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Top 5 things I like about Poland

13 Aug 2015 #31
I,ll just give good and bad together, well maybe not bad.....just strange to me.....first and foremost good!!! Empty (relative to UK where you are constantly squeezed and in a crowd) shopping Malls....clean shopping malls.....clean/spotless empty queues for dirty toilets (OK you find the odd small empty vodka bottle hidden behind the seat cover when you put it down!! but even the empty bottle is clean!!! (always a nice cleaning lady around - I was worried she would think the empty bottle was left by me!!!) Shopping here is a joy, not a chore. On steak.....there is always a Sphinx restaurant around....Rzeszow Sphinx does a better steak and nicely rare if you ask than Krakow...always good polite service of the kind where after you are some minutes into the food they will quickly ask if everything is OK. Stek Kruchy, Biedronka?? not bought a bad one yet, always cook nicely.......Now for a strange one for me and this is not just the 'farmers' that we know it also applies to local business people and even educators......If you meet someone here in the course of business or 'work' etc, you get on with them, find them pleasant and sociable...the UK model is to invite them round for drinks/coffee/chat and cake!!!!! UK Model = they turn up with their partner....and a pleasant time is had by all.......Poland (Maybe Podkarpacie) model = they turn up in 2 cars with all of their 6 children even 2 who have come back from university far away, grandma, granddad and 2 cousins who happened to be passing!!!!! Once you are prepared for these things no problem but a bit of a shock at first....lastly...Podkarpacie weather.....good and bad.....??? for all you who are getting rain right now...maybe you are loving it....but here it is still in the 30,sC sunny and hot......I like it!!! but the Podkarpacie dust, it is like talcum powder......closest thing I,ve come across is African dust....gets in around the car door seals..gets in the house.... everywhere.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
13 Aug 2015 #32
I notice more obesity in Poland - in fact among children it's now at crisis level.

There's certainly much more obesity than when I arrived fifteen years ago, but I don't think it's quite as bad as you say among children. Having said that, it will be a serious issue within twenty years. It doesn't help that doctors are too willing to give kids a note excusing them from games. When I was a kid even 'the fat kid' (there was always and only one) had to do the hated cross country running, whose name we appropriately abbreviated. In my faculty's first year intake last year there wasn't a single student who could have been described as obese, and only one girl who was a little on the porky side. This will, I fear, not last long.
13 Aug 2015 #33
The Polish diet is very healthy compared to the UK. For an average joe good food is cheap in Poland.
Bread - healthier then UK bread that tastes like cardboard
Carbs - they cook a lot with healthy grains - buckwheat. millet etc.
Seasonal fruit and vegetables cheap and generally good quality. In the UK fresh fruit and vegetables are generally expensive.
Poles generally are used to cooking from scratch and stay away from ready meals and takeaways. But even at takeaways meals are served with salad or coleslaw.

Poles tend to spend a higher proportion of their income on good healthy food than the Brits.
Obesity is worse in the UK than in Poland.
I'm not too sure where the poster above gets his bucolic vision of UK markets laden with fresh produce from but it's not one a majority of Brits live in.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
13 Aug 2015 #34
Bread - healthier then UK bread that tastes like cardboard

Anything would be better than bread that tastes like cardboard. If you mean that all bread sold in the UK tastes like cardboard, then I'm afraid you haven't looked very hard.
13 Aug 2015 #35
Yes you can buy good bread in the UK. You can go to St Pancras and buy French baguettes straight off the eurostar. In my experience, in 80% of the homes I've visited in the UK they have the c**p sliced bread we both know is prevalent in all shops in the UK. It lasts about a week... And the most popular bread in the in-store bakeries tends to bloomers etc with little rye or roughage content. This is quite different from the bread you can buy in Poland. There are many more independent bakeries here producing fairly healthy bread.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
13 Aug 2015 #36
True. My local one opens at 0500 and closes at 2100. It sells about twenty different loaves and rolls, as well as irresistable chocolate cake. My local supermarket sells great onion bread which reminds me of the sadly defunct Bakery and Brewhouse in Oxford, a pub which sold its own beer, and had portholes in the walls through which you could see the bakery in operation.
13 Apr 2019 #37
I concur that compared to typical modern junk food, Polish food can be considered healthy :

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