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EagleRoo 1 | 1
21 Apr 2019 #1
Hi folks, bit of a long explanation but I'm hoping that someone on here may have had the same experience or be in the know a little better than I am. I've delved into the Polish government websites that I can understand with my basic Polish, but cannot seem to find a definitive answer. Any advice much appreciated!

Here's the scenario: I was born in Poland and moved to Australia at age five (I'm in my 40s now). I have dual citizenship between these two countries. As far as I know, I am free to move back to Poland with or without having work, however, I'm perplexed about my partner's status. We are registered de-facto couple (male and female) here in Australia, which is basically common law spouse for those that haven't come across this term. I know Poland is big on couples being married, but is he at all able to come with me (and consequently work if possible) as my de-facto partner? If so, does anybody know what I would have to apply for? If not, will the scenario change if we get married?

Thank you for reading and any insights.
Shitonya Brits
21 Apr 2019 #2
Do you really think any country allows people to resettle and be given permission to work on the basis of being nothing more than a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend?
OP EagleRoo 1 | 1
21 Apr 2019 #3
Yes I do, in fact I'm living it. In the UK, it's called an EEA family permit and classed as a durable partner. Enough said.

It's a nice day today, perhaps you should go for a stroll, not a troll.
mafketis 37 | 10,906
21 Apr 2019 #4
If not, will the scenario change if we get married?

Absent unforeseen information, if you put a ring on it then things will be much easier....
Shitonya Brits
21 Apr 2019 #5
So you're "living it", huh? But it doesn't sound like you and your "durable partner" made Australia a nice place to live though. Thus your desire to leave to a more homogeneous country.

So what do you two have to offer Poland in exchange for residency?
terri 1 | 1,663
22 Apr 2019 #6
You would have to be married for Poland to recognise her as your wife so that any privileges or responsibilities fall on both shoulders, say if you ever have children or a business together or property. If you have a Polish passport, you are welcome in Poland (with or without a job). Your partner has no such status at present.
Maximus2023 5 | 16
10 Dec 2023 #7
If you get a nasty immigration inspects and especially if they see a difference in age, be prepared to submit documents and not hear back from them for months. When you do, they will ask for more documents and nothing gets resolved. Partnerships are reconizable in Poland in order for your partner to live here as a family member. He should be able to get a karta pobytu with access to the labor market for 1 year, 3 years then 10 years, I believe. But good luck Beware of agencies that promise to legalize him, while most are probably ok, some take your money and close shop, leaving all your documents in limbo. No marriage is necessary but, it would help. You can marry in Australia and convert your marriage certificate to a Polish one, as long as it is apostilled. Can take 4 months or so to do it. Your partner will need to prove he can support himself while here OR you prove you can support him. It's not much money but it is still required plus a health insurance policy. If he doesn't speak Polish, finding jobs would be difficult unless he establish connection with some top people in high places where only English would suffice.