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Are there any Polish people in Florida?

Patti - | 5
6 Aug 2009 #91
Thx guys...I have alreday found polish Deli...different that you are telling me about... but still: what about North Florida? I am looking for polish ppl around Lake City area...
10 Aug 2009 #92
i'm polish, born and raised there, i'm 26 living in naples now

hit me up if you'd like to talk some time (polish and or english works for me)

28 Aug 2009 #93
I am half Polish girl living in the Orlando area (Oviedo specifically)! I'm 23, I love my heritage, and I have been looking for a Polish group or community to join. I really want a Polish language tutor if there is anyone out there who could help! I know only a small amount of Polish from my family and I really want to learn and have someone to speak to!

I'd love to get to know somebody in the area!


18 Sep 2009 #94
Hi MaƂgosia,

Yes, we're here in Sarasota, and we are Polish. Have you moved yet? I realize you wrote in Nov. but I just saw this today.

22 Sep 2009 #95
I just bought a house in Holiday. I need to do some work in it before I sell my condo in Ohio and move for good. I'll be happy to help you in the future.

Larry (Leszek) ldrobnik@hotmail
28 Sep 2009 #96
on sundays in daytona there is the daytona polish club on hwy 92, every sunday from 2 to 5, evertweek a different band, 3621in ntl speedway, phone no386-255-7381, always looking for new polish people to dance and have fun, not to many young people as members, but good dancing and fun, come on down some sunday and check it out, polish joe
14 Oct 2009 #97
Hey Im a half-polish girl in Tallahassee, havent seen any polish yet..:(
spencka 1 | 5
24 Oct 2009 #98
I'm Polish, German and Irish - I live in Titusville and work at the Space Center.

My Polish consists of only a few words, I have great memories of my Busha(sp?) and Dza-Daz(?) and the great food!

We have a Polish club in town, though I've never attended. I have been to a Polish Deli in Winter Park - to get Kielbasa and other Polish foods - plus they have a small market with grocery goods available.
ewarzyska58 - | 1
8 Nov 2009 #99
Hello! My name is Ewa,it would be nice to talk to your mom in polish,my e-mail is ewarzyska58@hotmail
surcat kras
8 Nov 2009 #100
come to polish church alafaya and colonial st.joseph
14 Nov 2009 #101
I am a Polish girl in florida!! I cannot speak any Polish but I have met a few....
Seanus 15 | 19,706
14 Nov 2009 #102
You are a Polish person who cannot speak Polish? That's a fail right there!!
nugentlake - | 1
24 Nov 2009 #103
Where in Winter Park (address)
We spell Busia and DziaDzia
There's a Polish Deli Leesburg,FL
polish/e detroi
4 Dec 2009 #104
I order from Kowalski for the holidays.
f stop 25 | 2,513
9 Dec 2009 #105
I live in Melbourne, FL. I run into Polish people all the time.
There is a Polish Deli in Orlando.
Best Polish restaurant, Salt & Sweet, in Melbourne.
Attended a Polish festival couple of years ago, somewhere around Titusville.

and I must add that today we're having perfect beach weather, 82 deg. F.
Viva Space Coast!
11 Dec 2009 #106

Hi, what part of Tallahassee are you from?
kltemplin - | 1
18 Jan 2010 #107
Is there anyone in the St Petersburg area that teaches or knows someone who is willing to teach/tutor the polish language. My husband is from poland but not easy to convince to teach me and I want to learn for him ;) Can anyone please help or provide suggestions. I already have rosetta stone, but I realize the polish language has many different dialects. I would like to know and learn the mannerisms and authenticity of speaking the language.

30 Jan 2010 #108
(24 yr.) I live in Groveland, FL ( Lake County) and I am trying to find a girl my age or older to learn Polish from.. It would be nice to find someone in my area that I could visit with and learn from... My name is (correctly spelt) Kucharski...

