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What is the weather like in Poland where you are now?

pawian 221 | 24216
9 Jul 2011 #1
Most forecast services online are too general or unreliable.

However, it seems I found a good one. I tested it a few times and it really works. E..g, yesterday in Krakow it was hot and sunny in the morning but the service predicted rains in the afternoon, so, instead of going to the lake for a picnic, we went to the park. And it started raining, indeed, at midday. The same with our trip to Wrocław last week- the first day was great so we went to the zoo, on the second we did some sightseeing in the city first and then went to the Aqua Park to avoid getting wet by heavy rain. :):):)

The service is a bit complicated: you have to find your city/town/village in the voivodship:

After you locate your area, you get forecast for 5 days, divided into 3 times of day plus night, which is quite useful.

Clicking Pogoda na 6-10 dni, or Prognoza długoterminowa in the bar above the first map, you can get long-term forecast.

So, let`s test how reliable it is. Where are you now?

In Krakow it is hot and sunny, but showers are expected in the afternoon, with a nice evening later on.
Sunday 10th - the same.
On Monday 11th - nice morning and rainy afternoon and evening. +17...+19°C +17...+26°C +22...+27°C +19...+23°C

In Wrocław it is warm and sunny and no rains today, only clouds in the evening.
Sunday - the same but showers in the afternoon.
Monday - rains throughout the whole day, temperature +17...+19°C +18...+21°C +20...+24°C +15...+23°C

In Warsaw - did it rain at night today?
Saturday 9th will be hot and sunny with a spotless sky.
Sunday 10th - still hot, with a sunny morning but rains later on.
Monday - rainy morning and afternoon, with clear evening. Temp: warm: +16...+18°C +17...+24°C +22...+24°C +18...+23°C

Saturday 9th - warm and sunny all day. +14...+16°C +15...+22°C +21...+23°C +15...+22°C
Sunday 10th - still warm but rains till evening. +15...+16°C +15...+23°C +19...+23°C +16...+20°C
Moday 11th - clouds in the morning, rainy afternoon and clear evening. +14...+17°C +14...+17°C +16...+20°C +12...+20°C

etc etc

You can write about the weather in your place.
milky 13 | 1656
9 Jul 2011 #2
complete sh1te............................but the sun is coming back for the last hour or so........(Lublin)
Seanus 15 | 19668
9 Jul 2011 #3
23 degrees and balmy :) :)
OP pawian 221 | 24216
9 Jul 2011 #4
but the sun is coming back for the last hour or so........(Lublin)

That is what the service says: clouds and sun in the morning, clear sky later on. Sunday - nice morning, rains later on.

23 degrees and balmy :) :)

And a little cloudy?:
pip 10 | 1658
9 Jul 2011 #5
warsaw is about 26, blue skies with some clouds. nice day.
Stu 12 | 515
9 Jul 2011 #6
Wroclaw @ 10:54lt: sunny skies - 23,4° - 54% humidity.
teflcat 5 | 1024
9 Jul 2011 #7
Bielsk Podlaski. 20c, overcast, threatening rain (again). Does WP offer the worst forecasting service in Poland?
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1593
9 Jul 2011 #8
They say that it is extremely difficult to make reliable forecasts longer than 3 days.
sobieski 106 | 2111
9 Jul 2011 #9
Around the corner where I live is the IMGW.
Their forecasts are not bad - as far it goes :)
OP pawian 221 | 24216
9 Jul 2011 #10
They say that it is extremely difficult to make reliable forecasts longer than 3 days.

It seems not only 3 days are too difficult. Even the day forecast can be unreliable.

I wrote:

In Krakow it is hot and sunny, but showers are expected in the afternoon, with a nice evening later on.

No showers at all, it was a scorcher all day. We went on a trip 20 km out of Krakow and took umbrellas, in vain.

