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HELP! Australian wanted to apply for Polish Passport via ancestory

23 Nov 2009 #31
I applied for my Polish nationality back in 1995 before it was as complex as it is now. Back then I just needed to show my birth certificate, my father's polish passport and the rest was handled by the consultae in Sydney. That passport was valid for 10 years.

When it came up for renewal, I thought it was a matter of simply going in and applying. The laws had changed and I too was required to obtain a Polish birth certificate. Luckily my parents arranged for the Australian birth certificate translated to Polish to be certified on my behalf in Sydney as I now live in Germany. Once the birth certificate translation was sent to Poland for official issuance, it took around 3 months. After that another 3 months fot the passport. In all 13 months to get the EU Polish passport.

It certainly helped that I had an earlier passport as the authorities couldnt easily brush me off as I was a Polish citizen, just without all necessary paperwork. As a follow-up I also obtained the Polish ID card which I now use for Euro-travel as it is easier. The Polish ID card can _ONLY_ be obtained in person in Poland. All that is required is your polish birth certificate and your polish passport.

I did all my research etc without a company and for minimum cost. $75AUD for the translations and postage, plus whatever the fees were for the ID and passport. The Australian archives were also crucial.
30 Nov 2009 #32
Hello, I am going through a similar process, (I was born in Holland) can you give me the contact details of the lawyer you mentioned..please...

thank you
15 Jan 2010 #33
Check them - ck law office or you can also use legal acts (english translations) they provided on the website by yourself
1 Sep 2010 #34
I've just called Polaron to find out what I would need to do in order to get a Polish passport and the first thing they will do is establish your elegability. This process alone costs $700, which thankfully I wouldn't have to pay because I was born there.

The second stage is all the records, documentation and organising of citizenship and the passort itself. This part costs between $2,000 and $3,000! Which is quite a shock.

I'm not trying to rat out the company or paint a bad picture, but maybe polaron is not necessarily the best or the cheapest way. Looks like I'm back to square one :/
King Sobieski 2 | 716
1 Sep 2010 #35
I've just called Polaron to find out what I would need to do in order to get a Polish passport and the first thing they will do is establish your eligibility.

sheesh, really. i was costed $100 for the eligibility and then around $1,000 for records and documentation a couple years back.
Kirsten55 - | 1
28 Apr 2011 #36


I am interested in getting my Polish passport too, went to Polaron as this forum suggested but it said it would as a ballpark figure charge the cost of a flight to Europe-- I read that you paid $100USD for a lawyer to oversee your case, I was wondering if you could do me a massive favour and pass on the contact? I know your comment is quite dated but I have contacted two lawyers, one came back and wanted twice as much as Polaron (which I thought was ludicrous!)

Or- does anyone else know of any good and reasonably priced lawyers?

Thanks :)
28 Apr 2011 #37
Or- does anyone else know of any good and reasonably priced lawyers?

You really really do not need one.
Piast Poland 3 | 182
28 Apr 2011 #38
I dont see why a lawyer would be necessary. The embassies should be helpful enough.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
11 May 2011 #39
from my understanding from a friend that applied he needed to use a lawyer as well for some part of the application.

what for and why i have no idea.
asik 2 | 220
12 May 2011 #40
I will pay you 100 Euro per client you bring me.

People don't need to go to Poland to get Polish passport, it'll accually make some things even more difficult if anyone goes to Poland to do it.

The Polish passport application for dual citizens goes though Polish General Consulate in Sydney- Australia.

This scam post by gkashuba should be deleted by moderators.

from my understanding from a friend that applied he needed to use a lawyer as well for some part of the application.

To apply for a Polish passport when you have most of the required documents it's easy process and takes place in Australia.

When you need to prove you are Polish national (while living in Australia or anywhere in the world) the whole process takes time. Some people will need to go to Poland to search for documents to prove Polish nationality or can hire a representative to do it on their behalf. Also, you'll need to know Polish to be able to communicate with people in Poland and to do all the paperwork and to register some documents in Poland. In such case the best option is to hire Polish lawyer who knows English. It'll cost you but many people have no other option.

When born not in Poland, you need to go to Poland with your translated& certified birth certificate to register it in Poland (in Urząd Stanu Cywilnego Office) and that's when you are able to get your Polish version of your birth certificate from the USC office, which is required when applying for Polish Passport.

I am not sure you can hire Lawyer to do it on your behalf, maybe something changed here but from what I know, you need to register your birth certificate or if born in Poland - you need to register any changes to your name or to your marital status, personally in Poland. Only after that, you can apply from Australia for a Polish passport or if you choose, while you are in Poland.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
12 May 2011 #41
i thought there would be a need for such things and most probably why polaron charge an arm and leg for the service.
wielki pan 2 | 250
12 May 2011 #42
Dear Asik, I don't know who's comments need deletion but you talk so much nonsence, the process to get a Polish Passport (for persons NOT born in Poland) is very time consuming, difficult and expensive...In most civilized countries getting a Passport is very easy and takes 14 days, in Poland allow yourself 2 years!!
delphiandomine 83 | 17,883
12 May 2011 #43
It's not difficult at all, the only reason the process takes so long for people is because many people don't actually have the documents needed to confirm Polish citizenship. You should know that the various nationality acts contained some very tricky clauses which can strip someone of their citizenship.

For what it's worth, it's far quicker in Poland - simply because you can go to the offices yourself rather than doing everything through the embassy.
wielki pan 2 | 250
14 May 2011 #44
It's not difficult at all

Wish it were true, but those not born in Poland, the process is long and expensive, as mentioned in my previous post for those not born in Poland give yourself 12 months... Mr D you must have got your passport under the old system, each of these processors are done seperately and each has a cost factor. 1/Obtain parents birth certificate 2/ register your documents with the registry office in Poland/3 Obtain Pesal 4/ Apply for Passort. Not difficult hmmm you must be easy to please.
14 Jul 2013 #45
In my case I found that having a lawyer in Poland.

Hi! Are you able to email me the details for this lawyer? many thanks!
18 Sep 2014 #46
Saw this thread while scouring the web for info before i applied for my Polish passport so i thought I'd join up and just keep my situation updated as to provide details for any future Australians trying to get a Polish passport.

I myself was born in Australia however both parents are Polish which from reading around should mean I'm eligible for Polish citizenship. I've emailed both polaron and another recommended lawyer (cklawoffice) as to get quotes for their services, from what I've read polaron will be stupid expensive but we shall see as i consider my case to be pretty easy seeing that I have my parents' Polish documents.

Will hopefully receive responses from both soon.
17 Oct 2014 #47
If you have all the necessary documents, your case will be quite easy and it will be possible to get a Polish passport in 2-3 months.

I am a lawyer based in Poland, so I would be able to help with this; contact:
19 Oct 2014 #48
Hi Pawel

My parents are Polish but I was born in Sydney. I applied for citizenship and got it confirmed after 3 months. I am now waiting on my PESL and Passport which will take up to 3 months. It is much easier and efficient (but more expensive) if you get a lawyer based in Poland to do it. I actually travelled to Poland to hand over documents to my lawyer and to sign over power of attorney.

Good luck

17 Feb 2015 #49
Hi Pawel
Which option did you end up going for? Have you got your passport?
17 Feb 2015 #50
Hi there, I went to Poland on an Australian passport and did things from there myself. People in the offices spoke to me in English and it was all fairly straight forward. Is going there and doing it yourself not an option for you? Where in Poland will you be going? I would suggest just having a Polish friend go with you to apply for the purpose of translation if needed...but you could do it alone. Don't be afraid, I think having a middle man could be more difficult than doing it yourself.

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