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24 - Thanks for your detailed explanation...

WorkJazJaz - 28 Nov 2017
Freelance taxes in Poland, made simple.
Is it possible that a Moroccan get a job in Poland?
6 - Life will be difficult for you as a Moroccan...

WorkGooddayLongTermR - 28 Nov 2017
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Learning Polish in Amsterdam

PoloniaKnoblauchThe linguist - 28 Nov 2017
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Should Poland Introduce a Thanksgiving Day?
Polecam to, strony i wiadomości w sieci o Polsce   2   3   4   5   6
154 - Jest super, kaprys! Dzieki:-) Narazie,...

Po polskucatsoldierLyzko - 27 Nov 2017
How do I make my Polish sound more 'natural?'
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Weed (Cannabis) prices in Zakopane/Krakow, Poland. (Difficulty to obtain)
My permanent residence card is being cancelled due to divorcing within 2 years of receiving it
18 - The topic is not appropriate for my discuss....

LawSiemaTosic - 25 Nov 2017
How much salary should I ask for IT Business Analysts in Wroclaw ?
17 - In my opinion you should ask at least 13k zl net....

WorkOzanOzLongTermR - 24 Nov 2017