality and taste with the ones in Wallington, particularly Piast

<--Great hot Lunches and Dinners.

Missing most of the Northeast Polonia here in Sarasota. I think these retired Floridian Poles ought

to think more about this younger generation of Poles and help them get established here in Florida

as well (jobs language, etc), just as other Europeans do.

I've heard some NE Poles say what a crummy life they have in the Northeast working in factories,

cleaning, working two jobs, etc. For them a short vacation in Sarasota is in order so they can look

forward to possibly relocating to Southwest Florida where the best beaches and warmest waters are

found in the USA. We need another Wallington in Sarasota ASAP!! Sarasota could become a strong

foothold for a younger generation of Polonia strategically located between Clearwater, Fl's Polonia

and Venice, Fl's Polonia. Any takers? Let's make this happen by getting involved!! :) My Idea is to

gather Polish sponsers (like foster parents) in Florida to take in small Polish families between

Christmas and New Year's and give them a place to stay for the week and show them where ithe

Polish stores, Churches, Clubs, etc. are (make them feel more at home).

The Russians are enjoying life in Beverly Hills, CA so Sarasota can sort of be considered the Poor

man's Beverly Hills for Blue collar Poles......

2 Jan 2011 #159
One question... everyody seems to claim their Polish and missing to speak our language. So why do you guys talk in English here?
Anyway I'm from Orlando and since my friends moved back to Poland I don't have anybody to hang out. Having polish church is nice but I'm not realy a church person and it doesn't seem like people from the church would do anythink beside seeing each other after mass in front of the church.

Anyway if anybody know any fun spots when you can meet Polaks let me know.
Anna Nowialis

you can find me on a facebook
12 Jan 2011 #160
There is a Mass celebrated in Polish at St Joseph Church on Alefaya Tr . in orlando just south of E.Colonial Dr
priyadarshi786 - | 3
13 Feb 2011 #161
do u speak polish ? if u do , I know a polish friend in tallahassee..I also live in tallahassee...u can email me at priyadarshi786@gmail if u want to talk to my polish friend...i am moving to krakov soon from tallahassee..
14 Feb 2011 #162
Are there any good Polish Restaurants in Broward County or Dade County?
15 Feb 2011 #163
I am of Polish origin and i live in Citrus County. Homosassa to be exact. However although Polish was the first language I learnt before I went to school in England. I am a brit by birth. My parents were Polish. Only one is living now. He is 85 years old. I am 57. However, my written Polish is non existant. My language is okay and most Polish people that come from Poland (my cousins and others) are impressed by it because they know I do not have anybody to talk to in Polish. Is anybody Polish interested in becoming friends?

My name is Ursula. In Polish it is Urszula. My husband is a brit. My e mail is ursulaclarke377@gmail
joannag - | 1
16 Feb 2011 #164
We are polish from NYC & we thinking to move to Jax-any good areas to raise kids.
Gosiaaa - | 1
23 Feb 2011 #165
Are you still living in Titusville?
I am polish and I moved here one year ago. I met my husband in Fort Lauderdale and now we are living in Titusville, FL.

Do you know some polish organizations, groups etc in here?
I would appreciate your help
Thank you
Jan Sas
26 Mar 2011 #166
I had a Restaurant in North Port.I sold it 5 years ago.Glad you enjoyed it.My name is Jan Sas.The Polish community here is growing by leeps and bounts.
tygrys 3 | 295
26 Mar 2011 #167
Lots of Polish people gather at the Pierogi Inn in Sarasota. There is a picnic there on Sunday. Chance to meet everybody.
3 Apr 2011 #168
There is a European grocery store in Gainesville, Fl. They sell a lot of Polish food.

3312 SW 35th Blvd
Gainesville, Fl 32608
phone: (352) 665-8192

It is across from Chili's restaurant on Archer Rd (next to Five Guys).
_Kristin_ - | 6
3 Apr 2011 #169
Franek, I live in Cape Coral, also and been here for 18 years. :) Do you attend Oktoberfest quite often?
15 Apr 2011 #170
I am from polish decent and all my polish side of the family is from Chicago. I have some great polish recipes to share. I live in Pasco county and understand that there is a couple of polish deli"s here. Highway 19 is one but heard it wasnt very good, I also miss the polish foods my mom used to cook. I also have some websites I can share if you would like to order polish food online.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
15 Apr 2011 #171
I am from polish decent and all my polish side of the family is from Chicago.

So you're American, then?

I wasn't aware that Chicago is in Poland.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
15 Apr 2011 #172
Fisherman49 nevermind Delphiandomine he is the resident troll and his life under the bridge has embittered him.
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
15 Apr 2011 #173
I am from polish decent and all my polish side of the family is from Chicago.

So you're American, then?

I wasn't aware that Chicago is in Poland.

Yes fishermen you are about to be reeducated by Delphi, the gist of his sermon is that you are not what you think you are.

Though it puzzles me why so many people get wound up by it. If I were to follow their suit I should be gravely offended as my dad is PolAm but he and his family don’t quite fit into Delph’s stereotype so I just shrug it off slightly amused. I *know* whilst he entertains with hit and miss speculations.
5 May 2011 #174
There are many polish people in miami/south beach area but are usually from NY and they don't stay long. I've been here for a year and half now and have gone through a few friends so it would be nice to make more. Email me if you're from the Miami area - I am a 25yr/F and the email is sinkiewiczm@gmail
cekert - | 2
13 May 2011 #175
There aren't many. I'm a 20 year old polish female in Miami Beach and its hard to find polish people down here unfortunately.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 May 2011 #176
Open a can of Polish will attract Polish guys for miles....
usfjojo49 - | 1
4 Jun 2011 #177
I live in holiday fla any poles here? I don't speak the language, mother father did,would like to join a polish club with music polka, polish food and the warmth of polish people young senior she like to dance the polka sos
Pete86 - | 1
2 Jul 2011 #178
I'm 24yr/M from North Port, FL and thier does not seem to be any polish people here.
katherinebk - | 6
17 Jul 2011 #179
Any Polish People in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

I have been living in Florida for the past 10 years and I am not able to meet anyone that is polish that would like to be friends.

Anyone interested email me back at

11 Aug 2011 #180
Many Polish people in Florida, I am moving from Colorado to Port Charlotte, south of Sarasota and Tampa, north of Fort Meyers, I write songs, sing and play guitar (milfil2000@yahoo) Greetings! Pozdrawiam! Milosz

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