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Famous Poles die - your memories
Popular Polish First Names?  2  3  4  5  6
152 - You are overgeneralising again... :):) Where do you get it from?...

GenealogyDina - 10 Jul 2006pawian - 7 Feb 2020
What is your biggest problem with Polish language?  2  3  4
Searching for family history before 1890 for Joseph Ulmanek and Anna Pilch
Your favourite Polish proverb?
High Class Cuisine in Poland: What foods are eaten by Polish upper classes at 5 star Polish restaurants etc?
Questions about buying property in Poland; house segment or an apartment - almost new or brand-new?
Boris Johnson - is the new British PM a popular figure in Poland?
What is the opinion of Argentina in particular, and Southern America, in Poland?
Polish films... where to find them?  2
A good Geriatric Doctor in Krakow
Polish Nursery Rhymes  2  3  4  5  6  7
Starting a car business in Poland - exporting from the UK
Cost of Utilities in Warsaw.
Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me
Translation of the word "małpka" into English
10 - Well, some guys can swallow such a 100 ml bottle in one nip. :):) Not bad,...

LanguageZiemowit - 6 Feb 2020pawian - 7 Feb 2020
× Do you think that Polish people are rude?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  ...  30  31  32
Top Language Schools to Work for in Warsaw?  2
Companies in Poland that support Work Permit
"Choroszucha" - Jewish family name?
Polish Food Stamps of the Communist Era
× How Poland bought German Airline Condor and might lose massive from it
Divorce and a house bought in marriage with shared goods in Poland
Revocation of Polish citizenship/passport
Official documents procedure in Poland? Family Status, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate
How do guys from Poland flirt?  2
Poland in photo riddles - part 2  2  3  4  5  6
165 - OK, back to work. Easy one What and where is it?...

Travelpawian - 30 Sep 2019pawian - 6 Feb 2020
Polish vs English tongue twisters
Ancestors from Galicia - does this mean you are Polish?
Poland's Muzzle Law