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What does it mean for surname to be included in Herb PRUS III? Napierkowski.
Poland is not the best country to get part time job with study?
Short Polish<->English translations   2   3   4   ...   17   18
522 - babble, nonsense, too short to understand, don't spy...

LanguageWiktoria17peter_olsztyn - 18 Apr 2017
What is the cost of living per month for a single expat in Warsaw?
16 - Food minimum 600zł, room 800zł, flat 2500zł, bus 5zł...

Lifeishtanpeter_olsztyn - 18 Apr 2017
Vancouver Polish People
About Work permit for Student Visa in Poland
The Polish people have a strange attitude to cats and dogs?   2   3
Inheritance law in Poland - child's right to real estate
My Polish Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Very Suddenly, Did She Use Me?
22 - Dude, stoners are on the rise in Poland....

LoveLifeGoesOnnothanks - 18 Apr 2017
Polish language would look better written in Cyrillic Script?   2   3   4
Chance for citizenship of Poland; my great grandmother born in 1898 - confirmation, granting by the President?
8 - Delphiandomine, thank you very much for your answer!!...

Lawkwr66unuser_lol - 17 Apr 2017
What do I need to buy a house/flat or property in Warsaw?
Closed: Polish woman and black/mixed-race guy......   2
What do Polish girls think about Gypsies?   2   3   4
Buying train tickets - easiest / cheapest way to buy them in Poland?
Insure your British car in Poland for a full year.
Any Polish get together in Wolverhampton/Wednesbury area in UK
After information about accessing mental health services in Leicester.
How do I find out if someone is a bigamist?
Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Poland refuses to give jobs to British
Polish Bread: Boulka (Bułka)
Fell in love with Polish girl at work : /
Why the Polish girls are not laughing?
Behavior of Polish travellers on Planes.   2   3
What are those scars and cuts on many Polish guys' arms?
What can I say/do about my Polish neighbours in the UK?   2
Playgroups for toddlers and preschoolers in Wroclaw (and Warsaw)
Require painter, platerer and diyer for five days
Culture shock (my neighbours in the UK are Polish and Slovak)   2   3