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Are there any playgroups for Polish mums and kids in Melbourne?

jankowe 1 | -
13 Jun 2011 #1
I am new in this forum , so not sure whether it is better to write in polish or english. My name is Ewa. I would like to find out, is there any playgroups organised for little ones. My daughter is 4 years old. She goes to kinder 5 days a week , it is hard to teach her polish language. I wish she knows some other polish kids, and see them on regular basis, so she can speak to them and is spoken to in polish. Can you please give me any hints.

King Sobieski 2 | 716
15 Jun 2011 #2
where do you live?

i know there are polish schools in an around melbourne.

i would look into the polish clubs in albion or dandenong. there is also a polish school in essendon.
magdaski - | 6
15 Nov 2011 #3
Hi there,

I moved to Australia 5 years ago and had a baby 8months ago. I am now living in Western District on the farm. I am getting worried my daughter will forget Polish! (I have a few Polish friends here in Australia but would like to extend that circle.) Let me know what you think. Magdalena
Polska mama
27 Aug 2013 #5
[Moved from]: Polish Playgroup in Narre Warren?


I am living in Narre Warren and I have two children under 3 years of age. I speak Polish to them but that's not enough. I don't have any Polish friends here. I would love to find a Polish play group or polish mums with kids to meet up. If any one could Help me that would be fantastic.

mamcia - | 1
15 Nov 2013 #6
Merged: I would like to meet Polish mums with kids in Melbourne

My name is Agnieszka and I live in Melbourne (Northcote). I have a 4.5 year old daughter. I am looking for polish mums with kids with similar age to my daughter's so we could meet up for coffee or meet at parks or play centres. At the moment I often go with my daughter to Clowning Around Playcentre (2 Arthurton Rd, Northcote) or KidzZone(219 Sydney Rd, Coburgh) and to park Edinburgh Gardens (Fitzroy North). This is my phone number 042 4411 380

Thanks :)
King Sobieski 2 | 716
11 Dec 2013 #7
Maybe not the best thing to post your mobile number on an internerd site.

I am in Thornbury but don't know of any Poles with kids.
18 Apr 2014 #8
I'm not sure if there is a group out this way. I would contact the Polish Community Centre "SYRENA" on 1325 Stud Road, Rowville, VIC 3178 and ask them. I'm Polish but I never grew up speaking it other than a few words. We don't have any children, at this point either, so I can't help there. I hope this helps.

Jo Ann

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