Now I am looking at the forecast service, they withdrew the former graph and replaced it with a more optimistic one. No rains today afternoon! :):):::):)

complete sh1te..........................

hmm, I think we still need to give it more tests.
gumishu 14 | 6202
9 Jul 2011 #11
a pretty accurate rainfall and sky condition prediction - USAAF European meteorological service:

you need other sources to see what is the prediction of temperature

there is also this site [] - this is close to real time satellite imaging focused on precipitation - let's you know if a storm or a storm front is developing and aiming for where you're at

sometimes has its meteorological radar images updated close to real time (when big rainfall is predicted - normally they have over 3-hour delay) -
wildrover 98 | 4431
10 Jul 2011 #12
It was hot and sunny all day up here in Zachodniopomorskie , and quite nice in the evening when i rode over to my friends farm near Borno Sullinowo...

but about 9pm the sky started to look a bit dark , and i saw a flash of lightning away in the distance , so decided to head home...

On route i ran into a really heavy downpour , and got a bit wet...must put some insulation on the ignition system , got a nice blue flash from my knee to my naughty bits as my wet jeans touched the ignition leads...great fun...!
OP pawian 221 | 24216
27 Jul 2011 #13
Ooops, instead of going to the seaside, we are staying at home and waiting for the lousy weather to stop. It seems the rain has set in for longer and we will have to wait till next week for improvement.

What is the weather like at the central seaside now, near Gdańsk etc?
teflcat 5 | 1024
27 Jul 2011 #14
Dunno 'bout the seaside but there's enough water in my garden for the cat to swim in. Damn rain. Is it ever going to stop? Piliki btw
Raj_ryder 10 | 106
27 Jul 2011 #15
It's been raining since morning. Stopped now. No sun. Crap weather. Around 17 C. (Lodz)
f stop 24 | 2493
27 Jul 2011 #16
It may not be that easy for Poland, but predicting weather is a fascinating science, and not all that difficult with all the satellite loops, trade winds, streams, fronts data etc available on the internet. Anyone tried?

Florida is probably too easy: if it's summer, it will rain inland in the afternoon, and watch for those low pressure zones.
teflcat 5 | 1024
27 Jul 2011 #17
Now bright sunshine. wtf? Someone's having a laugh.
Barney 16 | 1689
27 Jul 2011 #18
Anyone tried?

I actually trained as a climatologist but have never practiced.

Poland weather would be one of the easier to predict but still incredibly difficult with any accuracy over 4 or 5 days modelling has helped enormously.
mahto - | 2
27 Jul 2011 #20
Murowana Goślina, about 10 miles / 16 kilometers north of Poznań: Overcast sky, rain showers, 70 degrees Fahrenheit / 21 degrees centigrade.
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
15 Oct 2011 #21
woke up and it was cold. went to work and on the way noticed the frost. not in the centre, but the edge of town.
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
10 Dec 2011 #23
11:00 'til 11:15 this morning. the first snow in wroclaw this season. it came and it went. at the moment it's cold, but not freezing.
Seanus 15 | 19668
10 Dec 2011 #24
It's about 3 degrees here and wet from the rain over the last 3 days.
Wroclaw Boy
10 Dec 2011 #25
It was -4 here this morning, my car had ice on it, quite a rare site for the UK. My old stomping ground in Poland continues with coldish weather ranging from +3 to -3 over the past two weeks. Once it begins to hit the -10's, that will help justify my moving back to the UK.
gumishu 14 | 6202
10 Dec 2011 #26
some people here called for some reliable weather forecast site - this one is pretty good - explore around it also shows predicted temperatures (but I find the precipitation forecast more important):

if precipitation is depicted in orange then it's gonna snow

btw it looks like we are bound for a some wintery spell after the 18th - but it is still impossible to tell how long it's gonna be (I don't think we have reached the actual winter yet)
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
21 Dec 2011 #27
snow this morning. it kept coming down until about lunch time. there are still some white patches around.
teflcat 5 | 1024
21 Dec 2011 #28
A little bit last night here in Podlasie. Cold enough to settle. The trees look pretty. Minus four at the moment.
g60edition 6 | 174
23 Dec 2011 #29
Just had a look and its zero.There is a covering of snow but thats all

-9 the other night and it snowed in the day.Today + 10 whats going on?
calcedonia 4 | 67
3 Jan 2012 #30
Today Warsaw is 5c but in Turkey one city (Erzurum) -21c now. I dont understand which one mediterranean country,which one baltic country?

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