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Poland. Things I Need to Know About Study Life

gavagai 1 | -
22 Aug 2016 #1
Hey guys!

I've just joined the forum and I have so many questions. If these were asked before, sorry, just tell me the thread's name or give the link and I'll go check it.

In two weeks, I'll start my senior year in my own country. I've been searching for the Master's programs abroad for next year and just found the perfect one in Adam Mickiewicz University.

The thing is I've been basically living on scholarships here. It's not likely that I'll find another scholarship there. My mother will sponsor me during visa applications but I know I'll not be able to get by if I don't work.

So I want to know everything I need to, before getting my hopes high.

- Is it possible to work with a student's visa? And what are the chances of finding a job with almost no Polish?

- Where can I find reliable information on accommodation (preferably cheap, don't mind sharing a room or a flat) online? I've looked up for some websites but there was little info.

- I know I need to buy health insurance. Does it only cover hospital costs or medicine too? Because I have a condition that requires me to regularly use medicine and it's pretty costly. Here, my insurance covers %80 of the cost. I'm not expecting it to be the same there, but I still would like to know if anything can be done.

Thank you sooo much!
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Aug 2016 #2
1. It will be almost impossible for you to find any part time/temporary work without any Polish, the reason being that you cannot communicate with the majority of people.

2. Look on all websites NOW, as places for students are being snapped up. Get to know how much you need to pay.
3. Find this out from your University, but as a student - you are fully insured. Make sure you have evidence i.e. your students card and get proof that you are studying and that you are fully insured.

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