Please contact me.. =)
8 Feb 2010 #109
I moved down to south florida a year and a half ago for school. I'm 24 and still looking to meet other young polish people in the miami/fort lauderdale area. Wondering where all the polish south floridians are hiding?
Patti - | 5
9 Feb 2010 #110
There are so many polish people in FL... just wish there were more in North area around lake city where I live or maybe someone from Jacksonville....I just wish i had some euro gilrfriend i could hang out together for lunch, shopping and girly stuff like that :)

Last week I met polish doctor that lives in Lake City, his wife is german, very nice couple... come on polish gilrls, where are you?????

hey, I am polish girl, speak fluent polish, born in Poalnd,
when you get a chance, hit me up at patdzia@hotmail
7 Mar 2010 #111
I am looking for Polish friends in Sarasota/Bradenton area...
I'm 27, email me at achybowska@yahoo
20 Mar 2010 #112
Hey Franek Im looking for a polka band for upcoming Dyngus Day (apr 5th) , would you mind recommending anyone??!! Please Thank you!
22 Mar 2010 #113
My name is Filip and I just moved to Tampa from Germany.
I was born and raised in Hamburg but my family is polish. I'm fluent in polisch and really miss to speak polish, to eat polisch people and to hang out with polish ppl. Back in Hamburg there is a huge polish community. Churches, restaurants, clubs, everything!

I'm 24 yrs old and really would like to meet some polish ppl in the age from 20-30.
You can contact me via email f.zawadzki@gmail

Czekam na wiadomosci. Pozdrawiam Was serdecznie!

sorry for the mistakes in my previous post!
22 Mar 2010 #114
Hi ppl, I just moved to pompano beach. I'm 33, educated and willing to meet some nice ppl
Andrzej 321 287 38 22
Polishguy07 - | 2
24 Mar 2010 #115
If anybody is interested in speaking in Polish then hit me up at wojtek05@yahoo
Mateusz25 - | 1
26 Mar 2010 #116
Hey, Im Matt Im 25 and just moved from chicago to hollywood beach on the 20th. Im looking for some polish people just to hang wit. I work in a motel on ocean dr and I also live there. Im looking to finish school here and clear my head of all the chicago ********.

Let me know if there is any peeps around here.


Matt Adamski

I just moved to hollywood beach, working in a motel and I am planning to get my bachelors here. My email is mattadamski2003@yahoo hit me up.
Keyspoet - | 2
26 Mar 2010 #117
There are indeed, though obviously not in anything approaching the numbers in Chicago.

I live in Largo, Florida, across the bay from Tampa, and although my boyfriend Marek hasn't made any real Polish friends since he's been in Florida (most of his Polish friends are still in and around New York, where he lived for fourteen years), we have enough of a local Polish population here to support at least six or eight good Polish stores within about a fifteen minute drive from my house in Largo.

They even banded together with a bunch of polish stores south of here, and brought in the blues rock band Dzem two years ago for a concert in Sarasota, which was outstanding, even though it was unfortunately poorly attended. But then again, that is Sarasota. We saw Cesare Pazura at the Polish American Club in Clearwater, the month before, and the place was packed. And they regularly bring in other artists, from polka to rock concerts, so there is a fair amount going on in this area in the Polish community.

Dzem played in Holley Hall, which is right on the gulf and home to the Sarasota Symphony Orchestra, and seats around 350 people; in Poland they play festivals with 300,000 people plus, but in Sarasota, the place wasn't even half full. The band put on an amazing performance anyway, and kept up the same high energy level, right up until the end when the stage power blew during the finale. If you search YouTube for "Dzem Sarasota" you can watch a clip of their last song, complete with the power blowing at the end.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and am the daughter of two musicians, so I met a number of celebrities in my day, some of whom had definite attitudes. Dzem (and Pazura too, for that matter) was a refreshing change from that. Aside from being true professionals and amazing performers, the band members are all exceptionally nice and humble men, though I was at a bit of a disadvantage as only the keyboardist and lead singer speak English. My boyfriend and I each had a nice chat with Maciek Balcar, who is a very sweet and down to earth guy, and he remarked about how much he liked the energy of the place. Since that was their first ever concert in Florida, hopefully they won't hold it against us, and will come back to Pinellas County where we know how to really rock to the blues!!!

Welcome to Florida and I hope that you have a wonderful time while you are here. If you find yourself in the Tampa Bay area any time soon, shoot me a private message and we can either show you around or tell you some of the best places to visit. ;-)
28 Mar 2010 #118
I heard that most of polish people live in North Florida, for example Palm Coast. This is where we want to move in couple of months. We want to live in polish populated section of Florida so the kids can go to polish school, church and have polish friends. We are in NJ now but hoping to sell and move out to Florida. Does anyone know anything about Palm Coast? Any info grately appreciated.

4 Apr 2010 #119
Polish American Club
1250 NW 22nd Ave
Miami, FL 33125

The PAC in Hollywood no longer exists.
Miguel Melgar, DJ
Contemporary Ballroom
Ballroom Without Nostalgia
14 Apr 2010 #120
Looking for polish friends
33/ woman/ Deerfield Beach

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