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What were the first Polish words and phrases you have learned?  2  3
Polish guy offered me money for sex
18 - No. Males like you. hahaha I don`t think it is so bad. :):)...

LoveAllura - 9 Dec 2017pawian - 18 Mar 2020
Poland's geopolitical problems
Traditional Polish Soups.  2  3
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
Kwasnica recipe? - kwas foss or fuse soup make from pork stock sour cream and vinegar
'Wigilia', the traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland  2  3
Turkish girl & Polish guy marriage. Will his parents ever accept me as a non Christian female?  2
Water purifying system services and airconditioning system services engineer - in Poland?
Poles and Americans, what do you think, are we friends or enemies?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Polish equivalent of "Jessie"?  2
Getting two beers instead of one - have this happen to you in Poland?
75th anniversay of Dr Janusz Korczak's death - a true Polish hero
Should Poland traitors face the death penalty?  2  3  4
Dating a Polish guy. Do they cheat and have multiple women?  2
Bilingual kids in Polish schools
The most important phrases when traveling to Poland
24 - Is it a real life anecdote or just invented?...

Languagealteris - 26 Apr 2011pawian - 17 Mar 2020
Quotes of Polish or German kings, generals  2
Do you regard the Polish Communist Partizans as heroes?
Resistance unit (partizans) in Puszcza Kampinowska to fight opressive goverment.
7 - PiS regime, of course....

Newsgrubas - 16 Feb 2011pawian - 17 Mar 2020
Import camper-van from Germany to Poland
US equipment moving to Poland - electricity questions
Stenka and stęka - on alleged non-existence of nasal vowels in spoke Polish
How to send a Mother's Day card to UK when Poczta Polska won't accept International deliveries?
3 - Thanks..that's good thinking...

LifeRob10 - 17 Mar 2020Rob10 - 17 Mar 2020
Anyone from Berezka / Brzuska near the Ukrainian border ?  2
38 - Yes...Please contact me. We can discuss the relationship...

Genealogypdorotiak - 1 Nov 2007Mmadatic - 17 Mar 2020
Do Polish men make good husbands?  2  3  4
Polish women and fertility
Nice Polish phrases to say to men  2  3
76 - But they can`t help being addressed so if they look like that:...

Languageanglikgirl - 13 Sep 2007pawian - 16 Mar 2020
Polish Sweet Phrases About Home
10 - There are also less sweet ones: It is a bad bird which shyts in its own nest....

Languagedieseluk - 4 Mar 2016pawian - 16 Mar 2020
Funny/strange/deviant words in the Polish language  2