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Tracing my Polish ancestors? My fathers Polish surname is Daj
15 - Hakski, if you want to find more about your family, here's something

Genealogygrenadier75Markus122 - 13 Mar 2017
126 - Indeed, then what those femi-nazis do on the streets? It's actually a stupid question, we all know it...

NewsPolonius3Wulkan - 13 Mar 2017
Surnames Leszkiewicz/Zaleska/Zaleski/Szuma/Szumska/Sulikowski
7 - My great grandmother Bronislawa's last name was Zaleski, or a version of that name. She was From Ochenki Stare,...

GenealogyHazelnutjeffsiep - 13 Mar 2017
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland   2   3
72 - hi monitor i am from india and i am suppose to marry girl from poland so how much it...

Lawswissichutiyapa - 13 Mar 2017
Student from Nepal travelling to Poland with dependent for further studies. Any job?   2   3
77 - @newarma93 Your "consultant" is lying and is probably a criminal that just wants to steal your money. There...

Studyasheem_joshiDominicB - 13 Mar 2017
Study in Poland to learn Polish language?
10 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Worksamnslongumishu - 13 Mar 2017
Who qualifies as a journalist for constitutional protection in Poland?
2 - There are no formal requirements for the journalist profession. It means that everyone may work in this business. The...

LawJoe PultizerLooker - 12 Mar 2017
Job in Poland Bydgoszcz - Is there an Indian community here?
23 - Merged: Asian community in Bydgoszcz Hi guys I am travelling to Bydgouszcz in April 2017. Is tere...

Workda185035jamshaid - 12 Mar 2017
Asian community in Poland   2   3   4
103 - Merged: Asian People in Bydgoszcz Hi I am planing to move bydgoszcz in May 2017 and...

Classifiedsscorpionjamshaid - 12 Mar 2017
Polish grandparents, citizenship? Australia
6 - I don't have any of these it seems: C. Dokument potwierdzający posiadanie obywatelstwa polskiego (ważny dowód osobisty,...

LawIza22Iza22 - 12 Mar 2017
Will Polish-Americans need visas to visit Poland and other EU countries?
21 - This is coming from a guy that trolls an internet forum on a daily basis year after year....LoL...

NewsPolonius3Joker - 12 Mar 2017
Good bank in Poland to open a personal account where the Polish address/karta pobytu and pesel is not required
3 - Merged: Can a tourist open a bank account in Poland? Hello, I will be travelling to...

Lawsmyk9999xpertize - 11 Mar 2017
What items is Poland's market missing?
20 - Especially in warm weather! Traditionally Poland just doesn't have any conceptual space for liquids that are...

LifeMaciek_Gmafketis - 11 Mar 2017
The Biedroń efffect - people leaving Słupsk, Polish city in crisis
21 - I suspect he has quite a lot of other abilities. Like the ability to be an excellent and...

NewsPolonius3jon357 - 11 Mar 2017
Airline tickets from LOT... changing flights.
28 - Marika, does she have travel insurance? If not, you can try contacting the airline to see if they...

TravelQacerdelphiandomine - 10 Mar 2017
Immigration Free Poland is Not Being Racist   2   3   4   ...   6   7
194 - Why? That simple, he doesn't care about religion. oppressed minorities bc that all is secondary to the main...

Lifejohnny rebIronside - 10 Mar 2017
What are favorite herbal teas in Poland/especially loose leaf?
15 - They're very common and are called czyr brozowy (brzoza means birch). Making tea with them is rare here...

FoodRysavyjon357 - 10 Mar 2017
Inheritance Law in Poland and debts - how does it affect a British child?
16 - Would you please send me a copy of this letter my uncle died and now they want to pass...

UK, IrelandradioKWGEvamania - 9 Mar 2017
Penderecki, Poland's greatest living composer, accused of being SB informer   2   3
62 - No, they found the money by better enforcement of tax laws -- something the scamster POO regime failed...

NewsPolonius3Polonius3 - 9 Mar 2017
I want to find a Polish girl and get married to her. Your advice can change my life.   2
35 - 1) Live in Poland - speak Polish. Roughly 15 Million Polish gals, you will find one desperate enough...

LoveJronothanks - 9 Mar 2017
Poznan University of Economics or University of Warsaw ?
24 - Wow guys !! I am in awe. You sure love to write! Awesome answers once again. Read every word....

Studytelca55slavicradio1992 - 9 Mar 2017
How Can I Get a Polish Driving Licence? (Non-EU citizen living in Poland ) - required documents
8 - Yes you can change you must have legal residence here. you have to go city office and apply with...

Lawsimsikosksherwani2k - 9 Mar 2017
Polish movies with English subtitles   2   3
67 - I've searched for it myself too. Most of the time, as a cinephile, I find all Polish movies with...

LiferanjitMrComric - 9 Mar 2017
73 - Just to mention it, but I'm a resident from the Kingdom of Belgium and we have some recognized Polish...

GenealogyPolonius3MrComric - 9 Mar 2017
Work in Australia for a Polish girl wanted (tourism/recreation)   2
34 - I know, it was kind of funny in a weird way. They PC police would crucify him if...

Classifiedskasia-PolandJoker - 9 Mar 2017
Hey, where can I get electronic products (pallets) in Warsaw? (or Bialystok)
NEW - Hey, I'm starting my small buy/sell business and would like to find a decent supplier of A,B or C...

ClassifiedsCypress -
100% LTV Mortgage on a purchase of an apartment in Krakow, Poland
4 - you should be able to get 90% while some banks will do you a separate loan for the deposit,...

Real Estatekokolonpolinv - 8 Mar 2017
Never work for Mike Mills in Warsaw
28 - Good. Teaching standards there are considered high, and apart from the OP he has a decent reputation as...

Workcapricajon357 - 8 Mar 2017
Why do businesses in Poland fail?
20 - I've seen too many businesses here set up on the basis of someone's dream of the type of business...

WorkZZTopjon357 - 8 Mar 2017
Genuine, honest nice man seeking Polish woman for long term relationship/marriage
10 - He does look like your typical pub bore, doesn't he? Maybe he should actually come to Poland rather...

Classifiedsdriftershooterdelphiandomine - 7 Mar 2017