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Neon style in Cold War Poland

15 Mar 2013 #1
A very interesting set of slides accompanied by an interview with a photographer.

Colourful and creative neon lights were an antidote to Polish Cold War gloom. From the 1950s onwards, bright lights beamed out across the country. But today, as Poland modernises and as buildings come down, many of those lights are going out.

Photographer Ilona Karwinska has captured the period of Poland's "neonisation" in pictures. But what started as a photographic project for a book, has resulted in the creation of a museum dedicated to these works of art. She told Lila Allen why she is on a mission to save Poland's Cold War neons.

Paulina 10 | 1,449
15 Mar 2013 #2
Thanks, Harry, quite interesting.
15 Mar 2013 #3
Great stuff. The "burglars" of Wrocław are still here, though sadly not in working order. I've been interested in neon since my stint in Vegas, where even there it's a dying art. The specificity of the signage in Warsaw is pretty spectacular.

Here's some of Wro's neon history: Ul. Kam

Moda Polska is still around:M.P

Dead letters from the train station: Progress

I was wrong about the "four burglars" of Wrocław. I saw them two days ago.

Faded, but there

And the train station has since been restored, as well.

Back again.

And here.

So, I was wrong. But happily so.

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