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Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne

magdaski - | 6
2 Sep 2008 #61
Hej hej King Sobieski,

Thank you for kindness - it is highly appreciated. Is Dziupla more for young or older crowd. Have you been there? I am thinking of visiting but saw the website and it looks pretty dull.

King Sobieski 2 | 716
2 Sep 2008 #62
yeah, there is not too many members on this site apart from the mods and the like.

i have only been to one dziupla and there was a mix, from early 20's to late 40's. there is actually pictures on that site from previous dziupla's.

but the polish festival is in fed square in november, there is a site i could post for you if you like.

how is living in toorak going? strange place for a new immigrant.
PaulinaSzymansk - | 2
27 Nov 2008 #63
If you are willing to learn Polish with native Polish speaker (me :)) give me a buzz on 0431677624. Iam located in Yarraville but if its more convinient i can come to your place. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

comrade_uri - | 1
27 Nov 2008 #64
wow it seems theres alot more going off in Melbourne then i thought!

Hey the names Uri

I used to live in England (before that canada) and now live in Meblourne Aus. I starting learning Polish in England and made decent progress. The fact i worked with pole helped alot and i learned basic comands and conversational phrases and used them.

Now i have moved, its gotten harder. With no one to practise or guide me i am finding the language hard and i am unsure if pronouceiations are correct. I have tried looking for any Polish soical clubs but with my very limited Polish reading skills i have hit a dead end. So any help or advice would be appriciated. Just for Referance i am in south Melbourne past Frankston.

It would be nice to surpise my Polish relitives in Toronto when i visit them with a little bit more of there language then i know now.


King Sobieski 2 | 716
27 Nov 2008 #65
Now i have moved, its gotten harder.

uri, if you scour through the polonia-australia topic section you should find what you're looking for.

there are 2 polish clubs i know of in sunshine and rowville/dandenong.

and south melbourne is closer to the cbd, not past frankston.
PaulinaSzymansk - | 2
4 Dec 2008 #66
Tried to call you back but no luck... I can do wednesdays 7 pm. Iam charging $50 per hour (plus lessons at your place) :). If you still interested call me.

8 Dec 2008 #67
how is living in toorak going? strange place for a new immigrant.

It's great! Beautiful gardens! Also quite safe. I like it
magdaski - | 6
8 Dec 2008 #68
Polonia shop in arcade off bourke street

Where exactly is that? Which Bourke Street?
Thanks a lot!
King Sobieski 2 | 716
8 Dec 2008 #69
hey magda,

it is actually on elizabeth street, between collins and little collins.

if you are walking to flinders street it is on your left hand side.
magdaski - | 6
13 Dec 2008 #70
thanks a lot King Sobieski ;)
Learn Polish!
12 Apr 2009 #71
To Paulina,

Hi, my name is Alayne and I live in Spotswood and was wanting to learn Polish. I used to speak it fluently when I was a little child but once I went to school I started to lose it, and now I want to re-learn it. If you are able to help me, please contact me on, email address is alaynew@yahoo

Thank you in advance

McEwen - | 2
14 Apr 2009 #72
Hi all!
Do you want to learn Polish?
Or maybe improve your English?
We teach children and adults at levels from beginner to advanced.
Our school Language Champs is located in Moorabbin (Frankston Line) and in South Melbourne (close to CBD).
If you are intrested, please call us on:
(03) 9555 5355
or email:

Aleksandra McEwen

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Czesc wszystkim!
Chcesz nauczyc sie jezyka polskiego?
A moze chcesz sie podszkolic w angielskim?
Uczymy dzieci, mlodziec i doroslych, od poziomu poczatkujacego do zaawansowanego.
Nasza szkola Language Champs znajduje sie w Moorabbin (linia metra Frankston) oraz w poludniowym Melbourne (blisko centrum miasta).
Jesli jestes zainteresowany, zadzwon:
(03) 9555 5355
lub wyslij mejla:

Aleksandra McEwen

Hi everyone!
I have already posted a message about Polish and English courses at the Language Champs school. However, if you are more intrested in 1 to 1 tutoring, I am also available.

I am a Masters level English Literature and Education graduate with Qualified Teacher Status (UK). I am an experienced teacher who has worked in a range of educational settings; Primary, Special Needs and English as a Foreign Language schools. I am a native speaker of Polish and was trained in teaching English.

If you want to learn Polish or improve your English, email me:

Aleksandra McEwen

Are you still intrested in learning Polish?
Email me:
or call our school Language Champs directly on: (03) 9555 5355
See you!
chaos - | 1
20 Feb 2010 #73
I'm a bit late to this discussion but...

The Victorian School of Languages (previously Saturday School of Modern Languages) still runs Polish language classes. Just google "Victorian School of Languages".
28 Feb 2011 #74
We can offer you few classes in three locations city,Rowville and South Melbourne
25 Feb 2012 #75
Hi there!

If anyone is still interested in learning polish, do not hesitate contacting me on marzena.knapkie@gmail.

I am currently a language teacher in Rowville Polish School on the weekends, but can also arrange private tutoring (I'm located in Rowville).

2 May 2021 #76

Looking for a Polish Tutor for kids


We are looking for a Polish tutor for my two kids.

We are looking for lessons at our house, we are located in inner west.

We just want someone who would make lessons fun and engaging whilst learning how to speak, read and write.

Please let me know if someone would be interested or you know someone suitable.

Sorry just to clarify we are in Melbourne inner west.
2 May 2021 #77
Hi, I am looking for a private tutor to teach my kids on weekends. Please get in touch on 0435 738 131 if interested.


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