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Buying Polish Groceries in Melbourne?

18 Jul 2013 #1

I'm trying to find a cottage Polish cheese. Used to be able to buy it years ago but haven't seen it for a long time, so not sure if it is still available.

The packet had a picture of a cow on the cover and a pattern like red and white checks, like a tablecloth. It was a smooth cottage cheese, not like the lumpy one you can buy in the supermarket.

Sorry it that sounds vague LOL.

Anyone know where in Melbourne I can buy this?

18 Jul 2013 #2
It was a smooth cottage cheese

Sounds like a cheese called Twaróg. Also known as Quark. Can't help you with where to buy, but now you have name search might be easier.
Cardno85 31 | 976
18 Jul 2013 #3
Yup, quark it is, think of it like regular cottage cheese you get in the tubs but with no liquid. With that name in mind, a quick google search shows plenty of places but it looks like you would be most prosperous looking at Farmers Markets, Organic Food outlets and Health Food stores (I don't know any of the shops mentioned in a google search, but they have sort of organic/health food sounding names).

Hope that helps :)
24 Jul 2013 #4
I guess it's the one I always brought. my husband is polish and i always brought for making pan cake. Is it that one?The coles In dandenong shopping centre has. And another coles always has but i forgot the address.i will check and let you know.
9 May 2014 #5
The Polish Deli at Queen Victoria Market have Polish Style Cottage Cheese. Very nice, like the one the supermarkets used to carry.
Anna802 - | 3
17 Apr 2021 #6
You can get it in Colonial Fresh - a shop next to Coles in Doncaster Westfield Shopping Centre
8 Dec 2021 #7

Where to buy Sliwki w Occie in Melbourne


Just like the title states, I'm looking for marinated Hungarian plums. I haven't had them in 30 years and desperately craving them! I can't find the right fresh plums in my area so I can't make them myself. Does anyone know where to buy it online or where something might be available in South Eastern Suburbs Vic?

Thanks ^_^

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